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Vastu For Children Room

Vastu For Children Room

Vastu For Children Room

Vastu for Children Room will make your kids smart, happy and active with positive attitude

We all know that creating the appropriate environment for the kids is the call of the hour. It also includes the bedroom space where they a rest and spend considerable time. Vastu for children room helps to manage the children's room positively and your kids can have a pleasant and memorable time. 

Vastu Shastra always puts special emphasis on creating a harmonious environment for the living space, particularly because it has an impact on our lives directly. Kids are very sensitive and we must make the changes in the environment for their good. By following the Vastu principles children and family can have immense benefits in life. 

Vastu principles

The Vastu for children room principles will bring positive results in life and provide superior benefits for the users. It will give harmony, wealth, and well-being to the kids. Through the vastu shastra, it will be possible to give the kids immense positive space and it will help the parents to provide the correct pace; of growth and development to their kids. 

In the present time, most parents are concerned about the welfare of their children and trying their best to make them responsible. If you are also struggling hard to make them happy, healthy, and a better person in life, you should use the principles of Vastu for children room and give them the correct environment to grow and gain. Vastu principles will certainly help the parents to improve the temper and overall behavior of the kids with good health.

 Role of Vastu in Children's Room

You must have seen that some children are highly dissatisfied and angry with their parents even after getting every luxury of life. Some of the children are highly disobedient and never pay respect to their parents which they always deserve. The clutter in the bedroom, poor directions of the bedroom, and inappropriate colors in the bedroom can certainly hurt the kids.

Things to remember while planning for kids' room

Management of the kid's room as per the Vastu for children room can bring happiness and prosperity in the lives of your children. Therefore you should remember some particular points every time you are going to design the bedroom of your kids as per the Vastu. 

Determine the correct location 

Determining the correct location for the kids' bedroom is the most important thing as per the Vastu for children room. The correct location will certainly open the door of new opportunities and as per the Vastu West direction of the house is considered Auspicious for the kid's bedroom. Hair kids will be able to learn punctuality and compliance which is an essential part of modern lifestyle. 

Keep the entrance good

The next segment of the Vastu for children room is keeping the entrance of the children's room in the right direction. Always remember that the Entrance of the room can also bring negative energy which can hurt the children. Therefore the entrance door must not face the bed. It will help your kids to stay away from the evil Eyes and they will feel more secure and content in life. 

Correct position of the bed

The Southwest area is considered one of the best areas where you can place the bed for the kids and make sure that children can sleep well on their heads in the south or east direction. The south direction will give them a healthy body and the east direction is going to make them wise and good learners as mentioned in the guide of Vastu for children room. 

Construct a bed using the right material 

The material of the bed can also make the right difference and you should give preference to the wooden bed. Always remember that metal beds are not good for the children because they can bring negative vibes. Metal beds will create negative vibes for the kids who can be harmful for the health and growth of the kids. 

Location of cabinet and study table

The location of the study table can make a big difference in the pattern and success of the study. Always remember that for any type of learning and study north direction is considered auspicious. You can also choose the East or North-East direction which is also good for learning aspects of children. 

However, to gain good results from these directions you have to keep them clean all the time and make sure that your children can sit peacefully thereby making the proper arrangement of the study table. and for the cabinets you can select the southwest direction. In these cabinets, you can always place the books, clothes, and toys of the kids that they prefer to use regularly. 

Vastu colours for children's room

Colors can always have a significant impact on the lives of kids. Colours can have their energy which can certainly have a lot of impact on the kids. Green is always associated with nature. Therefore, putting green color in the bedroom of kids is a practice that one can adopt. It is also good for the eyes of the children. 

Vastu for children room determines some of the best colors for the children's room. Using the blue and green colors one can gain outstanding results for the good growth of the kids. These colors can be said to be perfect colors as they are going to bring peace and positivity to the children. It is the reason most Vastu experts will always recommend blue and green colors for the bedroom kids. 

Some parents always complain about hyperactive kids. For such children, one should give preference to the blue color in the bedroom. It will help them to calm down and deal with things in the right way without any issues. One should also avoid using the colors like orange, purple, and red in the bedroom of kids. 

No mirror 

Mirrors usually attract a lot of negativity. Therefore, it can create a lot of problems when you put the mirror in the bedroom of kids. To make the Vastu for children room principles work you must ensure that no mirror is placed in the bedroom of kids. 

