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Vastu For Room

Vastu For Room

Vastu for room provides you with a comfortable and auspicious stay forever

The direction of every room is important and one should always use the Vastu for room principles at the time of construction of the rooms. Always remember that the use of the room will be taken into consideration at the time of deciding the ideal direction. You should always ensure that with the help of correct Vastu guidelines, you can select the perfect direction to avoid any sort of consequences because of Vastu dosha. 

Elements and their powers in vastu

Always remember that the principles of Vastu for room work on different element powers. The name of these elements is associated with different forms of energy that are there in the world and have a significant impact on every living being. The elements are known as water, air, Earth, fire, and space. Vastu architectures are going to ensure that every element is in the right direction to get the official result at the time of creation of a building structure.


In recent times, there has been a drastic change in the mindset of people. How many people considered constructing the kitchen with their entrance Gate so that ladies of the house should be able to see everything? However, the important guest or any visitor should only meet the head of the family as per our social circle and safety concerns as per Vastu for room. Therefore, a drawing room should be constructed near the entrance to gain complete control of the situation. The guests of the house should be treated as per their importance which the head of the family should decide wisely. 

Correct Vastu for room

Now you must be thinking about the correct Vastu for room for the room. You should know that we are human beings and we have to perform many types of activities from morning to late at night. Therefore it is important to study the correct direction and Vastu of every room as per its use. You will also find that the sunlight also moves from morning to evening and the rotation of the earth also has a significant impact on different types of energies. So the Vastu of the room will be decided by the location of the work and its relation with the human beings.

Vastu for Rooms located in the north direction

The location of the sun can also have a significant impact on the room. You will find that during the early morning hours which are 3.00 am to 6.00 am the location of the sun is always in the north-east part of the house. This particular time is also known as the Brahma muhurta which can also have a significant impact on the mental and physical health of human beings as per Vastu for room. 

You will find that this particular time is also considered auspicious for yoga, meditation, exercise, and study. Therefore, this particular direction of the house is considered highly auspicious for the pooja room, living room, and study room. 

Vastu for Rooms located in the east direction 

The eastern portion of the house receives attention from the sun from 6.00 a.m. to 9.00 a.m. and this time is also considered auspicious for getting ready. Therefore, this direction is considered auspicious for the creation of the living room which can also have a bathroom as per Vastu for room. 

It can be ideal for the growing children and their bedroom must be situated in this direction. The guest of the house will stay only for a short period; therefore, it is also suitable for the guest room. Further, these directions will receive excellent sunlight in the morning time which makes it ideal for dining purposes. Even the study room can be created in this direction as this direction will bring positive ideas to the minds of readers and students. 

Vastu for Room located in the southeast direction 

The southeast part of the house is going to receive sunlight from 9.00 a.m. to 12.00 noon. It means this particular location is ideal when it comes to preparing the food for everyone in the house according to Vastu for room. 

This direction also belongs to the fire energy as the most intensive sun rays are going to fall because of the timing. It means that one should use this particular space for the kitchen, and office, and the unmarried son’s bedroom can also be built here. It is so because he needs to move to work right after having the food. 

Vastu for Rooms in the south direction 

The sun's rays will be in the south direction at the time of 12.00 noon to 3.00 pm. It is the most suitable time for working because it is going to be a well-lit area as per Vastu for room. The sun will be sparkling on the southern portion of the house and this direction is going to be highly suitable for the office and other working space. The intensity of sunlight is going to be well in this particular direction of the house. One should use this particular sunlight for the correct purpose. Therefore, you can create the store room, staircase, and even toilet in this particular direction of the house. 

Vastu for Room in the southwest direction 

After having your lunch, you will find that the sun moves towards the southwest direction and the timing for the same is 3.00 pm to 6.00 pm. During this particular time, the sun is going to sparkle in the southwest direction. Therefore, you should construct the master bedroom in this particular direction of the house as per Vastu for room. You can also make the staircases and strong room in this particular direction of the house to optimize the Vastu of the entire house. 

