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Aquarius - Complete Meaning of Aquarius Zodiac Sign

Introduction and History of Aquarius Zodiac sign :

Aquarius is the 11th Zodiac sign, lies in the fourth quadrant of Sothern hemisphere between Capricorn and Pisces. The sun transits in the sign between January20th and Febuary18th and people born in this time are also known as ‘Water Bearers’ or the ‘Cup Bearers’. Aquarius takes the eleventh 30 degrees of the zodiac circle and spins between 300 to 330 degrees of the circle. It is one of the three Air signs, alongside with Gemini and Libra, and has a fixed modality representing the Steadiness and consistent forces of the winter season. Its symbol is ‘Cup Bearer’ or the ‘Water bearer’, which is originating from the constellation of ‘’ in the southern celestial sky. It is believed to be ruled by two planets, Saturn and Uranus.

Like many other constellations, it is also identified in the Second Century by the astronomer Ptolemy. It is the 10th largest constellation and one of the oldest known constellations. The constellation is located in an area of the sky which is referred to as Water or sea, as it consist water related constellations like ‘Delphinus’(The Dolphin), ‘Capricornus’(The Sea goat), ‘ Pisces’(The Fish) and Eridanus(The River) etc. The brightest star of this constellation is ‘Beta Aquarii’, also known as ‘Sadalsuud’, which is not that bright when compared with the stars of other constellations. This constellation contains 11 named stars along with few known Exoplanets. The Latin meaning of this Zodiac sign is Cup bearer or the Water Bearer.

This constellation has various associations in different cultures of different times. In the Greek mythology, this constellation is related to ‘Ganymedes’, Cup bearer of the gods. He was a good looking young Trojan prince, who was granted eternal youth by the gods, and was placed amongst the stars as Aquarius constellation by Zeus, the king of the gods. In Babylonian times, this constellation is linked to god Ea, the great one, who was often pictured with an overflowing vessel. In ancient Egyptian times, this vessel was believed to be the reason behind the annual spring overflow of the river Nile, which is sometimes coined negatively as the destructive floods by that water. The Chinese astronomers linked this stream of water from the vessel, as symbolic depiction of the Soldiers or the protectors of Chinese people and culture.

Personality of Aquarius Zodiac sign

Aquarius personality is very different than rest of the zodiac signs. They are very deep thinkers and usually have a very different perspective and motive for things they do. People born with their sun in this sign always feel special about themselves, which helps them to be optimistic, eccentric and energetic. Being an optimistic personality, they see world as a place which is full of possibilities and opportunities. These natives don’t judge people on their worst days, nor judge them for what they really are. This trait of being non judgmental, makes them unique and different from other zodiac signs. They are intellectual and intelligent people with idealistic views, and an ability to blend well in different situation. They act as magnets to attract positivity and even negativity from their surroundings. They may need a quiet alone time, in order to restore their positivity and energy back.

Aquarius completes their group of air element, alongside with Gemini and Libra. Air element gives them ability to be logical and believe in the power of their own minds. Sometimes, these natives may feel an urge to follow their hearts. They like to live in the moment, and don’t believe in wasting a single moment, doing things that they don’t like. They want to enjoy every second of their lives to its fullest.

Uranus and Saturn stand shoulder to shoulder, in making these natives unique and indifferent. Uranus gives these natives their angry side, which can sometimes change into aggression or rage. On the other hand, Saturn makes these natives grounded and practical enough to distant themselves from fights and troubles. Together, both of them give these natives, traits of being unique and indifferent, and help them to stay balanced.

Aquarius natives are visionaries, and are always ready for a change. They may be shy at times, and have difficulty to express their views and true personality in front of people they don’t know well enough. They may need a backup or a person, who can carry them up in their hard times and enlighten them to the success and heights they always seek. These natives have a hard time finding a place where they feel that they really belong, and in order to seek that belonging, they may have to dig a little bit deeper. They usually have strict principles, clear motives and intentions, and are dedicated towards every aspect their lives. They leave an impact on people, which can shake their lives upside down.


