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Cancer - Complete Meaning of Cancer Zodiac Sign

Introduction and History of Zodiac Sign Cancer

Cancer is the fourth Zodiac sign in the astrology. The sun enters the summer solstice in the northern hemisphere from June 21 - July 22 precisely. People born between in these periods are born under Cancer and are called as Cancerians. It takes 90 to 120 degrees of the zodiac circle and belongs to the zodiac sign of water trigon which means that the element associated with this zodiac sign is water.

In Latin ‘Cancer’ is a generic word for a crab. Cancer was first recorded by Ptolemy in the second century AD in Almagest which is a Greek language. In Hindu astrology, the sign of cancer is named ‘Karka’. It is the ancient word of Indo-European origin. In Mesopotamia it was represented by a Turtle. The symbol of crab is based on Karkinos, which is a crab that is crushed under the foot of Hercules during a battle, when it bit him in the toe. The Greek story Legend takes the story as a giant crab was sent by Hera, a Greek divinity, to attack Hercules as she hated him for being an illegitimate son of Zeus. When he crushed the crab, Hera placed the crab’s image among the stars for its obedience and sacrifice.

Basic Personality of Zodiac Sign Cancer

Cancer can be one of the most challenging signs to know. They have a hard exterior but are way deeper and layered than they look and feel almost everything that is going around them. Those who are born with the sun in their cancer, likes to have their personal space with their home and personal life. They are very rooted when it comes to their family and loved ones and are very domestic in their very own way. They feel comfortable, secured, and peaceful in that zone. This is their serenity zone. They are quite intuitive and curious to know what to expect and always trying to be calculative about things.

These natives are guided by their emotions and heart, they tend to be very emotional, sensitive and deeply caring for their loved ones. They are truly attached by heart and are quite sympathetic and loyal towards the people they love. They never want to hurt or let down their loved ones in any way, so they burden themselves with the problems and sorrows of their loved ones. They can easily extend their helping hand towards people but needs to be reciprocated with the same level of understanding, love, care and compassion when they need it. Sometimes, it is quite difficult for them to blend in with the world around them. They are afraid to show their vulnerable side as they are afraid that people can use it against them. This leads them to hide their pain and emotions and makes it difficult to share it with anyone. They also tend to hold grudges for a long time when hurt and can reciprocate with hitting or hurting rather seriously and powerfully than expected.


CANCER DATES June 21 - July 22
BASIC COLOUR Silver and White
BEST COMPATIBILITY Capricorn and Taurus
HOUSE Fourth
LUCKY NUMBERS 2, 3, 15, 20
TAROT CARD The Chariot
WORTHY DAYS Monday and Thursday
LUCKY GEM Ruby, Carnelian

Planetary Rulerships of Zodiac Sign Cancer

Moon was assigned rulership of cancer exclusively. Moon often becomes a guide and the protector of the earth in the night reflecting and receipting vital and Devine cosmic rays of the sun and other powerful planets. Moon filters the intensive cosmic rays for all its life so that these natives don’t get overwhelmed or destroyed by their powers. This gives moon in cancer, a special potency and divinity while resting at home, in the crab sign. Moon also gives strong natural protective and psychic energy to its very core.

Primary Fourth House :

In the modern astrology, each sign rules over on one of the twelve houses in its birth chart. Cancer was assigned the fourth house which is related to ancestry, roots and home. Since Cancer is the ruler of moon and is concerned with notions of this house, it invites caring, warm and sub signature to the fourth house.

Third House Interference :

Moon finds its Joy in the third house and is in consideration of siblings, neighbours and travel notations, it also rests in the third house of the birth chart. This house is also called as the house of ‘the Goddess’ by the astrologers due to its concern with all the notions that Moon is concerned.

Cancer Personality Traits :

Interests of a Cancerian

Art and Crafts, Cooking, Chatting, Helping others, Relaxing and Reading.

Cancerians are quite possessive about their personal stuff and space and are very calm and composed in their own life style. Anything that goes along with their lifestyle is of interest for these natives. They like to relax, read novels or books in their own time. Their being emotional enables them to raise a helping hand to other people when in need and likes to communicate their feelings and stuff with others. They are very much into Art and stuff as it soothes their mind.

