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Vastu Tips for Frontyard

A nice frontyard or garden in the house is like a cherry on the top of a beautiful icing cake. It is a perfect addition to the house as it creates a good space for the family members to sit outside, enjoy outside weather and change the outlook of the house completely. Many people face the problem of extra space in their houses; some make a storeroom while others opt for building a wall and closing down the extra area and then there are people who creatively construct a beautiful frontyard or backyard depending on the location of the extra space. Having a nice frontyard in the house brings abundance, satisfaction, health, wealth and happiness in the family. But, constructing a frontyard is not an easy task; one wrong step can destroy the happiness of the family and bring diseases.

What is the right way to construct a frontyard? Who can guide in the best way possible for the construction of a frontyard?

Well, no need to feel scared, when it comes to construction, Vastu Shastra, the science of architecture has all the answers. You state a problem, and there will be a solution in Vastu Shastra, from constructing houses to offices to rooms to even marriages. So, no need to worry when it comes to construction of a frontyard, Vastu has some of the amazing tips for all kinds of houses, all you need is to follow them thoroughly.

Let’s have a look at some of the Vastu Shastra Tips for Front yard and make the entrance even more beautiful and attractive:

Location for East facing houses :

The appropriate location of the frontyard in an east facing houses is the east direction. The East direction is considered auspicious according to Vastu Shastra that is why people prefer constructing the frontyard in East direction. Also, it is in contact with sunlight thus getting rid of negativity is easier. Also, if you are planning for a big frontyard, east or north direction works the best.

For West facing houses :

According to the rules stated in Vastu Shastra, a small frontyard can work in a west facing houses. It is often said that a big and spacious frontyard in West facing houses brings uneasiness, bad health, unnecessary problems, unwanted enemies and business troubles. The best option is to have a small and nice frontyard in West facing houses.

For South facing houses :

South facing houses are prone to problems and diseases but, using the tips given in Vastu Shastra you can always make South facing houses auspicious and a great place to reside. Vastu advises keeping the front side of the houses as less as possible to keep all the financial and mental problems at bay. If the frontyard in a south facing houses is big, then there are chances of losses in business, mental torture and loss of goodwill.

For north facing houses :

North facing houses are considered most auspicious houses in Vastu Shastra as they come directly in contact with sunlight. A big and beautiful frontyard that is clean and clutter-free is considered auspicious in a north facing houses. If there is more open space in the front of the north facing the house, then get ready to enjoy a life full of cash, harmony, good health and new ventures.

Balancing the elements :

Our earth is made up of five elements which are air, water, soil, fire and space. To lead a happy, healthy and harmonious life, it is often said to create a balance between all the five elements. For a beautiful and positive frontyard, make sure the area is balanced; there must be appropriate space where fresh air can enter. You can also keep a small fountain, some small plants and a beautiful table chair set for the family to sit and relax. Once the area balances all the five elements, the aura of the house becomes positive, and you can start your day with a grin on your face.

For element Soil :

To balance all the elements of earth, it is important to keep them in the right place. Soil element must be kept in the south-west direction of the frontyard. You can keep rocks, small statue and plant tall trees in this part of the frontyard to stabilise the effects.

Placement of water items :

To maintain a balance between all the elements, water element must be kept in a northeast direction. Adding small water fountains, pool or pond in the northeast direction leads to the positive impact of solar energy and lighten up the house with positivity.

For fire element :

Fire is one of the dangerous elements amongst all the elements. A south-east direction suits the best for the fire element according to the rules of Vastu Shastra. Vastu says to install a fire pit or fire plants in the south-east direction to create sync between all the elements.

For air element :

Well, this one is a tricky element as you cannot store or install or plant air in the frontyard. Air is an element which can only be felt, so to feel the freshness of the air, Vastu guides to hang wind chimes in a north-west direction. You can also plant bluebells, forget-me-not and colour the area blue to enhance the effect of this element.

To conclude, a frontyard can be a beautiful place to sit and relax in the house. To make this place worth sitting and enjoying make sure to choose the right direction and create sync between all the elements. When all the elements are balanced, then get ready to enjoy riches, health, happiness and contentment in life; so, don’t wait just start constructing a beautiful frontyard for your house.