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Vastu For Garden

Vastu For Garden

Vastu for garden can help you to maximize the flow of positive energy which bring wealth, creativity and happiness in life

Use Vastu for garden to bring fortune and happiness in life. Green plants and trees are highly beneficial and they produce the life in form of oxygen for the people of this planet. It means that we always need them in our life to survive and we are also dependent on them for good quality food, fruits, etc. 

Therefore, it is necessary to stay in touch with Mother Nature through the beautiful garden. You will be able to produce a good impact on the property as well. Therefore, you should pay enough attention to this context and use the Vastu for the garden. Never forget that you should pay very close attention to every plant that you have in your garden to gain the best benefits from the Vastu. 

Green plants for positivity in life 

Vastu Shastra always pay a lot of attention to the green plants and tree to bring positivity to the house. Never forget that the most important elements of Vastu are present in your garden and one should ensure that they are balanced most appropriately to gain the right results. Every part of your garden is going to present the “panchmaha bhuta” (five elements) which is going to have a significant impact on your house as per the rules of Vastu for garden. For example, the earth element is always present in the southwest part of the building. 

Elements and their role in Vastu 

Along with this north east part is going to present the water element. The fire element is always there in the southeast part. Therefore, it is said that one should always plant disease-free plants in this particular direction. The air element is always present in the northwest direction of the house. The center part is called the Brahmasathan which is devoted to the space element. 

A southeast or southwest-facing garden is not considered auspicious as per the Vastu for garden. It is so because it is going to create a lot of negativity and conflict in life. 

Large tree arrangements 

Vastu for garden says that large trees should not block the way to the garden which is situated in the front. Apart from that, one can grow the trees along with the garden wall. There are some particular types of plants that you should grow in the garden to infuse the power of positive energy. The plants can be mango, Neem, or banana trees. These are the most auspicious trees which can produce a wide range of positive energy for the users. With the help of growing these trees in the surroundings of the house one can ensure that positivity is created. 

How to plan the entrance of the garden as per the principles of Vastu Shastra?

Planning a garden entrance according to the Vastu for garden can offer you a wide range of benefits. For example, one can plant the jasmine plant. Make sure that you have installed the jasmine plant near the entrance and building path. It will provide you immense benefits and attract lots of positive energy to your space. 

One can also plan the jasmine in both directions of the pathway to gain a good outcome. It is better to grow the jasmine on each side of the pathway which leads to the entrance of the house. It will infuse the positive energy and the flow of the positive energy to the house will also increase in several folds. 

Tree plantation and direction of Vastu

East and north sections of the garden are suitable for the plantation of the small shrubs. You should ensure that north east direction of the garden remains open and there should not be a plantation. 

West and south direction in garden 

The West and south directions of the garden are highly suitable for the plantation of the tall trees. One can also select the southwest area for the plantation of the large size trees. However, you should ensure that the entrance of the house is situated at an enough distance from the large size trees. Ensure that the shadow of the large size tree is not falling on the house to bring good luck as per Vastu for garden. 

Never forget that large size trees have deep and long roots and you should avoid growing them near the main building of the house. Their roots can ruin the structure of the entire building. Always ensure that you don’t grow trees that attract insects, snakes, honey bees, and worms. Growing such trees near the house can bring bad luck. 

Most auspicious plants for the house as per Vastu

There are some particular plants which are considered auspicious for the house. You should never hesitate to grow such trees to get good luck in your life. For example, the Basil plant has a calming effect and you can grow this particular plant in the northern, northeastern, and eastern areas of the house. 

Thorny plants are not considered good for the house and you should avoid growing thorny plants like cactus. Always remember that thorny plants will bring negativity to your space. North, east, or northeast direction is considered ideal for the placement of the plants. You should avoid putting the plants against the compound wall for good fortune as per Vastu for garden. 

Bring good luck by Vastu for the garden

As per the rules of the Vastu, the terrace garden can play a crucial role in the management of the Vastu for the entire building. You should ensure that you can manage the terrace garden in a good manner. Most people choose the balcony for the placement of the garden but one should ensure that the correct direction is chosen as per the rules of Vastu. Whenever you are in doubt, you can take the services of an online Vastu for garden expert. 

What are some of the smart ways of management for the home garden in Vastu?

Choose the north direction for the placement of the lightweight plants. If you have some heavy plants, give them space in the south, west, or southwest direction of the houses. The north balcony is designed to bring richness and stability to life. 