AQUARIUS DATES January 20 - Feburary 18
SYMBOL Water Bearer/ Cup Bearer
RULER PLANET Saturn and Uranus
BASIC COLOUR Silver and Blue
LUCKY METAL Aluminum and Uranium
BEST COMPATIBILITY Sagittarius, Gemini and Libra
HOUSE Eleventh
LUCKY NUMBERS 4, 7, 11, 22 and 29
LUCKY GEM Amethyst and Amber

Traits of Aquarius Zodiac Sign :

Strengths :

Logical, Practical, Progressive, Non judgmental, Grounded, Intellectual, Independent, Intelligent, Optimistic, Original, Sensitive, Humanitarian, Eccentric, Progressive, Adaptable, Smart, Energetic, Impactful, Clever and Witty.

Aquarius natives are very clever and witty, and have an aura around them that can leave a noticeable impact on people. This is a sign, that is smart and progressive, which can easily be reflected in their thoughts as well as their actions. They have a high value for humanity. Being an air sign, they are highly logical and believe in the power of their independent minds. People born with their sun in this sign always feel special about themselves, which helps them to be optimistic, eccentric and energetic. They are intellectual and intelligent people with idealistic views, and an ability to blend well in different situation. Saturn makes these natives grounded and practical enough to distant themselves from fights and troubles. These natives are visionaries, and can easily adapt to changes. They don’t judge people on their worst days, nor judge them for what people really are. This trait of being non judgmental, makes them unique and different from other zodiac signs. They are most probable to leave an impact on people, and can shake their lives upside down.

Weaknesses :

Emotional, Easy going, self involved, Lack of motivation and Confidence.

The weaknesses of Aquarius natives are well routed from their strengths. They may be aware all the times but still can be very easy going. As, they lack Confidence, they may be shy at times, and have difficulty to express their views and true personality in front of people they don’t know well enough. They may need a motivating factor, which can carry them up in their hard times and enlighten them to the success and heights they always seek. This factor can be a person or a reason, which will help them to keep on going. They can be extremely self involved in their thoughts and deep thinking sessions, in order to gain perspective, and have their energy and motivation back. These natives have a hard time finding a place where they feel that they really belong, and in order to seek that belonging, they may have to dig a little bit deeper.

Season and Mode of Aquarius Zodiac sign :

Middle of the winter and Fixed Mode :

Aquarius is the last of the four fixed Modalities, which includes Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius itself. All of them carry the basic strength of endurance, stability and consistent forces in the middle of the seasons. This season begins on January 21, and mark the winter season in the heart of the Northern Hemisphere, when the season is highly steady and consistent.

At, this point of the year, sun is at its lowest strength, and radiates minimum heat and light. This may give cool and isolated properties to the Aquarius natives, which is often more intellectual and innovative during this season.

Element of the Aquarius Zodiac Sign :

Air Sign :

The Air element shares its group with Aquarius, alongside with Gemini and Libra. Air is believed to be the lifeline, giving in the ability to communicate and connect with each other. It is the most important element that can’t be seen, but its presence is felt everywhere. The Air sign is believed to have masculine and assertive qualities. Aquarius relation to intellect, logic, curiosity and communicative skills, are all because of the structure and influence of the air element. These natives have free spirits and a lust for life. They prefer variety over consistency, and are eager to explore new things in every sphere for life.

Ruler Planets of Aquarius Zodiac Sign :

Saturn as Ruler :

Saturn is the assigned ruler of both Aquarius and Capricorn. Aquarius was thought to be Saturn's day home and a symbol of the intelligence and logic, which allows Saturn to be as explored, understood and purposeful, as it prefers to be, when placed there. Those born with Saturn in Aquarius will have a great mental capacity, which they can use effectively in studying, managing, or assuming the roles of social and judicial authorities.


Uranus as Ruler :

Uranus is believed to be the modern ruler of the Aquarius zodiac sign, and being a modern leader, people born under this ruler planet have a spirit to adapt the new age. The planet gives these natives, the strength to be social, outgoing, independent and original.

