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Vastu For Plot Selection

Vastu For Plot Selection

Vastu For Plot Selection

For sure success, growth, and happiness in life follow the simple rules of Vastu for selection of plot

For the selection of the plot, one should always pay emphasis on the rules of Vastu for selection of plot. The correct direction is going to play a major role in this context. When you are planning to purchase a lot you should ensure that you are giving reference to the north-facing direction. 

The north direction of plots

The north direction for the plot is considered highly auspicious according to Vastu for selection of plot. The next stories that you can have are the East and West facing lots which are also considerably good. You should give the least importance to the Lords which are facing south direction because there can be several issues or you can avoid this particular direction.

In addition to the direction, one can also pay attention to the type of soil it has. Many Vastu consultants always advise that one should buy land that is covered with lush greenery or has highly fertile soil for agriculture can be considered auspicious for habitation. 

Growth and success with plots 

By purchasing a plot with good-quality soil, one can enjoy good growth and success in life. If you want to construct a home you can always select the corner plots which are going to bring happiness and prosperity in your life. Plots that have broader roads in all directions are considered excellent as per the Vastu for selection of plot. However such plots are only auspicious for commercial purposes not for residential use.

Selection of the correct shape and size of the plot as per Vastu

Vastu for selection of plot believes that residential plots must have a square or rectangular shape for the ideal construction of residential buildings. From the entrance, the plot should be narrow and in the real, it must be broader to gain a good outcome from Vastu. 

However, the opposite of this is not considered good as it will create lots of stress and burden for the people who are living in it. Such houses are also called pressure houses and one should also avoid selecting round or oval shapes, Triangular or L-shaped plots for residential purposes. 

Impact of corners of the plot as per Vastu

One should never forget to check all the corners of the land to make sure that there is no cut on any side. If there is a plot that has a cut in the North East corner then you should completely avoid purchasing this particular plot. It is so because this plot is considered an official just like a body without a head as per the Vastu for selection of plot experts. 

Square and rectangular shaped land of plots and Vastu

Rules of Vastu for selection of plot mention that square and rectangular-shaped land is considered highly auspicious. You can only select the circular plot when your construction will also be circular. In any other situation, it is going to create some personal problems therefore you should avoid it. The next type of plot can be an oval plot which can create a lot of commercial and professional losses in life. 

The octagonal plot which has right angles and eight sides is also considered auspicious because it can bring prosperity and happiness in life. 

Cow face plot and factors related to Vastu 

Gaumukhi plots which are narrow at the entrance and wider at the rear are also said to be perfect for residential purposes as it is going to bring lots of benefits in the life of residents. Always remember that you can see Gaumukhi plots only for residential purposes and it is not going to be auspicious for commercial activities. Therefore, when you create the building in a Gaumukhi plot make sure that it is going to be for the residential purpose only.

Shermukhi plots for business

There is another type of plot which is called the Shermukhi plots. These plots are considered auspicious when all the conditions of the Vastu for selection of plot are being fulfilled. However, you can only use these plots for business purposes because these are not suitable for residence. 

Therefore at the time of construction, you should create the building in a way that there is no residential space and it is only to be used for commercial purposes. Its face will be like a lion which is broad in the front but short in the back. 

A condition related to the lion face plot 

There is a vast condition that a larger part of the site must be on the North side as per the guide of Vastu for selection of plot. The road should also be there in the east or north. It is going to depict the lion symbolizing a lot of power and control with authority. Such plots are highly auspicious for business purposes only.

Uniformity of the plot 

Flat land is considered good for the residential type of construction. On the other hand, there can be some plots with slants. If these lands are in the northeast or southwest slope then it is considered highly auspicious. It is better to check every single dimension of the plot before starting the construction process or making the decision to buy it. Westward slopes are not considered good therefore you should avoid buying such plots because they can create serious health problems as per Vastu for selection of plot. 

It will also create serious psychological differences in the understanding of family members. One should also check if there is any depression or Valley around the plot. Never forget that such plots are considered highly inauspicious. 

Wastewater collection and valley on the plot 

Usually in the valley, the wastewater from the other buildings gets collected which again presents a lot of negativity in life. In the same way, one should avoid buying a plot that is situated right in the middle of two large plots. It is going to give the symbol of poverty for the uses which can attract a lot of financial problems as mentioned in Vastu for selection of plot. 