Dislikes of a Cancerian :

Invasion of their personal space, sharing their grief, Criticism and Judgements.

People born with the sun in their Cancer, hates it when someone invades their personal space as they are quite private about their space. Like many of us Cancerians also cannot stand constant criticism from anyone, weather it is coming from their friends or from their family. They also have to learn to hide their feelings since they don’t like to share about their grief with anyone as they tend to think it will be a burden on their loved ones. These natives don’t let strangers to enter their lives and see their vulnerable side because they don’t want to open any room for judgements.

Strengths of a Cancerian :

Kind, Caring, Helping, Loving, Compassionate, Sympathetic, Vigilant, Sensitive, Firm, Loyal, Imaginative and Calm.

When it comes to the Strengths of a Cancerian, they have quite a bundle. They are at a constant look out for their loved ones and are very loyal towards them. They not only care about their personal space but also about their family and loved ones. These natives are loving and full of compassion. When it comes to helping the needy, they never step back. This shows that they are kind enough to feel for others and sympathise with them. Their attitude reflects a great deal of calmness but their mind is quite curious, sensitive and full of Imaginations. They often like to wobble their mind and think about the consequences, possible probabilities and every outcome before doing any task. Their being emotional can also be used as strength but often it makes their weaker side vulnerable.

Weaknesses of a Cancerian :

Emotional, over possessive, Manipulative, Insecure, Moody, Fearful and Bossy

The main problem of Cancerians rests in their attitude to deal with day to day issues. Since they are emotional, they tend to get over sensitive to small things. Their weaknesses circle around being moody and fearful. They are fearful of rejections and failures which in turn make them insecure and manipulative. When things don’t go the way they start manipulating people around them and sometimes their very own thoughts. These natives are over possessive and even tend to be bossy around their loved ones, so they may end up hurting themselves and even people around them.

Career Options of Zodiac Sign Cancer

Whenever you need to get a job done, one can easily rely on a cancerian. They are great performers and can do the given task better when they are doing it alone rather than in a group. The basic nature of these natives is bossy, so they can be great at leadership and convincing at workplaces. They are not meant for the jobs that are stressful and risky, these jobs are not meant for them. They are also vigilant at the same time which can help them in professions that requires to be on toes and attentive all the time. Their basic nature may enable them to enjoy professions with calm and composed environment which they naturally bring with themselves. In accordance to these qualities few of the best professions for them include;



Social Workers

Speech Therapists


Managers and Organisers

Interior Designers



House keepers



Life Gaurds

Swimmers. Etc

All these professions and career options are due to the basic personality traits and attitude of the cancer natives. Many of the above listed professions require a great skill set, which Cancerians posses naturally. Teachers, caregivers, social worker and few more require a commendable compassion and care. Their vigilant nature opens the path ways for being a life guard and being good in speech and leadership qualities makes them a suitable politician and speech therapist. Each of the professions require a different set of skill and qualities and according to their traits all these career advices are quite apt for Cancerians up to an extent.

Financial Management of Zodiac Sign Cancer

Those born with their sun in cancer are wise when it comes to spending their finances. They are quite resourceful and can organise both time and money rather excellently. They can earn money comfortably and will think twice before spending their hard earned money. In fact, these natives can be so good in management of finances that people may come to them for management advices, people are rather impressed by their skill of management and think highly of them. These natives take charge of savings of the family and loved ones very carefully and stay in control.

Love and Relationships of Zodiac Sign Cancer

Key to any healthy relationship is Trust, Loyalty, Understanding and Communication. To sum it up keeping in touch with the most inner feelings and emotions and being able to understand it and in turn communicating it with honesty is the foundation of any healthy relationship. Cancerians fall in love easily due to their over sensitive and emotional side, but are afraid to start anything as they don’t trust that it will last. Cancer is highly emotional and sensitive sign which tend to understand their partner even through non verbal, silent contact and expects to be reciprocated. They don’t like false, fake and unreliable partners. They will never initiate an intimate relationship by themselves although show their interest through actions and care. But in case, they don’t find an expressive partner who makes them feel special superior, warm and protected they don’t even show interest. They are very loyal and dedicated towards their partners. They like to share responsibilities with their loved ones and see their futures together, which make them feel more secured and complacent.

