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Leo - Complete Meaning of Leo Zodiac Sign

Introduction and History of Zodiac Sign Leo

Leo constellation lies in the northern hemisphere and is one of the easiest constellations to spot due to its many bright stars and unique shape. It is the fifth sign of the zodiac and comes after Cancer and before Virgo. It takes the fifth 30 degrees of the zodiac circle between 120 degrees and 150 degrees. It is one of the oldest recognized constellations documented in Mesopotamians for the first time in 4000 BC precisely. It is also described by the astronomer Ptolemy in the late 2nd century. The sun enters this sky under July 23 - August 22. it is associated with Fire element and is accompanied by Aries and Sagittarius. It has a fixed modality and people born under this sun are called as Leos.

Leo means Lion in Latin language and is also called by many other names by different civilizations. Turkish people call it ‘Artan’, ‘Aryo’ by Syrians, ’Shir’ by Persians and ‘Simha’ by Hindu mythology but when translated every word it means Lion. Babylonians called it UR.GU.LA which means ‘The Great Lion’. The Egyptians worshipped this constellation as it was sun that was present at the time of the flooding of Nile River which represents a harvest season for the next year.

Its history takes it back to the story of the great Greek war hero Hercules in which he killed a great Nemean lion. Hercules killed that loin by using its own claws as it is said that the lion’s skin was so thick and harsh that it can’t be punctured even by iron, bronze or a stone. After killing the lion, Hercules wore its skin to glorify his win and also as a cloak for protection. He looked more fearsome and dangerous wearing that cloak. Killing the lion signifies this myth as that any kind of weapon, may it be physical, verbal or emotional can hurt the person who uses it and not the one who it is intended to be used for. It represents bravery and success and people under this sun are strong, indestructible and fearless as long as they don’t act on their fears.

Another myth written about this constellation is the myth of a tragic love affair between Pyramus and Thisbe. This story loops around harsh and depressing death of the couple due to a dangerous misconception. This myth is for Leo to understand that these natives must put everything under perspective to see the truth, reality and even the smallest of misconceptions and lies can hurt them or people around them.

Basic Personality of Zodiac Sign Leo

People born under the sun of Leo in the sky are naturally fearless and brave. They are born leaders with a can do attitude which comes to them from their self confidence and dominant nature. They are quite strong, courageous and righteous which helps them to achieve anything they decide to. They are generous and loyal towards their loved ones which make them quite charming. They also have a great sense of humour which helps them in interacting and attracting new people in their lives. They are loveable, bold and warm they have a charismatic aura that surrounds them which makes them the ultimate showmen. They are very careful with their words while having a conversation and can talk with smartness, grace and elegance about any topic that may have just been given to them. They like to be seen as unbreakable and strong. These natives can be very greedy and ambitious and are ruled by heart, so the hunger for growth and success can easily be seen in their attitude. They are effortless with their actions and tasks as they have full faith and trust on their instincts. Leos are very much egoistic and whenever they are hurt, they cannot hide it and uses their anger as a defence mechanism to hide their vulnerable side. They don’t like people to see that they may be dependent on somebody or feel incomplete and require support, care and concern from anyone’s part.

Leo Personality Traits :

Strengths of Leo :

Courageous, confident, Strong, Fearless, Loyal, Trustworthy, Enthusiastic, Warm, Creative, Passionate, Optimistic, Generous, Cheerful and Humorous.

The natives which belong to the Leo zodiac have a “heart of a lion”, as they are fearless, strong and courageous naturally. These natives are very optimistic and generally have a high spirit with a can do attitude. They are passionate, creative, enthusiastic and confident which reflects in their work environment. They never shy away from raising a helping hand for a friend in need which shows their generous nature. In their relationships they are extremely loyal, warm, caring and compassionate.