Space of electronic goods 

Electronic equipment can create an obstacle to the health and growth of children. It can also hamper the zeal for creativity and newness in the lives of children. However, we are living in the digital era where children may need a lot of electronic gadgets like laptops, computers, PlayStations, and many others. Therefore, you should make the space in the north direction and television must be put up in the southeast portion of the room. 

Make special arrangements for lighting

Natural lighting can eliminate microorganisms and it also brings a lot of positive energy to the bedroom of kids. Therefore, you should ensure that enough space is there for the natural light. For the health of kids, this Vastu for children room principle can bring a lot of positive results when you put natural light in the children's bedroom. Sunlight will remove the unwanted toxins and germs from the kid's bedroom. If there is no space for sunlight to come, make sure that you have good arrangements for the artificial resources. 

However, sharp focus lights are not recommended in the room of kids and you should give preference to the ambient lights. One can install the table lamp if your kids need something to focus on. The direction of the light must be good enough so that the shadow of the child should not fall on the study material on the table. 

Good quality furniture 

The arrangement of the furniture inside the room of kids can play a major role in every context. The bed of the kids plays a major role and its location must be perfect as per Vastu for children room. For example, you cannot place it at the entrance. As per Vastu, the bedroom is going to drain a lot of energy. Therefore, one must put it on the wall adjoining the bathroom. 

The study table is the next most important piece of furniture that must be placed accurately as per the Vastu for children room principles. Always ensure that the study table is not stuffed with lots of books. Make sure that a separate bookshelf is there and the study table is free for study only. It will eliminate the unwanted stress and burden from the mind of the child. It will also help the kid to focus properly on the study and not to get distracted. 

The chair in the children’s room must have a high back which is going to increase the chances of success. The height of the desk must be aligned with the navel of the child to get a positive response. Make sure that enough space is there in the center of the room. 

How to improve the flow of positive energy in the room kids?

Many elements are responsible for the flow of good and positive energy in the room of kids. It can be the color of the room, sunlight availability, overall lighting, and arrangement of furniture. Apart from these factors, many other factors are also responsible for the flow of positive energy in the room of children. But when we talk about the free flow of positive energy one should ensure that no obstacle is there from one corner to another. The ecosystem of the children's room will increase in several folds and there will not stagnate. 

The shape of the children’s bedroom in Vastu for children room can play a major role. One should ensure that the shape of the children's bedroom is square or rectangular. As per the Vastu principles, the four directions and their elements will work perfectly when the bedroom is rectangular or square in shape. Therefore, you should never take a chance and always ensure that the shape of the children’s bedroom is rectangular or square. 

The bedroom should not have any sharp edges because it can stop the flow of positive energy in the space. If there is any space available you should always give preference to the wooden furniture in the bedroom of the kids. It will look good and keep the space positive in every possible way. 

How to bring good luck to the children's bedroom as per Vastu for children room?

Vasut principles are very nice and vast and they provide a complete guide to bringing good good luck to your children. The rules of the Vastu for children room describe in detail some objects that are considered very nice and bring good luck. 

Idol of Saraswati 

Parents may want children to focus on studying well. For this concern,  parents must put a small idol of Saraswati. Saraswati is considered the goddess of knowledge and art. It can make your kids positive to score well and improve their studies. Place this idol of the Saraswati on a pedestal and never forget to light a diya at her feet to get good results as guided by the Vastu for children room principles. 

It is said that placing the idol will bring good luck in the life of the children. For example, children will be able to participate in several co-curricular activities and competitions and will be able to achieve. To improve the positivity in the lives of student’s prizes, certificates, and trophies must be visible on the wall to the children. It will certainly provide them with excellent results. 

Indoor plants

The next good thing that you can place in the room for the kids is the indoor plants. Indoor plants improve the flow of oxygen and also absorb harmful gases. You can also place some good and small-sized indoor plants on the study table which will bring good luck results for the kids. Always remember that plants are the symbols of growth and regeneration. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How to keep the negative energy away from the bedrooms of kids as per Vastu for children room?

Keep the bedroom of the children neat and clean and select the right direction for the same. Make sure that its shape is either square or rectangular. Choose the colors of the walls as per the Vastu for children room guidelines. 

How to remove the health problems of children using Vastu for children room principles for the bedroom?

One can select the Vastu for children room values to bring the maximum sunlight to the bedroom and ensure that the room is ventilated. Create some free space in the middle of the room. The bed must be placed correctly so that kids can sleep with their heads facing south. 

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