House Ruler of Aquarius Zodiac sign :

Eleventh House :

In the modern divination system of the Twelve Alphabet, each zodiac sign dominates one of the twelve houses in the birth chart. This renaming was created to match the symbols associated with related house titles. Aquarius is assigned to the eleventh house of eccentricity, originality, inventions, future orientation, friendship, networking, collective associations and gifts. The social and intellectual pursuits of this Zodiac sign are aligned with the concerns of this house. Since Uranus is believed to be a modern ruler for Aquarius, it invites a ground-breaking yet hopeful, signature to the eleventh house.

Twelfth House Interference :

The ruler of Aquarius, that is planet Saturn is said to have found his joy and happiness in the twelfth house of old age, ending associations, confinement, after life, in the birth chart. The twelfth house was also called the house of the evil spirits by the ancient astrologers, which means that it was connected to the problems and shady themes likes, hospitals, jails, rehabilitation centers etc., and can cause a certain degree of mental suffering. This has to do with the fact that Saturn that can face a great deal of trials and problems, with the feeling of being burdened with heavy responsibilities and anxiety issues. As a result, Saturn can happily present its unlimited and unrestricted offerings here.

The good news about this placement on the birth chart is that it can be linked to the theme of defeating human enemies and inner evils, and can give the natives great strength to walk through the most difficult life verses in the ending time of life.

Career Options for Aquarius Zodiac Sign :

Mind is the strongest asset of Aquarius natives, which is intellectual, innovative and full of original ideas. They have a completely different aspect to approach things. Environments, where Aquarius natives are able to explore, experiment, discover and innovate are highly suited for these natives. They have their very own believe system, theories and ideas, which they might find in exploring and discovering new things. Their ideal career choice is where they can be progressive enough to express their thoughts and believes. They are talkative and deeply observant in nature, and like to tell people what they should do, without being judgmental. They are deep thinkers who like to pen down their thoughts and ideas, and eventually share them, which can help them to do well in the field of writing and communicating.

Aquarius natives being social, have high respect for humanity, so career in social reforms and justice can be an excellent choice for these naives. They may not feel satisfied with that social work, where everyone is not served with equal respect. Professions where they will feel satisfied, lead them to work not only on the frontline, but also in administrative roles behind the desks. They can do miracles working in their right spot.

With a great love for knowledge, they crave to explore the very nature of the universe and evolution of the mankind. They can even see great values in the things, which others hardly even notice. They are keenly interested to explore the subjects of sociology, political science, geography, human evolution and general science. History, which others might find a boring subject is of very high interest to these natives.

'Water bearers' should never opt for the jobs, where their strong intellect and originality isn't challenged. These natives cannot perform well in a role of service or sales type, where they may have to pretend they don't have feelings and are emotionally numb. These types of professions may feel like a prison to them. They usually don't feel content in one place, unless that place is a laboratory or a library, where their minds have a lot to study and explore. They also have a secret artistic side hidden in them, and if that side is polished by them, they can do extremely well in that field. On the basis of all the above attributes and traits, few of the well suited jobs for Aquarius natives may include;

Social Workers and Activists.

Writers and Speakers.




Teachers and Educators.

Artists, Etc.

Financial Management of Zodiac Sign Aquarius :

Financial Management can be a tricky business for the Aquarius natives. They are highly materialistic and believe in showing off their style and assets they own. This is a just a way of these natives to feel emotionally and financially secured. In order to save their money, they should always look up to the big picture, which can help them to stay motivated to save or invest their finances in a more subtle way. These natives may need an outside hand to save their finances, and the good news is that they often listen to the people, who genuinely try to help them with their finances. But picking up a helping hand, wise enough to help them genuinely, is quite tricky.