Their basic nature is quite charismatic and loveable which creates a warm and comforting aura around them. They can easily attract people with their charm and smartness as they love talking to new people and also introducing them in their lives. They are always fun to be around because they can talk about any topic even if the topic is just given to them at that very moment. They are cheerful by heart which in turn makes them humorous. They like to live their life like a ruler. If used rightly, their ego can be a major asset to them but often leads them to their defects of character and weaknesses.

Weaknesses of Leo :

Judgemental, Egoistic, Stubborn, Arrogant, Angry, Self centred, Inflexible, Lazy, Dominant, Materialistic and Insecure.

When discussing Leos weaknesses, they have quite a bundle. Their major issue lies in their Egoistic attitude and further leads to generate many other character defects. As, ego is said to be the mother of all the defects of character, it makes them judgemental which in turn leads to insecurities and so the web grows. These natives also have major anger issues which can easily turn into rage in no time, but usually they tend to hold on to their resentments for very long time and at that point the anger converted into rage bursts out. They are naturally accustomed to being a centre of attraction and when that doesn’t happen they can become arrogant and stubborn. Once they make up their mind it is quite difficult to change their minds as they are highly inflexible when it comes to standing up for what they believe. These natives in general, love to enjoy the fruits of nature as well as their hard work by spending their hard earned money and assets without thinking twice before spending it. The temptation for the materialism is out of their hands. They just want to relax and enjoy the materialistic things.

Basic Likes of Leo :

Praises, Being admired, Taking vacations, Challenges, Having fun with friends, materialistic luxuries, Relaxing and living life ‘king size’.

Basic Dislikes of Leo :

Being ignored, Betrayals, being dominated, Monotonous routines, being bored and not being treated as a ‘King’ or ‘Queen’.


LEO DATES July 23 - August 22
BASIC COLOUR Golden, Yellow and Purple
BEST COMPATIBILITY Aquarius and Gemini
LUCKY NUMBERS 1, 3, 10, 19
TAROT CARD The Strength
LUCKY GEM Peridot, Spinel

Planetary Rulerships of Zodiac Sign Leo

Leo tends to be the zodiac royalty, so it makes sense that they're the one sign ruled by the star at the center of our solar system, ‘The Sun’. Just like its ruling planet, Leo loves to be the center of attention. This fire sign brings a sun-like warmth, positivity, and radiance to everything it comes in contact with. The sun rules creative energy, spirit, and vitality and Leos have a plenty of these qualities alongside with confidence and freedom of self-expression.

The sun represents the self which is the core principle of these natives, and makes up their basic structure, so it makes sense that they are the most self-involved sign and is always talked about. While that may sound negative, but can sometimes be perceived as strength, making them feel proud of what they really are.

House Rulerships of Zodiac Sign Leo

Fifth House Rulership :

As Leo is ruled by the sun, this modern star system invites a bright, sunny signature to the value of the fifth house. Leo was assigned a fifth house for children, luck, and creativity as his bold, childlike energy resembles how the fifth house shows what themes will be drawn to in search of happiness, talk, and inspiration.

Ninth House Interference :

In the modern astrology system of the twelve letter alphabets, each zodiac sign rules one of the twelve houses in the birth chart.

The Sun is believed to find its joy in Divinities and higher power understandings in its birth chart. This has to do with the fact that the sun is traditionally regarded as the ultimate light of life and growth that illuminates everything hidden and clarifies our ideas. The sun is able to express "joyfully" its glorious offerings, which give life here, giving those born with the sun in the ninth house the natural confidence. Often being great teachers themselves, these notions make them more demanding in knowledge and seeking the truth.

Career Options of Zodiac Sign Leo

Leos are performers who tend to be highly energetic, busy and preoccupied. These natives are ambitious, creative and optimistic and once they get determined to complete their work, they move on with complete dedication and do everything perfectly. They like to be appreciated frequently and be under the spotlight to constantly motivate, inspire and lead others but with the minimum involvement of their superiors.