The east balcony will bring health and new beginnings for the fortune in life. To attract wealth, health, and mental peace one can install the open terrace garden in the northeast direction of the house. It will also ensure that people in the house can gain a higher education with the same. 

Excellent Vastu secrets for the garden

Never install thorny plants as they will weaken the relationship between the family members. Apart from that you will notice that most of the plants are poisonous and they can create a lot of tension in the house. Particularly when you have the kids in the house don’t bring the thorny plants in the house. 

Many experts of the Vastu for garden believe in the fact that you should never bring the bonsai plants into the house. It is not considered good and it will certainly slow down the process of your growth in life. 

You will notice that most of the time heavy chemicals are used in them to stop the natural growth and keep the size short. It is a negative indicator in life and you should avoid using it in the house. It is believed that when you use the bonsai plant in the house or office, it will certainly attract the negative energy and give you the malefic effects in the life. 

Bamboo plants 

One can use the bamboo plants for the house as they are going to bring positive energy. Bamboo plants are considered good for the fast pace of growth. In the same way, you will find that bamboo plants are bringing good growth in your life and you will have many opportunities. They can keep the environment neat and clean and bring positivity to life. Vastu for garden  states that bamboo plants are natural cleaners and ensure that you are breathing in neat and clean air. 

Attract positivity 

One can attract a lot of positive energy with the help of bamboo plants. The best part is that you can place them easily in your room where the low sunlight comes. Vastu for garden mentions that growing Bamboo plants is a very easy process and you don’t have to make an effort as they require low-maintenance

Always remember that you should give preference to something light in the garden and never make it heavy. In the same manner, you should avoid growing the milk-producing plants in the house. 

Fountain and swimming pool in the garden

Some houses are very spacious and one can have the freedom to build a fountain and swimming pool in the garden. Well, for this particular task, you should select the northeast part. The northeast part of the house is the best for the creation of the swimming pool and fountain. However, you should ensure that it is not a rock garden. Vastu for garden describes that the placement of the planters must be done on the ground area only. Ensure that fountain water is flowing towards the house only to gain good results. 

Northeast direction of garden 

In the northeast direction, you should avoid building large size trees. Ensure that this particular area remains clutter-free and there are no heavy things installed in this particular direction of the house. You can also choose the northwest direction for making the kid's play area in the garden which is considered auspicious. In case you can able to install the water fountain in the northeast direction of the house, the northwest direction is the next direction that you can consider selecting for it as per the rules of Vastu for garden. 

If you want to make some resting space for the pets and birds in the house, you can select the northwest direction of the house to gain the right outcome. Along with you can place some plants which need cross-pollination in this direction to gain outstanding results. 

Maintain the garden – final words 

You can also grow the money plant in the house but ensure that you take good care of it. The growing leaves should go upward and you have to maintain it. Ensure that you pay regular attention in this context and remove the dead leaves from the plants regularly. The money plant is also the symbol of optimism and prosperity in life as per the guide of Vastu for garden. 

It is a wonderful way to open the earning opportunities in life. Your progress speed in life will boost several folds and you will be able to feel the difference. Mix a few drops of the milk in the water that you are offering to the money plants. It is considered one of the best ways to make the goddess of Laxmi happy in your life. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of plants should be there in the Southeast direction of garden as per Vastu for garden?

The southeast direction has the fire element. Therefore, one can place the plants which need the high sunlight most of the time. The next thing that you should remember is that never built any sort of water part, swimming pool, or fountain in this particular direction. Vastu for garden says that keep this particular area of the house free from any sort of clutter to make the perfect balance with the fire element of the atmosphere. 

How to do the Management of Southwest direction of garden as per vastu?

For growing these tall trees one can select the southwest direction from a good distance. Many good fragrance flower plants can be grown in this particular direction like Jasmine, rose, marigold, etc. Vastu for garden guides that one should ensure that most of the space is covered and there is no space available in this particular direction of the house. If you want to make a rock garden in the house, choose this particular direction. But never make any sort of fountain or swimming pool in this particular direction of the house. 

How to improve karma with garden in the home as per Vastu?

Vastu for garden describes that never forget that many birds are usually attracted towards the green area and you can keep a small water pot for the thirsty birds. It will be counted as good karma of life. Ensure that you pay enough attention to the cleanliness of the area in the right way. 

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