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Vastu For Hotels

Vastu for hotels makes customers delighted and improves the profitability of the business with good fame

The hospitality sector is quite famous for its world-class services. With the help of good services, one can gain a great level of comfort for the consumers. Therefore, one should ensure that the entire hotel is created with the help of Vastu for hotels to gain good results. You will notice that when the hotel is created using the Vastu principles the visitors are going to be very happy to stay there. 

Vastu for hotels to improve business 

It will certainly increase the mouth publicity factor for the hotel and gradually the business will also improve. Therefore, one should never forget to use the Vastu for hotels to maintain the best benefits in the business of a hotel, restaurant, and resort. The operators are going to enjoy immense benefits with the help of Vastu guidelines for the hotel. 

Excellent Vastu methods for the Hotel

The journey of the hotel will start with the selection of a suitable plot for the hotel. Therefore, one should choose the plot for the hotel in the right manner. Only with the selection of the correct plot can one maintain a good outcome. The shape of the plot is the major factor that you need to pay attention to. 

Always ensure that the shape of the plot is rectangular or circular as per the rules of Vastu for hotels. It can also be square, octagonal, or hexagonal for the construction of the hotel. The perfect shape of the hotel is going to attract a lot of money and you will be able to maintain a good cash flow in the industry. 

Entrance of the hotel as per Vastu 

The next thing that you should do is a good entrance to the hotel. With the perfect entrance to the hotel, you can ensure that Positivity can enter the building without any obstacles. 

The next thing is that it will also leave a good impression on the customers and give your hotel a prestigious look. Make sure that the entrance of the hotel is welcoming for the guests as per the guide of Vastu for hotels. 

It should be attractive yet elegant to leave a long-lasting impact on the minds of the customers. Make sure that the entrance of the hotel is highly visible and accessible. There should not be any type of obstruction that hides the entrance of the hotel room. 

Select the ideal location for a hotel

For this access to your hotel business, you should also pay attention to the selection of plot location. The ideal location of your plot is going to determine that you always gain the desired success and profitable hotel business. 

As per the instructions and guidelines of Vastu for hotels the location must be selected in a method that all sides of your hotels are surrounded by a road. However, finding such a fascinating location is hardly possible in the big cities. In that particular situation, you should find a plot which is facing the North or east direction. 

Area and structure of the hotel building as per Vastu

The area of the hotel is the next important factor that you should consider taking into account. Always ensure that enough space should be available for the entrance and other significant parts of the hotel. 

It will also ensure that your customers feel comfortable enough for every task. In addition, it is going to improve the flow of positive energy to the space and you will ultimately make good profit from your hotel business. 

At the time of selection of the area, you should ensure that the slot of the direction is towards the northeast direction which can play a major role in every context. The design of the hotel should also be prepared using the Vastu for hotels. One should always ensure that the hotel has open north and east areas for good luck. 

Hotel rooms according to Vastu guidelines 

Vastu for hotels also provide insight into the creation of the ideal rooms. Always ensure that enough deluxe rooms are there for the exclusive stay of the customers. The next thing that you should do is prepare the conference room and honeymoon suits for the couples. 

There should be some rooms reserved for the recreational and relaxation activities of the customers like massages and spa treatments. It means that customers from different objectives should be able to take your hotel room for rent. 

For example, business meetings, temporary stays, tourists, holiday packages, and many more types of stays should be available in your hotel. It is certainly going to improve the business conditions and improve the footfall of customers at your business. The first floor is highly suitable for the construction of a conference hall. 

Creation of multiple rooms 

For the creation of multiple rooms, you should always choose the southwest direction of the hotel building. It belongs to the earth element which means lots of stability. It means customers are going to stay for a long time and they will be your permanent and loyal customers.

Direction and location of beds in hotel rooms

The location of the bed will decide the peaceful sleep of the guests. Therefore, you should choose the Vastu-friendly directions for the placement of the beds in the hotel room. As per the Vastu for hotels guidelines, one should ensure that beds are installed in a way that the feet of the person should be towards the north or west direction at the time of sleeping. 

Vastu's direction will eliminate the nightmares 

Vastu for hotels arrangements of bed will eliminate any nightmare and give them a good experience of sleeping in your hotel rooms. You should ensure that balconies are created on the northern and eastern sides because it improves the flow of sunlight and fresh air in every room. Ultimately this is going to bring good luck to your hotel and you will be able to feel nice about the same. 