Surroundings of plots and location

One should avoid buying a plot that is situated near the cemeteries or hospitals. It is so because they are always surrounded by negative powers, negative energy, and infections. You must have seen that many people die during the treatment in hospitals. 

Type of plots that everyone should avoid 

In the cemeteries, many dead bodies are brought after the death from serious illness. Therefore, such an environment can be good for living in any situation. Therefore, one should avoid living in such areas as per the scientific factors. There should not be any sort of obstruction on the north or east side of the building. 

The north side plays a major role in Vastu of Plots 

One should ensure that the north side is free from any sort of huge structure which can be anything like a huge building, hills, bridges, or electric poles. Vastu for selection of plot states that it is going to block the sunlight which can again hurt the building. However such buildings can be situated in the west or south direction because this is going to hinder the flow of the negative energy to the building. 

Location of water bodies and facts related to them as per Vastu

Water bodies and their location near the plot is the other thing that you should always check. One should ensure that on the southwest side of the plot, there is no water body to avoid the malefic effects as per the Vastu for selection of plot. 

However, if there is any river that is flowing in the northeast direction is considered highly auspicious because it is going to provide good results. For residential buildings such plots can be very useful and Vastu optimistic.

Plots with extension in the northeast direction as per the rules of Vastu Shastra

Vastu Shastra indicates that it is completely safe to buy a plot with an extension in the northeast direction. Such extensions can be manmade or natural. It is going to bring prosperity to the life of the concerned person. However, you should know that extensions in any other direction are not considered good for any situation as stated in the Vastu for selection of plot. 

Vastu compliant as per the experts - a plot or a constructed house or flat

Usually, the constructed houses are created by the builders and their sole objective is saving money and maximizing profit. Most often they will not pay attention to the Vastu Optimization at the time of construction of the entire building. 

However, upload can be purchased and one can follow all the Vastu for selection of plot rules and regulations at the time of construction. By taking the specialized services of Expert one can take care of every aspect like directions, structure, and other segments of the house. Taking care of such factors is hardly possible when a property builder is creating the houses on a large scale. 

Therefore, one should give preference to the plot and prepare it as per the rules of the Vastu to gain a good outcome. The owner will have the complete freedom to make any changes in any part of the house. 

On the other hand, when you buy a property in a housing complex or society, you can hardly make any changes. In most of the cases, construction activities are not allowed by the society. The residents may have to live with the Vastu Dosha which can hurt the house owners in the long run. 

Check the Vastu compatibility of constructed houses 

Many builders are there who are going to ensure that Vastu for selection of plot rules and regulations are being followed at the time of large-scale construction. Before making any decision, you should always check the reputation of the Builder from which you are going to buy the flat or constructed house. 

In the present time, most companies are where about the importance of Vastu for selection of plot. In the modern trend, many large companies are strictly following the Vastu rules for the last-scale construction of houses and building complexes. Therefore, one should always check the details of the building company from which they are going to buy the house. 


One should always ensure that plots are square in size with proper 90-degree shapes to get a good outcome. Such plots are considered highly auspicious as they are going to attract a good amount of health. The family members are going to stay healthy and their wealth-generation capacity will also increase. Overall they are going to experience happiness in life. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of plots are considered auspicious as per Vastu for selection of plot?

Rectangular shape plots are considered good and auspicious at the universal level. On the other hand, the circular-shaped plots are only good for the creation of the circular-shaped building. In this way, magnetic waves of the earth will be distributed properly in every direction and it will certainly provide nice results for the plot users. 

Which facing of the plot is considered good?

North and east directions are full of sunlight, fresh air, and positivity. Therefore, one should buy the plots in these particular directions to gain good results as per the Vastu for selection of plot. 

What should be the color of the soil at the plot as per the Vastu Shastra?

The color of the soil can make a big difference when you want to purchase a particular plot for residential purposes. It is considered that the yellow color of the soil is going to be very auspicious for residential purposes. Red and white soil colors are also suitable for residential plots. On the other hand, one should not buy an upload that has Black Or clay soil as per Vastu for selection of plot.

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