Love and Relationships of Aquarius Zodiac Sign :

Aquarius is the sign that is attracted by the soul rather than the physical appearance of a person. There is nothing more attractive than having a soulful and heart to heart conversation with these natives. Their partners should feel lucky to have such an intimate deep bond, as Aquarius natives can rarely connect to people from their heart but once they do, there is no one more romantic and suitable partner then these natives. They are probably the most loyal, emotional and communicative sign in the entire zodiac circle. They can communicate with honestly, open mind and heart, and are always willing to share their true emotions, intentions and ideas, but only with the person they really feel connected by heart. These natives love their partners from the bottom of their hearts, and don't want to do anything that might hurt them, as may be too afraid to lose them. Integrity and honesty is of a greater importance to these natives, and expects their partners to be the same as they use to be.

Water bearers are deep thinkers who can easily restrict themselves from people, if they ever feel hurt or betrayed by their partners. Although they can be over possessive at times about their loved ones, but will still give space to their partners, and see them as equals and just as powerful as they are. In return, they expect to be reciprocated by the same.

These natives may take their partners for granted, but will soon realize their importance in their lives, whenever they are reciprocated by the same. They need to have their personal space and time without which, they may start to get irritated and distant from their partners. They will regret and feel extremely guilty if they lose their partner because of their own mistakes, and will probably condemn themselves for the rest of their lives. It is really hard for these natives to move on, as they take time to connect with new people, because they keep on looking for the same warm, affectionate and friendly bond, that they use to have.

Relationship with Friends and Family :

Friends :

Even being communicative, social and talkative, Aquarius natives take their time to build intimacy and a strong bond with their friends. Once they do form that bond, they can easily get emotionally vulnerable with them, as they start to trust them quite deeply.

They usually forget that there is a possibility of a betrayal in every relationship, and usually have a blind faith in their friends. They will do everything in their power to avoid showing their vulnerable side to their friends, but because of being innocent, talkative and emotional, they often can't help it. They are willing to make big sacrifices, but only if it is absolutely necessary. They try to help their friends by sacrificing and putting in a lot of effort, but they will probably find that they haven't been appreciated for their gesture, and they never needed their help, in the very first place. These natives need friends who are genuinely loyal, supportive and have a strong sense of humor, just like them.

Family :

Aquarius natives are truly committed to their families, which will include their partner, parents, blood siblings, and children. The sense of commitment they have towards their other relatives will not last long, as they can easily spot the fake attachments in a relationship, and may have never touched the soul of these natives.

The water bearers have certain expectations from their families. Even though it may not be their place to seek answers from their family members, they will still ask for them anyway, and often force their will on them for their family’s betterment, and to get them together.

Aquarius Compatibility with other signs :

In order to check Capricorn’s compatibility with other signs, other element interactions should also be taken into consideration.

Air sign :

Air gestures are equally natural in Aquarius, as they have the same traits and share the same pattern of speech.

Gemini and Aquarius will enjoy endless discussions, sharing ideas and innovations in a harmonious way, and have especially intellectual relationships.

Libra and Aquarius will be happy to share ideas on social justice, social activities and progressive thoughts. Aquarius can sometimes be cool and distant, and will need to remember to show love to romantic Libras from time to time.

Aquarius and Aquarius may look alike and have deep intellectual thought processes, as they may feel that they have finally met someone, who can understand their vision. They will enjoy the debates, intellectual talks, and may have a unique relationship with a sense of belonging.

Water Signs :

Water signs bring dangerous and emotional intelligence to help an inquisitive and invisible Aquarius penetrate into its deepest sources of emotion.

Cancer will be very good at supporting and raising Aquarius, which they may need, but the cancer's need for being over emotional and over verbal in communications, may feel out of place and beyond the power of Aquarius natives.

Pisces expands Aquarius native's minds and capacity for acceptance, by bringing spiritual awareness and philosophy into their lives. Pisces, however, may be very secretive and too sensitive to fully appreciate Water bearer's strong and contrasting nature.

Having said this, intellectually, these two signs are going to share a lot in common. Aquarius is generally intellectual, brilliant, innovative, and a curious personality, whereas Pisces is full of compassion, dreamy and a straight forward personality. This will be a great connection for them if they have developed minds and applied themselves in challenging intellectual arenas of life.