Reception and cafeteria in the hotel as per Vastu 

Vastu for hotels also provides excellent guidelines for the creation of the reception and cafeteria in hotels. With the help of these guidelines, you can ensure that no conflicts should occur while dealing with the customers and a positive environment has a good impact on the mindset of the customers who are visiting your hotel. Always remember that the ground floor is highly suitable for the creation of the reception area and kitchen. 

Kitchen in the south

You should always ensure that the kitchen is created in the southeast direction of the building for good results. Never forget the southeast direction belongs to the fire element and by making the kitchen in this area one can always create the perfect balance with the fire element. 

The proper place for AC as per Vastu 

One can install the AC in the north direction for balance with the air element. However, water-related goods must be installed in the north direction of the building. Vastu for hotels  states that for the creation of places like the wash basin, the north direction is highly suitable. 

However, you also built some rooms that don't consume too much space. It is better to keep this particular space for your operational staff, cleaning room, stores, etc. An exceptionally good reception area with a comfortable environment and interior must be good enough to attract the attention of every visitor. 

Hotel reception staff and Vastu guidelines 

Hotel reception staff should face the east direction at the time of taking the booking orders according to Vastu for hotels. Always make the seating arrangements in a way. The second direction that you can choose is the north direction which your reception staff should face at the time of dealing with the customers.

Bathroom and toilet

Usually, the hotel rooms have two types of bathroom and toilet. One is attached to every room which is considered compulsory for the customers. 

The next is common for outdoor activities. For the construction of the bathroom, one should select the northwest direction of the house or the west direction which is considered ideal as per the Vastu for hotels principles. 

In this way, one can have the maximum use of space available for the hotel benefits. This particular direction will also stop the entrance of negativity in the hotel and provide the maximum benefits. 

Color combinations for the hotel according to Vastu 

Colors can play a major role in every context of the hotel. Therefore, one should always choose the color for the hotel as per the Vastu for hotels. The warm colors are highly appropriate for the interior design of the hotel. 

The hotel owners can select the ideal colors like yellow, cream, orange, blue, or brown colors which look very attractive when used inside the hotel. The colors are going to have a very positive impact on the guests who are going to spend considerable time there. It will make their day when they want to eat something or spend time in recreational activities. 

People who are coming to your hotel for the holiday will also find it very fascinating to spend considerable time in an atmosphere where warm colors are used. Green and gray colors should be avoided because these colors can reduce the customer's turnout. It is going to bring down the overall profit of the Hotel.


Many individuals are jumping into the business of the hotel industry as there is huge potential available for farming the products. The quality of services is the major factor on which the hospitality industry is based. The next thing that is going to make a big difference is the facilities offered by the hotel to the customers. 

Final words - Vastu principles and its benefits for hotel 

Maintaining the hotel is not an easy task and one has to put the gradual efforts in this context. Therefore, by applying the Vastu for hotels principles one can promote the hotel business in the best possible way. Whenever you are in doubt or facing challenges with the retention of good customers, you should always take the services of online Vastu experts to generate a considerable amount of profit for your hotel.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is it necessary to use the Vastu Shastra for hotel business?

Hotel business depends on the good experience of customers when they spend time in your hotel. Therefore you have to provide them with a comfortable and good experience which is only possible when you follow the Vastu for hotels principles.

Which direction is suitable for the construction of balconies in hotels as per the Vastu Shastra?

It is appropriate to choose the north or east direction for the construction of the balcony in the hotel because it is going to bring sunlight and fresh air. Always remember that Vastu for hotels puts special emphasis on the importance of Sunlight and fresh air. It will set and attract enough positive energy to bring good luck.

Where should I install this swimming pool in the hotel?

If you have enough space for the creation of a swimming pool in the hotel, it is better to select the northeast direction of the hotel. In this way, you can balance the element with this particular direction and attract good positive energy to gain a good outcome. 

How to improve the profit generation capacity of using Vastu for hotels?

Vastu Shastra always provides positive energy and a good experience to the customers. When you create the structure and choose the plot as per the Vastu for hotels, you bring positive energy and open the door to new opportunities. Similarly, when you do the interior of the hotel as per the Vastu principles, you can provide a good experience for the costumes. 

It is one of the best ways to improve your image with the customers who are visiting your hotel. Therefore, you should always try your best to optimize the structure, interior, and other factors of your hotel with Vastu for hotels to gain repeat business and win the hearts of your customers. 

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