Cancerians are afraid to showcase their vulnerable side to their partners as they are afraid of getting hurt or hurting their loved ones. They are usually transparent with their partners and will find them suitable if the person doesn’t take them for granted and treats them with full compassion.

Cancer Relations with Friends and Family Compatibility

When it comes to friendships, these natives are usually considered as stubborn. Cancer is often criticized for being cruel to those who hurt them, may it be intentional or unintentional. They can punish, retaliate, and delay forgiveness. They often hold on to their grudges and pain from the past, but that does not mean that they hurt the person necessarily. It would be easy for them if they learn to forgive and forget. They want to heal their wounds, so they bury them and are often haunted by grief as they burden themselves with their own sorrows and sorrows of their close ones. They are filled with respect, love and concern towards their friends. Cancer representatives will enjoy interacting with young people and can communicate easily and freely. They only get a temper when someone tries to invade their personal space, otherwise they are all about love, care and compassion.

Cancerians are considered to be rooted to their family ground and it is their serene place. As these natives are emotional and sensitive towards their family they tend to get sensitive and vigilant. They are more likely to cherish family memories and that helps them to stay strong and mentally peaceful. When their personal lives are fulfilled, they tend to be wonderful and caring parents who seem to know how children feel even when they are far away from home.

They can have the most perfect family life but the only thing they need to remember is that life is all about Letting go off the small things and moving on.

Cancer Compatibility

Just like any other zodiac sign, it takes a lot more than Sun signs to check the compatibility and other planetary connections are also to be taken under consideration.

Fire Sign :

Of all the signs of the zodiac, Sensitive and emotional cancer sign find it most difficult to associate with impulsive and volatile fire sign. The shy and cautious nature of Cancer may benefit them from interacting with warm and enthusiastic people.

Aries ruled by Mars, in particular, may be brave and have a strong head to relax and stay with Cancer. Both are key symbols, so they may struggle for leadership and control over their shared space. Aries may head up with impatient and harsh words at moments, but Cancer will never forget them and keep it in their mind for a long time.

Sagittarius and Cancer do not share anything in the same way or on the same basis. This match is not uncommon and there may be many challenges placed against it to make it really count. Cancer is sensitive and based at home, where Sagittarius is restless and always wandering around, so they may disagree about how to spend their time together. Being Honest and sensitive, Cancer will not care for Sagittarius sign of vicious fidelity, and that will lead more disagreements to follow.

Leo and Cancers also have nothing in similarity and cannot sit together that peacefully. Their being in close proximity to the zodiac, may give them trouble relating to romantic relationships for a long term. Leo is ruled by means of the rising sun, whereas Cancer is ruled by way of an unusual moon, which may also have created a contradictory ground. This polarity will likely maintain them apart all the time just as day from night.

Air Sign :

Air signs are fast, rapid, and interactive, which can be fresh air in a moody and sensitive world of cancerians, but in the end these natives may find the air signs too much fluctuating and flexible sign to rely on.

Gemini and cancer do not have much in common. On one hand, the twins are very social, but at the same time cancer is very secretive and private. Cancer natives may always find out that they are mentally soothing Gemini’s feelings and may have a hard time keeping up with their intellectual dialogue. But the two may also be tired of this variation after a while and may want to enjoy every sort of rhythms of the same genre in order to make it last.

Libra and cancer can work well together and the lunar ecosystems interact more easily with different spiritual signs and symptoms. Libra's social and creative world does not seem to go too far with the personal presence of cancer, yet they can come together as hosts for a lovely and intimate quality time. At the end, these natives will need to be withdrawn and may look happier than a Libra. They will want to learn how to cope with these emotional changes.

Aquarius with cancer is undoubtedly a challenging game. Most cancers are controlled with the help of a dominant moon whereas Aquarius is ruled with the help of Saturn posterior and distant. Even though Aquarius may be benefitted from the interest and care of cancer, but will no longer be a solution for them to recreate what most of these patient natives sincerely wish to hear more freely. They may be too different at the emotional levels to achieve lasting intimacy without any careful considerations.

Water Sign :

Water signs match vulnerability and emotional intelligence of Cancer natives with the best affinity. There seems to be a subconscious mind, more precise and effective among them than words.

