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Vastu Plants For Home Entrance

Vastu Plants For Home Entrance

Vastu Plants For Home Entrance

Bring prosperity, wealth, money and happiness together with Vastu for plants

Vastu for plants is an indispensable part of our life and it has been used since ancient times to harmonize Mother Nature with our living space. When we talk about the living space we always have a love for Mother Nature and prefer to keep the plants and garden in the house whenever it is possible. 

Balance of energies

You should never forget to use the Vastu for plants to balance the different types of energy that are associated with the plants and garden of your house. It will certainly uplift your mood and bring prosperity to your life. 

You will notice that when you are planning a garden in the house it is a cumbersome task and you need some guidance. For this, you should always take the reference of Vastu principles which are designed to harmonize the flow of energy and bring health and happiness in your life.

Removing toxins 

Always remember that plants can play a major role in removing toxins from the environment. Always understand that gardens bring positivity to our mood and our lives. It will purify the air element and bring health and wealth to the natives. Well, the good thing is that Vastu for plants is going to provide you with the proper guide by which you can always bring the revolution in your life and gain excellent benefits with the Vastu. 

Purify the atmosphere 

Plants have the natural ability to detoxify the entire atmosphere and provide oxygen. It absorbs carbon dioxide which is the major reason for pollution and Vastu for plants always recommended that plants in the home should be selected carefully to obtain good results. 

The next thing that you should always keep in mind is selecting the right direction. Vastu Shastra always believes that house plants when grown in the right direction can bring positivity to your place. It will certainly improve your health and wealth in several ways. Every family member will get good opportunities in life when the plant's energy is maintained in a good manner. 

Choose plants as per Vastu

When the plants are not chosen carefully or grown in the wrong direction of the house can bring problems. It is going to hamper all the energy of the house. Negative vibrations always bring bad luck, so you should pay attention to the direction and selection of land in your house. It is better to know about the properties of every plant as per the Vastu for plants. 

Plants as per zodiac sign

Before making any decision to grow some particular plants in your residence, you should consider their impact. The sunshine of natives is the next thing that one should consider checking to select the plants according to the zodiac sign as per Vastu for plants. When you choose the plan according to your zodiac, they are going to provide you with immense benefits. 

Role of Basil plant

Basil plant is considered one of the most auspicious plants that you should grow in your house. You may have already noticed that many people prefer to grow and worship this plant in their house as a living god on earth. According to the rules of Vastu for plants the Basil plant should be placed within the limit of the house on the ground floor. To get the blessings and positive energy of this particular plant one should water it daily. This plant also has some medical properties.

Construction of garden 

Construction of the garden must be done carefully in the house. For this, you should follow our principles to avoid any problem in your life. Vastu for plants always guides that for the construction of the garden, and lawns and keeping the other decorative plants, one should only select the east or north direction of the house to gain a good outcome. 

East or north direction for small plants 

In the same manner, one can also install the waterfall in the house in the east or north direction. Make sure that it is installed at least three to four feet above the ground level to keep the energy balance. Never use the northeast or northwest corner of the house for the creation of the waterfall. 

We can use the plants in the house in two ways. The first one is keeping the special garden area for the plants and the second is using the room for the installation of the decorative indoor plants. In both cases, one should use the rules and regulations of the Vastu for plants to obtain the right outcome. 

Plants as per Vastu guidelines 

North direction is considered highly auspicious for the installation of the garden in the house. This direction is highly suitable for plants like Basil as well. You should choose the center point to grow the basil plant. However, you should know that throne plants are not considered auspicious for the house and you should avoid growing them according to Vastu for plants. 

You should select small-height plants for growing in the house. Small plants and shrubs are ideal for the north direction of the house. Always remember that this particular direction is not suitable for growing huge trees and keeping paintings of huge mountains, trees, and rocks. 

Vastu for East direction for growing plans or garden 

In some situations, you may have a lack of space in the north direction. For this, you should always select the east direction which is considered the second best choice for growing the plant and providing good results. 

However, this direction is suitable only for the kitchen garden. For the excellent benefits, you should keep preference to the plants which can bear fruits as per the rules of Vastu for plants. 

One more important thing that you should bear in mind is that this particular direction is not suitable for plants like holy basil or money plants. Never select this particular direction for keeping the plants that are giving a message or value for the family’s wealth. 