Vastu for Room in the West direction 

You will notice that the timing of 6.00 pm to 9.00 pm is the resting time and everyone wants some space to spend some quality time while having dinner with the family. Therefore, you should ensure that the west direction is selected for the dining room according to Vastu for room. 

However, you can also select this particular direction as per the facing of your house. The other use of this particular direction can be done to make rooms with different purposes. For example, you can select this direction for the children’s bedroom, prayer room, study room, and a staircase as well. 

Vastu for Room in the North West direction 

After 9.00 pm we prefer to have some space for sleeping and relaxing. Therefore, you can select the North West direction for this particular purpose. This portion is also going to be very good for the living room and you can also use it for the bedroom purpose. 

It is going to offer you the most suitable results when the rest of the house is also optimized accordingly and you have used the correct colors in this particular direction of the house as per Vastu for room. 

Vastu for Room in the North direction 

The timing of the 12.00 am to 3.00 am belongs to the utter darkness and night time. This is the timing of secrecy and darkness therefore; you should give preference to the cash room and strong room creation in this particular direction of the house as per Vastu for room. 

However, as per the face of your house, you can also use it for other purposes like the living room, dining room, etc. Make sure that you have optimized this particular direction with the help of a Vastu expert to gain the maximum benefits from this particular direction of the house. 

Practical Vastu for rooms 

You have seen that the rules of Vastu are quite flexible and practical in every context including the making of the room. Therefore, you should never be in the confusion and always prefer to build the room as per the rules and regulations of the Vastu. 

However, at the time of creating the rooms, you should never forget about the basic elements that are present in their respective direction. For example, you should remember that the southeast belongs to fire energy and the north belongs to water as per Vastu for room. 

In the same manner, the southwest direction belongs to the earth element. The room must be created in a way that their use should not create conflict with the element that is present in that particular direction. Using the correct power of the dedicated direction, you will be able to gain the maximum benefit. 

Things to remember for the creation of the pooja room

Always remember that there are some particular principles in Vastu that you should never break. For example, the northeast corner is highly auspicious and you should always prefer to build the pooja room in this direction as per Vastu for room. Never create a bedroom, kitchen, or toilet in this particular direction because it is considered a highly auspicious direction that is only suitable for the temple or pooja room. 

Rule of cleaning the space

All the principles of the Vastu for room work on the basis that you are going to keep every space neat and clean in every situation. Therefore, you should make the proper arrangements for the regular cleaning of every space. The pooja room must be well lit and you should ensure that sunlight can enter the room without any obstacle. 

In this way, you will be able to make the energy work properly without getting any obstacles. Creation of the pooja room must be situated in the correct direction because you need positive energy to recharge every day. If the Pooja room is situated in the other direction you will hardly get any response from the same. Therefore you should be very careful when you are going to create the pooja room of the house.

Vastu for Drawing room or common room

The drawing room or common room can also be situated in the east and northeast direction of the house. You should ensure that this particular room is well suitable for the visitors and guests as per Vastu for room. 

Through the correct creation of the drawing room and common room you can always gain the expected outcome and you will be able to spend quality time with your friends and family here. You should always ensure that your drawing room is properly ventilated and sunlight should be able to enter. Visitors to your house should have a pleasing stay temporarily in this room. 

Vastu for Bathroom 

We have suggested creating the bathroom in the east direction. Mild sun rays are always present in this particular direction which is going to provide highly auspicious results to the users as per Vastu for room. 

You will find that it is very beneficial for the health of the entire family and while bathing your body should have sunlight for excellent health. It is also the Hindu tradition to offer prayers to the sun during a bath which you can always fulfill by taking a bath in this particular direction. 


Many situations of the present time are very different from the past trend of building and living as per Vastu for room.  Therefore, you should always remember the fact that a room must be created with a suitable space which should not be very large or small. Make the best use of the available space to ensure that every room can play its dedicated role in the house without creating any imbalance with the energy in the direction that is dedicated.

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