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Blue Topaz Gemstone

Blue Topaz

A popular brilliant Birthstone for November month is Blue Topaz that gained a reputable place in the market for its lovely colour in the jewelry-making field. This semi-precious stone belongs to the mineral Topaz family and primarily comes in various colours of blue such as bright blue, pale blue in the light, and saturated colour. However, Blue Topaz is an attractive gemstone that comes in different colours and shades such as pink, red, golden yellow, and some are colourless; the yellow coloured gemstone is the most precious stone among the various categories of Blue Topaz.

The authentic blue Topaz is rare to find, and it's an expensive gemstone; therefore, in the 1970s, there was an experiment revealed. It effectively converts the colourless Topaz into blue Topaz, and it's an inexpensive form of gemstone. Blue topaz has a great history, and it is also associated with astrology. As per Vedic astrology, Blue Topaz is an alternative to Blue Sapphire that prevents a person from financial problems, provides the name and fame, and makes their health good.

Furthermore, Blue Topaz is a hard and very strong gemstone that scores 8 Mohs scales, and it is used for multiple purposes. There's a belief with this gemstone that it efficiently calms your soul and surrounds you with positive and pleasing energy.

Types of Blue Topaz

If you desire to adore yourself with a gorgeous gemstone, consider Blue Topaz, as it's a fine and adorable gemstone that enhances your beauty and charm. However, Topaz comes in various shades and colours such as pink, yellow, gold, and many more, but the Blue Topaz is the one that steals the heart.

Generally, Topaz is classified based on its colour and characterized into various types, but the authentic Blue Topaz has two types; London Blue Topaz and Swiss Blue Topaz. These two types of Blue Topaz are pretty famous and admirable gemstones that improve your look and luck. Here we mentioned some key information about both types:

London Blue Topaz

It's an expensive and most valuable form of Blue Topaz that is dark in colour and saturated. It's a most demanded Blue Topaz and expensive in cost; therefore, it is also spotted with a light green colour and also described as 'ink-like.' There are many mining spots in the whole world where they get extracted in a large quality; some of the mining locations are Australia, Madagascar, Myanmar, and Sri Lanka.

London Blue Topaz is the finest gemstone, and it is symbolized to improve an individual's life. This gem can improve the thought process of its owner and make them better in communication. Furthermore, it is very popular for its unique colour and authentic shine that is rarely found in any kind of Blue Topaz.

Swiss Blue Topaz

It's a world-known gemstone for its vivid, clearness, and bright colour. Plus, it offers brilliant shine and comes at an affordable price; therefore, it has high demand in the market. Moreover, as per astrology, it is considered a birthstone of December and benefits its owner in several ways.

The authentic Swiss Blue Topaz is extracted from the mines. Germany, Brazil, and Siberia are well-known countries for Swiss Blue Topaz, where you can get many mining locations to get quality gemstones. People are highly obsessed with its color, which is achieved with a unique electron beam and heat treatment process. If you compare its price with the London Blue Topaz, it's affordable, and the fine quality of Swiss Blue Topaz helps improve the relationship. It offers peace in your life and makes you calm and happy; plus, it resembles Aquamarine.

Who Can Wear Blue Topaz?

Blue Topaz is a very popular gemstone famous for its attractive colour and affordable price. In addition, it is associated with astrology, and people believe that it is effective in improving financial conditions, calming anxiety, and giving crystal clear thought to an individual.

It is an effective and positive gemstone that pleases the life of the person with happiness and calmness. Different cultures have different beliefs, but primarily it is considered a positive gemstone, offering numerous benefits to its owner. As per the Vedic astrology, it's suggested for Makar and Kumbh Rashi (Capricorn and Aquarius). But in western astrology, it is prescribed for Virgo signs.

Furthermore, if you find difficulty expressing yourself and lack communication, you can wear this prestigious gemstone. It is also recommended for those who are suffering from mental problems and suffering from anxiety. Blue Topaz is an ideal gemstone to improve your communication and creative thinking, so if you are a writer, singer, and creative thinker, utilize its advantages. Astrologers recommend wearing it on Thursday as it has some norms to wear that should be followed to get effective results.

The Exclusive Benefits of Blue Topaz

Blue Topaz holds several benefits as it is connected with some magical and positive powers that improve a person's living. If you ask an astrologer, you find many astonishing features and benefits of this precious gemstone. However, it favours its wearer with courage, prosperity, health, and wealth and changes his/her whole life. Here we mentioned the top benefits of the Blue Topaz that are as follows:

Enhance Business Opportunity- It offers exclusive benefits for those who are suffering from loss in their business and generates new paths for them to empower the business.

Develop Communication Skills- Blue Topaz features to improve your communication skills and boost your conciseness. Wear this unique gemstone and observe crystal clear changes in your life.

Make Your Teeth and Bone Healthy- Blue Topaz contains properties to cure mental and physical problems. It is effective in several therapies and can improve your health effectively.

Boost Immune System- Get rid of the diseases by wearing this mysterious metaphysical property containing gemstones. It benefits your health and gives you a healthy life by preventing you from diseases.

Cure Kidney and Heart Problems- It is believed that it contains some features that improve kidney and heart health and bless its wearer with good health.

How To Choose the Best Quality Blue Topaz?

It's crucial to find an authentic Blue Topaz to get the benefits; however, C4 is considered as the real way to look out the quality of a Blue Topaz, which means colour, clarity, cuts, and carat. With the help of C4 and examining it from a close, you can get 100% real and fascinating Blue Topaz.

Colour- It's a crucial factor that determines the quality and price of Blue Topaz. The darker the colour, the better the Blue Topaz quality and price. Therefore, London Blue Topaz is an expensive gemstone, and Red Topaz is rare to find. So, whenever it's about the high and fine quality of Blue Topaz, pay more attention to its color.

Clarity- If the Blue Topaz gemstone allows the light to pass, it's a valuable one. Furthermore, inclusions in the gemstone also determine its quality and value in the market.

Cuts- Blue Topaz comes in variant cuts such as the oval, round, square, heart, and many more. Round and square-shaped Blue Topaz are considered as the finest quality of the gemstone.

Carat- Usually, 5-10 carat is considered as the standard carat of Blue Topaz, but it comes in variant size as per the shape. However, the small Blue Topaz has a higher value than the big ones.


Yes, Blue Topaz is glamorous to look at; plus, it blesses its owner with wealth and good health. You can wear it in many forms, such as pendant, ring, necklace, and earring. It will enhance your beauty and luck. Furthermore, it is considered as a birthstone of November and December.

No, chemicals containing cleaners are harsh for the gemstone, and it can diminish its beauty; hence, simply clean your Blue Topaz with fresh water and dish soap for 10-15 minutes and then rinse and dry it. This way of cleaning will not harm your gemstone and keep its shine for a long time.

London Blue Topaz and Swiss Blue Topaz both have a high demand in the market. Usually, people prefer to buy Swiss Blue Topaz as it is lower in cost than London Blue Topaz. Affordability is the key factor that most buyers prefer before purchasing a gemstone, and it's why people mostly prefer to buy Swiss Blue Topaz.