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Vastu For Pooja Room

Vastu For Pooja Room

Vastu For Pooja Room

Spread positive vibes to attract more good luck, happiness and wealth creation in life with Vastu for Pooja room

The Pooja room or worshipping space in the house is the place to manage properly to get the positive energy flow everywhere in the house. Most of the time individuals feel comfortable when they meditate in the Pooja room. Vastu for Pooja room can ensure that you get all the blessings and happiness of the universe at your home. 

Therefore, by managing the Vastu for the Pooja room one can manage to gain excellent results. However, most of the time, individuals find it typical to get the desired guidelines for the management of Vastu principles for the Pooja room.

Role of Vastu Shastra in Pooja room

Vastu Shastra is one of the most trusted architecture systems that guide the atmosphere, friendly design, and placement of every element in the house. As per the Vastu for Pooja room, one should ensure that the Pooja room is placed in the right sense to gain the flow of positive energy in the house. 

Directions for the Pooja room in Vastu

Vastu for Pooja room provide guide that Ishan corner or Northeast direction is considered the most favorable direction for the creation of the Pooja room in the house. It is so because this direction receives energy directly from the Sun most of the time. 

Ensure that the Pooja room is created in a pyramid shape with a low ceiling. There is a clear logic behind keeping the shape of the Pooja room like a pyramid. It helps the users to concentrate during the meditation. The threshold will ensure that ants and other insects do not enter the Pooja room.  

The east direction of the house

The next auspicious direction that one can select for the creation of the pooja room is the east direction of the house. Ensure that you are setting up the pooja room in this particular direction when you are looking to get good growth in your career as mentioned in Vastu for Pooja room. Individuals who have the Pooja room in this particular direction usually reach new heights in their careers. 

Role of Southwest direction

Southwest direction is ideal when you want to perform rituals related to ancestors but this direction is not considered good for the construction of the Pooja room where you want to do daily prayers as per Vastu for Pooja room. 

West direction

One can select the west direction for the worshipping of the religious gurus. Religious gurus belonging to any religion find this direction suitable and one can use the Western direction to show them proper respect and honor to gain good results. 

North direction for Lord Ganesh & Goddess Laxmi

The next direction that you can check is the north direction which is related to the worship of Lord Ganesh and goddess Laxmi. Both deities belong to the money and wealth in life. One can use this particular direction and orientation for the offering of routine prayers in the office. 

Correct way of Idol placement as per Vastu

After the completion of the structure, you need to install the picture of your deity in the Pooja room. The placement must be done in the right way to find the immense benefits of the Pooja room. Ensure that you have placed the ideal few inches away from the wall. The idol must also be on the six-inch height from the ground. Never place pictures of dead people and violent situations in the pooja room to gain outstanding results as per the guide of Vastu for Pooja room. 

Pooja room storage

The storage of the Pooja room can play a major role and help you to keep the Pooja room systematic without any clutter. You never have to be confused about the placement of the religious book, lamp, and other worshipping-related materials in the Pooja room when there is storage available. To make the storage space in the program you should select the Southeast direction which is considered good. Vastu for Pooja room describe that always ensure that nothing is placed above the idol of God. Storage is suitable in this direction to ensure that sunlight can enter without any hindrance in the worshipping room. 

Colours for pooja room as per Vastu

Vastu Shastra can play a major role when it comes to selecting the right color for the pooja room. It is better to draw your best and ensure that you're keeping the entire atmosphere friendly for meditation. For this, one can select the light shades. 

For example, white, light blue, and light yellow are the ideal colors for the pooja room that one should never forget to apply. Many individuals prefer to use the marble in the pooja room. For that particular situation, you should choose a marble which is white or pale yellow for good Vastu for Pooja room. 

It will be working nicely and you will be getting an excellent atmosphere for meditation as well. There is logic behind using the light color in the pooja room. The light colors will make the small space look large and it is also the symbol of purity. On the other hand, when you use a dark color, it will present negative energy. 

Vastu rules of lighting in pooja room

A bright room is the first choice of many people when it comes to spending some peaceful time in worship and meditation. Therefore you should ensure that in the pooja room, there is enough light available which can make the entire space well. 

In the northeast direction, you can always keep a window to ensure that sunlight and fresh air should always come into the pooja room. Never forget to use artificial lights and situations are not possible in your pooja room to bring good luck as guided in Vastu for Pooja room.

