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Vastu For East Facing House

Vastu For East Facing House

Vastu For East Facing House

Vastu for East facing house: the best Vastu guide for making the plot auspicious for a lifetime

Vastu has become quite popular in recent decades because people use it to eliminate real-life problems. Vastu for East facing plot can positively impacts your life and brings prosperity and happiness. It is a world-class architecture science that will revolutionize your life.

However, it was developed centuries ago, but its principles are so practical and based on logical factors that it works perfectly today in homes, commercial places, offices, and other workplaces. The science of Vastu is so helpful that it guides us to build every section of the building.

By creating the building per the Vastu rules and regulations, we can ensure that the positive power of the Vastu is coming in the right direction and making the right impact. Therefore, one should use the Vastu Shastra properly and gain the most accurate results.

Reasons to select the East facing plot

East-facing plots can have the best energy from the atmosphere, which can significantly impact residents' lives.
Vastu for East facing plot has principles which work on the primary factor of making the perfect combination of five elements to create the perfect balance with Mother Nature. These five elements are fire, earth, water, air, and sky, which are present everywhere in the world.

When they are correctly balanced, they can benefit the users immensely. With the help of making the perfect balance with all five elements, one can ensure that a pleasant and livable setting is created to gain a good outcome. Therefore, one should never take any risk and ensure that perfect balance is made in every possible manner. 

When we make the perfect balance with all the elements with the help of Vastu for East facing plot, we will get excellent benefits with the same. Using correct architectural techniques, Vastu makes it possible to create the perfect balance and make life meaningful and happy.

Determination of the east-facing house
To determine the direction of the house, you should stand in front of the main gate. Now, notice the direction you face, which is considered the direction of the house.

To determine the direction of the house, you should face the east direction when you exit from the gate. In this way, you can always choose the direction of the home. East-facing houses are considered highly auspicious for the living.

Well, there is a lot of logic behind the benefits of living in a house. The first benefit is that one can receive ample amounts of sunlight. The early morning sunlight purifies the entire atmosphere. The sun rises in the east direction, which is the potential reason the east direction attracts a lot of positive energy, happiness, and abundance. Vastu for East facing plot offers the most security way to manage the balance of energies in different directions.

Good luck and east-facing houses

East-facing houses are considered auspicious for the living because they have maximum space towards the east direction. This particular space is going to attract good luck for the house. Low-lying houses towards the east direction also provide positive results, and it is considered a highly preferable place to live as per the principles of Vastu for East facing plot.

Exciting tips for the east-facing houses
The northeast direction is considered highly auspicious. Therefore, one should ensure that the Pooja room is installed in this particular direction. It is going to provide immense benefits to the residents. This place is perfect for meditation, also called the corner of mental peace.

Building the staircase is the next thing you should do per Vastu's direction. Vastu for East facing plot states that west and south orders are considered auspicious for creating the stairs. Therefore, one should only create staircases in one direction to take the east-facing houses' best advantages.

Similarly, if you are trying to build a balcony in the house, you should select the east direction, which will provide the maximum sunlight and bring prosperity.

Master bedrooms in east-facing houses

The main bedroom should be created in the southwest direction of the house. This particular direction has the earth element, which is the element of stability in life. As per the rules of Vastu for East facing plot, only the homeowner should live in this direction to gain the maximum benefits.

He will get the strength in his life which is going to have a positive impact on the rest of the members of the house. Therefore, for the main bedroom, one should choose the southwest direction, and the head of the family should use this particular master bedroom to gain good results.

Main door direction in east-facing house
One can have multiple benefits by keeping the main door in the correct direction. East-facing houses with accurate Vastu for East facing plot plans will ensure the front door is kept in the center. If a different entry is installed in the northeast direction, you should provide to hold the 6-inch gap between the wall and the main door.

You should avoid placing the main door in the southeast direction of the house. However, in any particular situation, you should use the Vastu pyramid when you do not have any other option. To balance this specific direction, you should always ensure a Vastu pyramid on each side of the door and one in the middle on the top of the main entrance. By falling for this particular remedy, one can ensure that no Vastu Dosha is left.