Scorpio can bring sexual intimacy into a relationship with Aquarius, but both may share very little in the end. Scorpio's tendency to be jealous is as strong as water bearer's deep intellectual sight, so they may hold on to their original position and have frequent arguments in a relationship.

Fire sign :

Aquarius will find great association with fire signs, as they will be in line with the active, natural environment.

Aries and Sagittarius are individuals enough not to be bothered by the cool and distant nature of Aquarius natives. Sagittarius will enjoy water bearer's socially challenging and strong ways, and will incite each other's inclinations to inconsistencies.

Leo is ruled by the proud sun, and Aquarius will bring understanding, consideration, and purpose to Leos. They may have conflicting interests that attract a connection that can either be attractive or aggressively repulsive.

Earth Sign :

Earth signs may be stable and subdued by Aquarius's dispersing and supernatural forces, but it may be extremely difficult for the sign of Water Bearer to associate with these natives.

Capricorn, the world's authoritarian cardinal sign, is the shared ruler of Saturn along with Aquarius, so there may be something similar. Capricorn tends to be an active and respectful sign, which is naturally strange for the water bearers, leading them to disagree on their very core basic values.

Taurus, though loyal and loving, may be too deeply rooted in Aquarius's external ways. Both have consistent characteristics, which act as a variant between Aquarius and Scorpio, there will be a strong stance between the Water Carrier and the Bull.

Virgo and Aquarius may collaborate and combine their analytical conditions. Aquarius may be surrounded by gadgets and clutter, which can confuse and irritate the practical Virgo sign. Virgo likes to be helpful and useful but Aquarius constantly questions about its practicality, which makes it difficult for this unusual pair to survive together peacefully.

Health Aspect for Aquarius Zodiac Sign :

In ancient astronomical medicine, the four elements of personality were connected to the four essential fluids and the four essential forms of the constitution. Being an Air sign and primarily being ruled by Saturn, Aquarius is associated sanguine temperament, which was thought to be hot and humid and connected with blood. The sanguine constitution was considered to be naturally healthy and strong, and connected to the youthful phase of the life. This type of constitution may not have many health challenges until their later years. Aquarius natives tend to be witty and humorous, may have long legs, narrow shins, and ankles. According to the ancient astronomers, they rule over the shins, calves, and ankles, and have a lean physique with natural energy.

Problems related to blood pressure or hypertension may arise when sanguine metabolism naturally begins to decline with age. These natives face imbalances related to dehydration and sudden low levels of energy due to overwork, depression or stress issues. Being born in the heart of winter season, they may have their sanguine temperaments dragged down to a certain level. This will make them prone to stiffness and chilliness, which can result in bones, joints, back and shoulder related problems like, cervical spondylosis, sprains. Etc.

Aquarius natives may need to take care of their bones and joints which are prone to early injuries. They also need to stay hydrated and keep their bodies warm and circulating.

Frequently Asked Questions

Aquarius natives think things through before acting upon them, as these natives are all about intellect. They can’t bear carefree attitude, and a harsh criticism forced upon their highly logical and grounded personalities. This can make them angry and aggressive. Also, whenever someone tries to hurt their loved ones, they tend to get angry.

Aquarius natives are usually not that dominant, but when it comes to the betterment of their loved ones and family, they tend to show their dominance, but it is only for the sake of their loved ones.

Aquarius natives rarely connect to people by heart, but when they do, we cannot a person who is more loyal, loving, caring, affectionate and romantic, than these natives. They are highly communicative as well emotional, which helps them to talk to their partner from the bottom of their hearts.

Aquarius natives are highly intellectual, energetic, adaptable and innovative people. Due to these natural traits and their eccentric nature, they love to work in the suitable environment where they can explore their love for inventions, discoveries and learning.

Aquarius natives can be extremely emotional, but it a takes right person to help them to really open up by heart. Although, they are communicative and social, they don’t usually show their vulnerable side to the society, but do have emotions deep down.