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Tourmaline Gemstone


Tourmaline Stone is a stunning black gemstone mineral that has so much potential to radiate positive energies. It is one of the best crystals for newbies or even seasoned experts due to its stunning colour and looks. They are used in necklaces, rings and earrings, bracelets, bangles, and even at the front of the doors, and many more uses it.

Black tourmaline stone is mighty for purification and protection. This is very beautiful and productive for those who face a lot of stress in their lives. These Black Tourmaline stones are sustainable at the front area of the house, so this could avoid the entry of unwanted guests, mainly to keep away the evil's eye. These exclusive stones are accessible in Brazil, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Russia, and the United states.

Black Tourmaline is very expensive. The rare kind of the Tourmaline gemstone is the Paraiba Tourmaline in the colour neon -blue. This name is due to discovering the first gemstone in 1989 in the Brazilian state of Paraiba. These stones are found in the granite and the granite pegmatites in the metamorphic rocks like schist and marbles. Usually, lithium-rich tourmalines are easily findable in granite and granite pegmatites.

Also, magnesium-rich tourmalines, gravities generally are restricted to the marbles. There are many other species, among which majorly 4 species are essential to the gemologist. They are schorl, elbaite, liddicoatite, dravite up.

Types of the Tourmaline

There are various colours of the Tourmaline gemstones, which is due to many reasons. When we try to consider the iron content in the majority, then they are black to bluish-black to deep brown; on the other hand, magnesium-enriched tourmaline varieties are usually brown to yellow coloured. Lithium-rich tourmalines are of various colours like red, yellow, pink, etc.

Usually, it is transparent. Bi-coloured and multicoloured crystals have widespread variations for reflecting surfaces if their fluid chemistry during the crystallization process.

These crystals can be on the one side green and pink, which is named the Watermelon tourmaline. Some of the Tourmaline stones are chronic, and they tend to change colour when viewed from different angles and directions.

Mostly, the coloured tourmaline gemstones exhibit the phenomenon of pleochroism, which is defined as the changes in the colours when viewed from different angles. Some stones exhibit it very clearly, while some others have every rarely recognizable phenomenon. And, this property is being exploited perfectly by the cutters of the gemstone. It helps to give the best look after the cutting at various angles.

How to Find Genuine Tourmaline?

Look for Colourful Angles

To determine whether the gemstone is prismatic or not, feel the way and look for the bright angles. The hexagonal, triangular, elongated, precise facets are usually findable in the multicoloured gemstones. Natural Tourmaline gemstones have competitively rounded angles.

Look For The Triangular or the Hexagonal Shape

Most of the genuine Tourmaline possess hexagonal and triangular crystals arranged in a cross manner. And any other shapes are not present in the authentic Tourmaline Gemstone.

Look For the Situations

Most authentic Tourmaline gemstones have problems that appear on a different kind of mineral. This is due to the effect of the intense geological process caused because of the hydrothermal activities.

Carefully Observe the Arrangement of the Colours

The display of the colours in the genuine Tourmaline Gemstone does not show very clear-cut differentiation of the presence of the multiple colours. But fakes gemstones have very clear cut differentiation of the colours, making it one to understand that the gemstones are not genuine.

Hardness Test

Basically, Tourmaline Gemstone has very high hardness 7to 7.8 ratings on the Mohs scale. And, when you put a knife on the gemstone, which leaves a scratch when it comes in contact with the knife. This will be easier to detect whether the gemstone is genuine or not.

Who Can Wear the Tourmaline ?

This Tourmaline gemstone is wearable by anyone depending upon the recommendation of the expert Vedic astrologer. Like green stone is good for the Gemini and the Virgo. Especially for the October born birthstone, should go with green Tourmaline Gemstone. Also, these are wearable by the individuals of the other zodiac signs like Aries, cancer, Leo, and Scorpio.

Exclusive Benefits of Wearing the Tourmaline Gemstone?

There are many benefits of wearing a Tourmaline Gemstone. It has many health benefits and other benefits some are elucidated below:-

Improves Blood Circulation

The people who wear these gemstones. These are very much helpful to improve blood circulation in the body. Healthy blood circulation is helpful to have active metabolism. An active metabolism is significant to direct a healthy lifestyle.

Stabilizes the Mood

The radiation of the black Tourmaline Gemstone is excellent, which is helpful for a very healthy body, mind, and soul. This is because the high-end radiation of positive energy helps to establish the mind as well.

Helpful to Detoxify the Heavy Metals and Other Pollutants

It is often seen that our body gets accumulated with heavy metals that are neither good for our mind nor our metabolism. So, it becomes essential to remove them to have a healthy body. Black Turquoise stone helps to detoxify those heavy metals out of the body, let the body breathe properly, and have healthier minds and metabolism. This is an important part of a healthy lifestyle.

Readily Supports Weight Loss

An individual tends to gain weight due to the absence of the regular metabolism of the dietary supplements and the food intake through the diet. This improper metabolism makes it difficult to process the outputs of the food processing properly. For the proper functioning of the body, it needs nutrients in adequate amounts. Still, this need is hampered in the improper metabolism process, causing related excretion and other things.

This is relatively unpredictable because the symptoms are very less visible, but later on, when the recognizable symptoms appear, diagnosis becomes difficult. But, having the proper functioning from the beginning will be helpful to have the properly established bodily functions, mind, and soul.

Reduces Anxiety and Stress

Due to the very high energetic powers, this is beneficial to affiliate better with the confusing situation. This helps to reduce anxiety and stress, which will help have a very healthy routine life.

Supports Immune System

This Tourmaline Gemstone is helpful to support the immune system of the wearer. This is because of the positive radiation being exhibited from this gemstone.

For Better Stability Of The Mind and The Soul

They wear Tourmaline Gemstone to stabilize the metabolism physically, mental ability, and the soul. These help to lead a good life. It helps to ground energies to the earth. Also, it helps to get protected from the negative energies, release anger, and release unworthiness.


As the hardness of the Tourmaline Gemstone is around 7 to 7.5 at the Mohs scale, one can use it in various kinds of jewellery like rings, necklaces, bangles, and earnings. Ratings and the lighter pendants are the comparatively safer options to go for.

Any Tourmaline Gemstone is considered very valuable. It should be a saturated colour like- pinks or reds. Paraiba is considered as the high value compared to the other colours like green or blue gemstones.

The colour, clarity determine the value of the Tourmaline Gemstones, and the cuts given to them also with the weights of the stone. Considering the most critical factor for the Tourmaline Gemstone is the colour. Rubellites and the Paribas are very high in demand. On the other hand, the cuts and the size of the stones are the determining factors for the value of the stones.