Cancerian with a Cancerian shares many comparable values and desires. They effortlessly make a domestic peace and agree on making major lifestyles choices with togetherness. A real threat can may be too much alike and battle for control, or if they're having an extreme temper issues at the same time. They may probably have enough caring and empathy between them to work it out.

Pisces broadens receptive capacities of these natives through bringing spiritual and philosophical thoughts to the relationship. This is a complementary pairing that is innately intuitive, mystical, and otherworldly. They may revel in their privacy and solitude collectively and can collaborate without difficulty on innovative ideas.

Scorpio can bring sexual magnetism to a relationship with cancer, assisting them to speak with confidence for sensuality and exploration. This is a magnetic match, with both signs able to discover strong topics of strength and thriller collectively. Cancer, being a pretty extreme sign, is not intimidated by means of Scorpio’s deep and moody nature. The Scorpion can be at times a little too taboo for shy cancer, however this may be what they're interested in to help expand their horizons.

Earth Sign :

Earth sign bring about a coherent, fundamental relation in the relationship with Cancer as the active earth and dynamic water interact well.

Capricorn and Cancer share reversed polarities and it bring the care for Capricorn that they need most. Both have contradictory connections that attract communication, which can complete the whole picture, or be very divisive. Cancer enjoys creating a warm home, where Capricorn often gets married and works, so if they can combine energy with each other, they can help balance each other.

Cancer and Virgo together are a powerful game. They will appreciate each other’s conscience, empathy, and consideration and may work well together in a joint business life or a diet. Their lives and ways are going well, and they are making natural friends. Virgo adds detail and structure to the care and life of these natives.

Cancer and Taurus share many connections and may be particularly connected in their enjoyment of delicious food, wine, and meat pleasures. They are sure that they will have a lot of fun together and will enjoy decorating their home to create an uplifting atmosphere and a trustworthy environment .The Venus ruled Taurus, draws a love interest relationship with moon dominated Cancer, where crab appreciates the support, love and care of Taurus.

Cancer Health

Cancer is a water sign, and is therefore associated with ‘calm attitude’, which was understood to be cold and damp. This temperament was thought to be linked to moisture and fat in the body, as well as the production of phlegm, which lubricates tissues and protects them from infection. Because of this, it is important for these natives to stay warm and active and should avoid emotional food that can make them feel lazy and unproductive at times. However, when a Cancerian is ill, inactive or malnourished, their calm structure may lead to the source of phlegmatic structural inequality. Because of their sensitivity to mood swings, cancer natives may be more adherent and emotional. Cancer in particular, tends to be twice as composed because its planetary ruler, the moon, which adds another layer of cold and moisture to its overall composition. These natives however may have a good recovery, and they need more sleep to recharge.

Frequently Asked Questions

Cancers are quite possessive about their personal stuff and space. They are calm and composed in their minds. Their positive traits includes; loyal, Caring, Helping, Loving, Compassionate, Sympathetic, Vigilant, Firm and Imaginative.

All the negativity of Cancers rests in their moody attitude. They are emotional and over sensitive to small things. Other negative traits includes; insecure, fearful, Manipulative, bossy and over possessive.

They are overly emotional and possessive which makes them insecure all the time. They are moody and like to boss around people. This is why they are one of the most hated signs in the entire Zodiac.

Cancer, a Water sign attracts other water signs the most. They are highly compatible with Pisces and Scorpio, the other two water signs. They match vulnerability and emotional intelligence through bringing spiritual and philosophical thoughts to the relationship.

They are great performers and enjoy professions with calm and composed environment. The basic nature of these natives is bossy and vigilant, so they can be great at leadership.

Few suited jobs for cancers are; architects, decorators, social workers, speech therapists, nurses, managers and organizers, interior designers, politicians, teachers, housekeepers, artists, realtors, life guards, swimmers etc...

Cancers usually can hold grudges for years when hurt badly. They may forgive but don’t forget easily. But at the same time they are emotional, insecure and are afraid of loneliness, so they can forgive people they have invested in if the person is genuine in their minds.

Cancers are way too emotional even in small things. Being emotional is not a bad thing and on the contrary it is perceived as “to be in touch” with the inner most and deepest feelings, but excess of emotions can weaken a person and so is the case of Cancers.