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White Sapphire Gemstone

White Sapphire

White Sapphire is one of the most precious gemstones. These are transparent and colourless stones. They belong to the corundum mineral family. White Sapphire is also called a SAFED PUKHRAJ in India. It has gained a reputable place in the market for its lovely colour in the jewellery-making field. For astrological uses it is a substitution to the diamond, much Vedic astrology refers to as white sapphire.

Many wear it for a creative career, good health, affluent lifestyle, marital, family bliss, and gain success in life. The most popular options after diamonds are White Sapphires. Only Ruby that is red gem-quality is corundum apart from them all; non-red corundum is considered sapphire. Many gemologists find minor differences to distinguish. Jewellery-based white sapphires are majorly accessible in the Middle East, Africa, the United States of America (western part), and southeast Africa. Some of the rarest are also found in Thailand.

White Sapphires have a comparatively lower price than diamonds. At a given carat size diamonds are more expensive than white sapphires. Due to their lack of colour, they are known as diamond substitutes. A ring made up of sapphire looks like a diamond when cuts and colours are compared. In many cases, white sapphires are maybe yellow or grey due to heat and chemical treatment which signifies that they have undergone a revolutionary process to get those colours.

Many white sapphires get the colour from trace elements which are in earth they are forming their crystals. Nature sapphires are rare because they never come in contact with these trace elements. White sapphires are used to make engagement rings as they are durable.

White sapphires have many astronomical values as well. They symbolise the powerful spirit that helps the wearer navigate through life. Indian astronomers claim that it brings better clarity, prosperity, intuition and self-control to the mind. These are used for centuries around the world for protection and spirituality. It is not only used for power or strength but also decision making. It brings control and mental balance.

Types of White Sapphire

Most white sapphires are of two types: natural and lab-based white sapphires. Lab-based white sapphires are mined; they can also be grown artificially.

White sapphire is made artificially in labs that have the same physical and optical characteristics. Unfortunately, many customers cannot distinguish between natural and artificial.

Some of the Natural white sapphires are a little bit cloudy white hue. This minor difference distinguishes them from diamonds and Topaz. Apart from them, their colour is clear white.

Synthetic corundum, which is also called lab-developed white sapphires, are very famous. The Flame fusion process makes them look like a natural white sapphire. These synthetic sapphires have the same chemical characteristics as genuine sapphires, such as density, appearance, and rigidity. However, only a few can tell the difference between artificial and naturally occurring.

Artificial sapphires have the same optical property as natural ones, and they are worth buying.

The artificial white sapphires are made through expensive lab procedures, but they are not as costly as natural ones.

Who Can Wear White Sapphire?

Many consider white sapphire (Safed Pukhraj) as a VENUS representation because of its brightness. In Kundli, according to Vedic astrology, a weak venus presence may cause professional and financial issues. Therefore, many consider it as a sign of personal matters. Many believe wearing white sapphires gives strength to weak venus. According to kundli, it may help to overcome the vulnerable situation of life. For people having Rashi like Tula (Libra) and Vrishabha (Taurus) has been suggested to wear white sapphire by Indian astrologers. White sapphires are also recommended by western astrologers who have cancer signs. Aquarius, Virgo, and Gemini can wear white sapphire.

The Exclusive Benefits of white sapphire

1. There are only a few stones that enhance the jewellery design; white sapphires are one of them. However, many elegant jewellery designs are made using it.

2. According to Indian astronomers, it is said that SAFED PUKHRAJ has the immense positive powers of the Venus planet that can rejuvenate the mind.

3. If worn, this stone can help accumulate wealth, higher self-esteem, better health, and fulfilment in relationships and family.

4. All the various colourless white sapphires are known by many other names such as in Sanskrit it is known 'Shvet Pukhraj', also in Hindi it is said 'White Pukhraj' or 'Safed Pukhraj' and in English' Leuco Sapphire'.

5. It is linked with the planet of luxury and wealth as it promotes social and financial gain. This stone has many benefits to the wearer because it helps create economic stability.

6. The wearer gets all the good opportunities lined in its way as its social status keeps on improving. Many can access different sources of income as well.

7. The wearer gets creativity and improvisation. The qualities like imagination and creativity get better by the rule of planet venus. Astronomy suggests that wearing an excellent quality white sapphire can increase the creative power of the stone bearer. It is the way they can discover and invent new opportunities along their paths. It benefits thought processing as well.

8. Creates harmony in marital problems. Astrologers say that weak venus causes many conflicts in the married life of a person. Affected venus can hamper the happiness of marriage. By wearing white sapphire, all the problems can be resolved, and they can come back to fix the marital issues efficiently.

9. For better health, this semi-precious gem can improve the immunity of the wearer as it has healing power. Astrologers suggest that white sapphires have healing capabilities. It increases the immune system's ability and can protect the wearer from various chronic or acute diseases. In addition, to boost reproductive wellness, many couples wear white sapphire. For better fertility also many couples are struggling to have a child who can wear it.

How To Choose the Best Quality of WHITE SAPPHIRE?

It is validated by its origin, colour, and clarity to determine the white sapphire quality. With optimum transparency, a colourless white sapphire is considered the best of all.


Srilanka, Burma, Australia, Thailand, and Cambodia have sites where white sapphire occurs naturally in some mines. With its huge size and clarity, Ceylonese is considered the best white sapphire. These can be found in Sri Lankan lands. Also, many off-white colour white and yellow sapphires are found in Burma and Thai mines.


Pale brown or muddy colour sapphire contributes to a total of 75% gems of white sapphire. Furthermore, 10% of colourless sapphires qualifies the quality of gems. Many think it is complicated to find natural white quality sapphires. They are not at all cheaper due to their rarity and eye-clean white colour. Milky, cloudy colour is considered to be inexpensive as compared to the eye-clean white sapphires.


If the white sapphire gemstone allows the light to pass, it's a rare one. Compared to Topaz and rock, crystal white sapphire is more lustrous; This is because white sapphires have a high refractive index which is an indicator of lustre. Also, it's more durable due to its hardness and rigidity.


According to gemological terms, there is nothing called 80% white sapphire. Either it is a 100% white Sapphire or not. All yellow sapphires are natural and rare.

The use of white sapphire that has a transparent and colourless appearance is best suited for astronomical uses. It is very rare and expensive.

A white sapphire doesn’t shine like a diamond as they give a silvery-white grey light—diamonds, on the other hand, sparkle with white mixed rainbow colour due to dispersion and high refractive index.