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Aquamarine Gemstone


A precious and eye-pleasing gemstone that gets its name because of its colour. Aquamarine means seawater, and it actually appears as a drop of fresh seawater. However, Aquamarine gemstone is a lightish blue and green that belongs to the Beryl mineral family. It is praised as a Birthstone of March. It consists of various unique features that make it a valuable gemstone in the market. It comes in different shades in Blue and Green colour offering transparent to opaque appearances.

It is highly used to make beloved jewels. It gives crystal clear shine and visibility; furthermore, it is connected with Vedic astrology and bestows calmness and a mind-pleasing aura. It cools as water that relaxes a person and promotes good qualities in him/her. Moreover, it is considered the best substitute for Blue Sapphire and worn by people to enhance leadership qualities, generate confidence, and stabilize their relationship.

Aquamarine is mostly obtained in the mines of Brazil, Tanzania, Kenya, the United States of America, Pakistan, Myanmar, and so on in a very large quantity. However, the quality of the Aquamarine is different when it gets extracted from variant places, such as differences in colour, size, and transparency.

Types of Aquamarine

Aquamarine comes in natural and synthetic form as it originated from the Beryl mineral family that is a transparent colourless gem. Still, it contains impurities and iron flicks that make it appear dull. It's an authentic gemstone that is related to heart and throat chakras. Plus, different designs of necklaces, rings, earrings, and much more jewelry are made of this beautiful and charming stone.

Unlike Beryl, natural Aquamarine is pale and dull by appearance, whereas the synthetic ones have a deep blue colour and shine like a crystal. Synthetic Aquamarines are created with a Hydrothermal process; however, synthetic gemstones provide a cost-efficient option to the customers as they include the same physical property of a natural gemstone.

It is associated with a long history related to the sea, water, and a giving element of the Earth. Aquamarine endows beauty and inclusion rarely found in other gemstones; it's mostly popular for its pleasing colour and rectangular edge cut. Moreover, this gemstone is obtained in a high quantity and can be cut with the desirable edges and carats. It is also known as a mermaid's treasure because of its magnificent shade of blue and green.

Who Can Wear Aquamarine?

Aquamarine is associated with astrology and introduced as a Birthstone of March. In Hindi, it is called Beruj, known as 'Berooj' or 'Beruj' in Urdu, and it has many more names; but basically, it offers the same features and properties. However, the world-known name is Aquamarine that originated from a Latin phrase, Aqua Marinus, which means seawater.

It is connected with the planet Saturn and astrologers prescribe the authentic gemstone to those who have weak Saturn and desires to strengthen their financial and psychological condition. It has some divine features that affect an individual's horoscope. As per the Indian Astrology, it's an ideal gemstone for Capricorn (Makar) and Aquarius (Kumbha) . In western astrology, this gemstone is recommended for the Aries sun sign.

Moreover, Aquamarine is a Birthstone that is connected with the zodiac sign Pisces. It's a belief that this gemstone balances the chakras and stabilizes the life of a person. Virgo, Taurus, and Gemini can also wear this gemstone to improve their lives and remove all the problems from their married life as symbolized by a married couple. There's a procedure to wear Aquamarine; it is recommended to wear this gemstone with the consultation of an astrologer.

The Exclusive Benefits of Aquamarine

Aquamarine is an ancient gemstone used in different cultures and traditions as it holds mystical energy and metaphysical properties. It gained a high value in the market because of its authentic features and magnificent appearance. Furthermore, it bestows multiple benefits that make a happy life for an individual. Here are some benefits that you gain by wearing this unique gemstone:

Develop Leadership- Astrologers recommend Aquamarine gemstone to the person who desires to develop their professional skill as the gemstone is associated with Saturn. It boosts the courage and self-confidence of a person.

Improves Your Personality- If you have a zeal to get an impressive personality, wear this authentic gemstone and develop your personality with courage and confidence.

Benefits in Business- If you are doing hard work but don't get genuine results in your business, wear this stone as it strengthens your Saturn and improves your business performance.

Ensures a Safe and Secure Journey- Wearing Aquamarine is beneficial for an individual as it prevents you from accidents and road injuries and guarantees a safe journey.

Balance Hormones- In different cultures, Aquamarine offers healing properties, and it prevents its owner from several diseases by balancing your hormones.

Give a Happy Marital Life- Aquamarine consists of a mystical feature that improves your marital relationship and revives love and happiness in your living.

Cures Throat Infection- This gemstone is helpful in throat infection, swollen, thyroid problems, and treats other health problems by improving your immune system. Plus, this gemstone overcomes your mental stress.

?Provide Stability in Your Life- Aquamarine improves your love, mutual understanding and connects you with old fortunes. By wearing this gemstone, you can make better relationships with others.

How To Choose the Best Quality Aquamarine Stone?

Unlike other gemstones, Aquamarine quality depends upon various factors that determine its value and price in the market. Clarity, origin and colour is the basic factor that determines the quality of the gemstone. However, it's significant for a buyer to know the basic features of the gemstones to purchase wisely


Aquamarine is naturally found in many countries that are Nigeria, Sri Lanka, Burma, U.S.A, Brazil, Zambia, Mozambique, Madagascar,, and India and different originating gemstones feature different appearance. It is widely known for its pretty hue and clear visibility.

Brazil's Santa Maria aquamarine is the most valuable gemstone extracted from the famous Santa Maria de Itabira mine located in Brazil. However, Espirito aquamarines and Santa Maria Africana aquamarine are also popular gemstones resourced from mines of Brazil and Mozambique. Aquamarine gemstones belonging to Sri Lankan mines are also good in quality and transparency.


Aquamarine is consistent with iron impurities that enrich it with ocean blue colour, and it appears as a crystal. However, Aquamarine comes in variant colours, and the deep cleared blue gemstones are valued and precious than other gemstones. Blue and green gemstones are the most foundable gemstones, whereas yellow, green, or brown shades of gemstones are also precious and rarely findable. However, white and pink gemstones are also precious ones that bestow incredible appearance and glaze.


The top-quality Aquamarines are crystal clear, and inclusions shine within the gemstone that features a brilliant appearance. However, a genuine gemstone appears clean and transparent; some gemstones are also opaque but have a clear surface. If an Aquamarine stone has high inclusion, it's low quality, although inclusions are natural, but not in an extensive quantity. Some of the gemstones have microscopic inclusions that represent their authenticity.


Wearing Aquamarine is not as simple as wearing other jewellery as it is related to your horoscope, so it's better to consult with an astrologer before wearing this precious stone. Furthermore, it is recommended to wear Aquamarine on the Ring or middle finger with white metal such as gold and silver. You can wear it as a ring and pendant.

The price of this amazing gemstone depends on its quality; however, it can be different from place to place and its carat. Its average price starts with 700 rupees and can go upto 1500 rupees, depending upon the carat and quality of the gemstone.

Yes, Aquamarine benefits its owner in several ways. It boosts your immune system, relaxes your mind from stress and mental pressure, and provides protection against several diseases. It is associated with some divine power that heals a person's problem and makes their life calm and peaceful.