The constant need of being the centre of the stage enthusiastically makes them uniquely suited for the professions where they can show and make others aware of their presence constantly. Careers that are suitable as per their basic nature should not have the routine based jobs that require calmness and patience in the attitude. Based on all these notations, jobs which are well suited for them involves;

Acting and entertainment industry.

Politics and team leaders.

Art and Crafts.

Fashion designing and Modelling.

Fitness industry.

Education and Management fields.

Motivational speakers. Etc…

Financial Management of Zodiac Sign Leo

Leos love luxury, but fine things cost money, making Leos very hungry to create the wealth that they love to spend. Leos love to be surrounded by modern and trendy things, and although they know how to create finances, but spend it with less care and caution. These natives are overly generous and never step back or shy away to extend a helping hand to a friend in need. Although this doesn't always prove to be wise, but it will always make them feel good and content at heart.

Love and Relationships of Zodiac Sign Leo

Leos tends to be attracted to the signs of visible strength, natural energy and passion. Every Leo needs a partner to fight through their awareness and reach their sensitive, subconscious core, in order to find true satisfaction in a meaningful relationship. They often fall for partners that are equally enthusiastic, confident and proactive and will go after what they want without apology. They want someone who isn’t just confident, but also sophisticated. They want to be with somebody who can not only formulate an intelligent argument, but can also present it in a smooth and articulate manner. They are attracted to the same qualities in others that they see in themselves. They will take the role of a leader in any relationship, and strongly rely on their need for being independent and taking initiatives. This can be tiring for their partner at times, especially if they start imposing their will and organizing things that aren't theirs to organize in the first place.

Each Leo needs a partner who is self-aware, reasonable and on the same intellectual level as them. When in love, they are fun, loyal, respectful and very generous towards their loved one. Their partner also needs to feel free to express and stand to their own grounds, or too much light from their Leo's Sun might burn their own personality down.

Leo Relations with Friends and Family Compatibility

The natives born under the sun of Leo in their sky are attentive, loyal and generous. They always feel the need to give more than they receive. Being one of the most playful and materialistic signs, they treat their loved ones in a similar manner they treat themselves. These natives will spontaneously do nice things for their friends and family, just because they feel like this way about themselves. If their closed ones give them a reason to feel special, they will shower them with the same level of Love, Care, Affection, Compassion and praise. Friendship means the world to them and if a friend or a family member is in trouble, they will drop everything and come to the rescue even if it takes a lot of time and energy.

Leos are very egoistic, proud and value their honour. They tend to become independent as early as possible because they have a healthy and loyal commitment with their individual values. If someone hurt their feelings, they will make them very aware of it while punishing them with their silence. They’ll be cold and distant for days. They can hold onto resentment for a long time. Even if someone made them mad five years ago, they’ll still remember it and will remember it in their very own specific way and version. They’ll hold onto their version of the story and people just have to accept that this is their way and they will forgive them in their own time. Still, a Leo will do anything to protect their loved ones.

Leo Compatibility with other Signs

When overall compatibility is taken into grant, consideration of other planetary cross connections is equally important.

Fire Sign :

Leo will find great similarities with the intense and impulsive fire signs as they can easily relate to the qualities of these signs.

Aries and Sagittarius both are strong enough that they don’t need Leos spot light. They both have their specific personalities and traits which can easily let them to shine on the basis of their own grounds and principles.

Leo and Leo can easily understand each other well as they both carry same traits and intentions. However a problem could arise if they are not ready to compromise with their spotlights and mutual ground expectations.

Air Sign :

Air signs bring the corresponding natural energy to Leo, as the air feeds the fire, holding it in place to grow and live longer.

Gemini and Libra bring playfulness, harmony, and curiosity to Leo's love of fun and celebration.

Aquarius dominated by Saturn, brings mutual understanding, and consideration to this proud and sun-controlled sign. On the mutual ground, they may have "opposite" attraction "connections that can be magnetic or divisive. Leo teaches Aquarius to get out of his head and live in the moment and giving first preference to self. Whereas, Aquarius teaches Leo the benefits of tolerance, patience, long lasting knowledge, and consideration of all aspects of arguments.