The next thing that one should adopt is the placement of symbols of Swastik, Om, and Trishul on the sides of the door. It will eliminate any negative energy and protect the people in the house.
Shukra yantra can also eliminate the negative energy from the house and gain good results. One should ensure that the positive energy of the place is welcomed every time. To ensure a good flow of positive energy, one should always use the Vastu for East facing plot.

Living room in the east-facing house
In the east-facing house, the living room should be created in the northeast direction. This particular direction is considered highly auspicious and provides good results for the living room.

The north and East walls of the room should also be thinner and shorter than the West or South walls. By doing this simple remedy, one can ensure that the house is excellent and bring positivity and prosperity. It will not only improve the personal aspect of life, but it will also provide good professional opportunities to the residents.

Vastu construction of kitchen in east-facing house
The southeast direction of the house is said to be perfect when making the kitchen as per the Vastu for East facing plot principles. In the east-facing homes, one should reserve the southeast corner for the kitchen construction, which will be very promising.

It is so because the southeast direction belongs to the fire elements. In the same manner, the kitchen also has a fire element. The kitchen's fire element will perfectly balance the southeast direction and bring positivity to the house.

Construction of dining room in the east-facing house
Usually, there should be a manageable gap between the dying room and the kitchen per the first principles. Most of the Vastu for East facing plot experts will guide you to keep the dining room by joining with the kitchen in the house.

The kitchen and dining room can be constructed in the east-facing place in the continuation. To build the kitchen and dining room, one should select the south, west, or East side of the house, which will be auspicious.

One should ensure that interest and dining room doors are created opposite to each other to avoid malefic effects. Identically, the dining table replacement should be done in the way that person should face the north, west, or East direction. However, the dining table should be arranged so that the head of the family should always be sitting in a way that his face should be in the east direction.

Construction of Pooja room
The construction of the Pooja room should be in the way that the northeast direction is selected for it as per Vastu for East facing plot. When sitting in the pooja room, the person should always face east. You should always ensure no bathroom or toilet near the pooja room.

If you have built the house's entrance door in the southeast direction, you can choose the Vastu pyramids to eliminate the way to Dosha. Make sure you put one pyramid on the east side of the door and one on the top of the main entrance in the center. By doing this, you can permanently eliminate the negative energy in the house.

Water tank Placement in East facing house

As per the Vastu for East facing plot, the water element is always in the northeast or north direction of the house. Therefore, water tank placement can be done in the north or northeast direction. However, you should always be distinct from the overhead water tank.

The placement of the overhead water tank should be done in the West or Southwest direction of the house. As per the Vastu Shastra, the water tank should never be constructed in the middle of the house. The center of the house belongs to Brahmasthanam, which should be kept free for the entrance of the sunlight and fresh air.

Staircases in the east-facing homes
According to the Vastu for East facing plot principles, one should reserve the west and Southwest directions in the east-facing house to construct staircases. South direction can also be selected for the stairs in the east-facing house.

Again, one should remember that a staircase should not be located in the northeast corner of the house because it can bring lots of problems for the family members. One should remember to create the staircase clockwise to add positivity to the place's atmosphere.

Use of artifacts in the east-facing houses
To live in a peaceful and sound environment, one can also use paintings of the rising sun in the east direction. By placing this particular painting, one can improve the relationship between the friends and family members of the house. If you want to put The Portrait of Seven Horses for Wealth in the place, select the living room wall in the east direction according to Vastu for East facing plot.

Green color is closely associated with nature, and the Eastern part of the house is suitable for it. Therefore, you can also select scenery that represents Mother Nature and has lots of greenery. One can also set the Statue of a laughing Buddha on the Eastern side of the house, which will bring happiness and harmony.

It would help if you never built the toilet in the northeast direction, which can be in the entire Vastu for East facing plot. The septic tank placement should be avoided in the northeast direction of the house. Never create the kitchen in the northeast direction of the house. And make sure that the house's entrance is free from any obstruction. You should always keep some space free in the northeast direction and never plant trees in the north or east direction.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why an east-facing house is considered auspicious?
Each facing house is symbolic of life and full of energy. It allows sunlight and fresh air for everyone in the house, which brings positivity. So this is the reason that facing houses are considered highly auspicious.

What are the Vastu Colors for the east-facing rooms?
Different shades of light colors, like green and aqua, can be used in this particular direction. One should avoid using harsh and dark colors as per Vastu for East facing plot

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