Vastu guidelines for the west direction for green plants 

The west direction of the house is also suitable for the greenery in the house. The best part is that you can grow big trees in this direction when you have enough space in this particular direction of the house. There is a wide range of trees that you can choose to grow in this particular direction of the house. 

The trees can be mango, orange, banana, etc. in the west direction of the house. At the time of growing such trees, one should keep in mind some guidelines according to Vastu for plants. 

Always ensure that there should be enough distance from the residential area when you are growing these plants. One can always use the big rocks and ornamental statues in this direction for decoration purposes which are going to provide excellent results. 

The south direction of the house for growing greenery

The south direction is not suitable for the kitchen garden according to the rules of Vastu for plants. This direction belongs to the earth element which presents stability. 

But when you grow the plants, you need to flow the water in this direction which will be against the basic principles of Vastu of this direction. Both elements are not compatible with each other and this creates an imbalance in the south direction. 

However, one can use decorative plants which can be hung on a height in a basket like money plants. It is so because you don't water them often and water will not flow in this direction. Some particular indoor plants are said to be highly beneficial. 

Vastu for Indoor plant - lucky bamboo

As per Vastu for plants the lucky bamboo plant can be grown in the indoor space of the house. This particular plan has been used since ancient times for excellent results in the house. One should try their best to use this particular plant and see the stable growth in their life. It is also known for its good luck and prosperity and on top of that you don't need to pay much attention to this particular plant. 

Money plant as per Vastu

It is said that the green leaves of the money plant can always attract a lot of wealth and fortune in life. As per Vastu for plants rules for the plants and greenery, this particular plant is said to provide the most auspicious results in the southeast direction of the living room area. This plant is said to provide many financial benefits to the users. 

Aloe Vera and Vastu rules

There are many medical properties of the Aloe Vera plant and even the most common modern products for the skin, air, and others are using this small plant. It is also a Vastu for plants -friendly plant that you can grow in the north direction of the house and bring good health to the family members. 

Snake plant or mother-in-law’s tongue

The plant is said to bring good luck in life and this particular plant has the quality to remove harmful toxins from space. The best part is that you can keep it in the house easily and it does not require much attention and care as per Vastu for plants. 

It will purify the environment by offering oxygen during the day and night time. This plant can create a lot of positive energy when grown in the right direction of the house. The most suitable direction for this particular plant is the east, south, or south east direction of the house which will give the right results. 

Jade plant for luck

As per Vastu for plants the Jade plant is considered one of the most popular and lucky plants for the indoor space of the house. This plant brings a lot of wealth for the users and it is also considered as the dollar plant. 

South southeast direction is said to be ideal for this particular plant which will always provide the most accurate results to the members. This plant will certainly help you to improve the cash flow and financial income in your life.

Peace Lily plant for positivity 

As per the principles of Vastu for plants, the peace Lily plant will always improve the flow of positive energy in your house. The best part is that you can place this particular plant in any direction of your house. 

Many prefer to keep it in the bedroom area because it brings love and peace to the relationship. However, you can also select the west or south-facing window for the placement of this particular plant in your house. 

You can also place this particular plant in the bedroom of grown-up children so that they can focus on their studies and it will create a positive environment for good concentration.   

Rubber plant for good finance 

Rubber plants are said to provide you excellent results when placed inside the house. It is also considered one of the most auspicious Vastu for plants indoor plants. This plant is said to bring financial prosperity to the family members. It is also frequently used for the generation of good and commercial success in life. The southeast direction is said to be perfect for the placement of rubber plants otherwise you should not place it in the house. 

Final words about Vastu for plants 

According to Vastu for plants you should always know that some particular plants are poisonous for pets and children may have allergic issues with them. Therefore before installing the plant in the area, you should always check their qualities and properties. For example, the lily plant can be allergic and have poisonous qualities. Therefore, you should keep it out of reach from the young children. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Which plant is good for mental health as per Vastu?

Jasmine plants always provide an excellent fragrance that can uplift the mood quickly. This plant can also reduce the anxiety and stress problem in the family members where it is placed. It will also help you to get a sound sleep because of the soothing fragrance it provides. 

How to bring positive energy to house as per Vastu guidelines?

As per the principles of Vastu for plants, plants can attract lots of positive energy to the house. For example Jasmine will promote love and a strong bond of love will create a strong relationship. To grow this plant in the house one can select the south-facing window which will provide excellent results. When placing it indoors the window should be towards the east, north, or northeast direction of the house. 

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