Pooja room door as per Vastu principles 

Many religions believe that God always takes human forms and he also needs space and privacy like us. Therefore Vastu strongly believes that you should have a Pooja room door which is a necessary part of it. 

Never forget that you should always build a threshold. It will help you to keep your pooja room space needed and clean from any other type of impurities. When you already believe that god comes in the form of human beings. Therefore you should always ensure that proper space and cleanliness with privacy is available.

Make sure that you select high-quality wooden doors for the construction of the pooja room. The doors must have your religious sign and at the time of opening and closing, it should not make any kind of noise. The mechanism of the gate must be working in a good manner and no confusion should happen for excellent Vastu for Pooja room. 

Accessories for Pooja room and Vastu

Metallic accessories are considered highly auspicious for the pooja room. It can also be used in the decoration of the pooja room. To keep the space auspicious you can also use a copper vessel which must be filled with water in your pooja room. It is going to absorb all the negative energy and will protect your house for fortune in life as per Vastu for Pooja room. 

You will notice that when there is a good flow of positive energy the negative energy will be eliminated from the space automatically. There is logic behind using the metal. Metals always produce spiritual sound which purifies energy and helps you to concentrate better. It also creates a protective Shield against the negative energy for your family members.

Vastu guidelines for the areas of Pooja room

In the northeast direction, you should build the pooja room along with your living room and kitchen. This area is going to be the most suitable area for the creation of a Pooja room in the house. 

Never forget that kitchens should not be installed or created in the northeast direction. They are not considered good. If you want to build a Pooja room along with your bedroom, make sure that your feet don't face the pooja room at the time of sleeping. 

Common Vastu Dosha related to Pooja room to avoid

Always remember that the southern part of the house is not suitable for the creation of the pooja room. One should never build the pooja room under the staircase because it is negative in every situation. Vastu for Pooja room mention that you should also not build a pooja room with bathroom or toilet walls which can create a lot of trouble for every family member of the house. 

In the present time, many people are selecting a structure which is matching with the rest of the decor of their house. You should never select the rectangular shape for the pooja room and Idol placement. The rectangular shape is not considered auspicious and it is going to create a Vastu Dosha. Such a Pooja room will never be able to generate positivity for the house.

How to keep the pooja room Clean as per Vastu for the best outcomes?

Always remember that cleanliness is an important part of Vastu for Pooja room that you should also follow in your pooja room. If there is any idol which is broken now you should better remove it by offering the Welfare in the flowing water. The same rule is also applicable to any photograph of God. If you have offered some sort of food item to the god, make sure that it is clean after a while. 

Never make the mistake of making the Pooja room storage for household things. You should ensure that it remains clutter-free and you never put any sort of additional item of your house in the Pooja room. Further you should never you should for any other domestic purpose. It is better to keep this particular space reserved only for the shipping of God, prayers, meditation, etc. 


Pooja room space must be created in the northeast direction with proper ventilation and Windows. If the direct sunlight and fresh air enter the Pooja room it will certainly create positivity. One should always install two shutter doors to the Pooja room with a threshold. Replacement of the idols must be done as per the Vastu for Pooja room principles to ensure that positivity enters the house without any obstacle. 

For the placement of idols of God, you should either select the east side or the west side of your Pooja room. It is better to create the Pooja room on the ground floor. Never forget to add the height of at least 6 inches in the idols when you are going to place them in the Pooja room. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I build the pooja room in front of the main door?

You should give reference to the entrance space in front of the email door. The Pooja room should not be right in front of the main door and it is better to create a dedicated space for meditation and yoga.

What are the things that I should never place in the Pooja room?

You should never place a dustbin or picture of deceased family members in the Pooja room which can create a lot of trouble.

What is the most suitable space in the house for the Pooja room as per Vastu for Pooja room?

You should give reference to the northeast corner along with your living room for the creation of a Pooja room in the house. It is going to give you some of the best benefits.

How to give the pooja room auspicious as per Vastu Shastra?

Always remember that you should pay attention to the cleanliness of the space in the pooja room. On the North East side, you can install a Window for the entrance of direct sunlight and fresh air. Make sure that you follow the directions and elements chart of Vastu for Pooja room for this particular task. 

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