Water Sign :

Water signs can be a major challenge if they are related to the Lion, although they may bring danger and emotional intelligence to help cool and balance Leo's prone tendency to pride, self-esteem, and reaction.

Cancer will be very good at taking care of Leo, whom Leo will love, but he may choose to stay where Leo wants to get out.

Pisces can be a very good participant for Leo, however they can be sensitive and secretive to fully enjoy Leo’s world of work.

Scorpio dominated by mars can bring sexual power into a relationship with Leo, but with Leo's tendency to envy and Scorpio's dominant nature, this is a potentially flexible game that needs to be handled with awareness and emotional maturity in order to succeed.

Earth Sign :

Earth signs may have the potential to stabilize the amazing nature of the Lion.

Capricorn sign being a cardinal mode, has the potential to withstand Leo's demands as it has a compromising and understanding nature which can work with Leo on common grounds of peace.

Taurus, although is a type of soul that loves pleasure and enjoys the beauty of life. But at times, it may act as stubborn and unwilling to compromise as Leo may have been, making the game difficult to navigate.

Virgo can be very confusing and focused on doing things perfectly to enjoy Leo's life analysis on stage. Often, when this sign combines with the power and symbols of the Earth sign at work, they can do miracles at their work space. The Earth sign that provide performance and reliability work together and also help and support Leo’s bold campaigns and ideas.

Leo Health

In ancient astronomical medicine, the entire zodiac was painted on the human body, with Leo ruling over the heart, blood circulations and the movement of heat and blood in the body that has heart as the centre source. There were four aspects of personality, which were connected to the four essential liquids and the four main types of the constitution. High blood pressure, blocked arteries, and irregular heartbeat are risks at the face of Leos. This highlights the need for the natives from this sign to take care of their heart health, as they are more prone to cardiovascular diseases and may develop hot flashes, fluctuations in blood pressure, and an increased risk of dehydration which is generally caused by stress and high cholesterol. Those with a prominent Leo on their charts show a quality of courage or "heart" when they experience a life of zeal and confidence.

Leo, controlled by the sun, is associated with a moderate version of choleric temperament, which is thought to be hot and dry, and stimulates the production of digestive bile. This attitude gives these people a strong appetite for fast metabolism, as well as a tendency to heat - both physically and emotionally.

These people need to keep their food and exercise in line with their love of celebrating life with delicious food and drink. They can keep their systems cool and have low stress levels in peace, relaxation habits, fruits and vegetables rich in fibre and good and proper water intake.

Frequently Asked Questions

Leos are naturally fearless, brave are born leaders with a ‘can do’ attitude, which comes to them from their self confidence and dominant nature. They are quite strong, courageous and righteous. They can also be quite ambitious. As Leos are ruled by heart, they are concerned about other people's happiness and love, hence become very loyal partners in relationships.

Leos have a major ego issue, which makes them stubborn, arrogant, rebellious and self centered. Most Leos are known to be Loners as they usually don’t allow people to enter their personal space. They are afraid to show their vulnerable emotional side to the society.

Leos like to live their life ‘King size’ and love challenges, being praised and admired. The temptation of luxuries is beyond their hands as they are materialistic and find their happiness in the luxuries of life. They are happy to go on vacations with friends and family.

Leo is a fire sign and attracts its fellow Fire signs as well as the Air signs. Air sign help fire signs to bring out their best and go along swiftly. Aries and Sagittarius are fellow fire signs which shares mostly same traits as Leo. They are also attracted by intellectual and curious Air signs which are Gemini, Libra and Aquarius.

Leo Zodiac sign is lion as this sign share many traits with a lion. This sign is considered to be fearless, brave and courageous and have a great strength just like a Lion. Just like a lion is the king of the jungle, Leos also like to live their lives full of adventures and ‘king size’.