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Purple Sapphire Gemstone

Purple Sapphire

Purple Sapphire is also known as Purple Pukhraj and Violet Sapphire that comes from the Corundum mineral family. Its name shows that it appears purple in colour and a rich shades of bluish-purple and purplish pink. It is regarded as a rare gemstone with mystical features and a unique appearance. However, this stone has great space in astrology because of its mystical power. It contains powers and spiritual energies that heal physical and psychological problems. Its fascinating features and appearance also placed it in a special rank in jewellery making.

It's an undervalued gemstone for the long term as its features are familiar among individuals after a long term. Initially, they are recognised as blue and pink sapphires as it resembles the same appearance and texture. However, most blue and pink sapphires are treated with several processes to get rich colour and unique appearance. Still, Purple Sapphire has a unique appearance and lighting that makes its unique value in the market. It has fascinating colours and glazing lustre without any artificial treatment.

Furthermore, it's one of the hardest stones with 9 Mohs scale density and comes in the second highest number of the world's hardest stones. It majorly found in various parts of the world, including Afghanistan, Australia, Mozambique, Cambodia, Thailand, Cameroon, Colombia, Ethiopia, India (Kashmir), Kenya, China (Shandong), Laos, Madagascar, Malawi, Vietnam, Myanmar (Burma), Nigeria, Rwanda, Sri Lanka, Tanzania, and United States (Montana). It's the highly demanded stone in the market because of its spiritual power and alluring look.

Types of Purple Sapphire

Purple Sapphire is one of the highly valued sapphires and the critical stone in astrology favouring a person with good fortune. It contains healing power that pleases the mind of the wearer and cures mental issues. Additionally, it's a beneficial stone to eliminate depression, fear and anxiety. However, it's a part of the sapphire family and Corundum mineral family that comes in a range of pink and purple colours.

Moreover, it is not classified into various forms and types, but generally, the gems' experts classified this stone on the basis of its colour. The rich purple colour is the dominant variety of stone with great value in the jewellery industry and astrology. However, this stone has a colour range from light to dark violet with vivid saturation and colour richness.

If we talk about the superior Purple Sapphire, dark violet coloured stone ranks on the top. Plus, it has more colour ranges such as pink and purple, green, padparadscha, orange and yellow, and colourless and black with different scales of colour combination and richness. Some are intensely saturated with bright colours and gain a high value in the market. Astrologically, a quality Purple Sapphire is regarded as the ideal and perfect stone to buy.

Who Should Wear Purple Sapphire ?

An extremely versatile and rare stone that has a high value in the market, Purple Sapphire is renowned for its metaphysical properties. It has eye-striking colour and holds spiritual power that helps in balancing the emotions of an individual and prevents emotional trauma. Along with this, it helps its wearer in improving the luck and arrangements of life.

As per Vedic astrology, it's a stone that is connected with the Saturn planet. It improves the horoscope of the wearer and the position of the planet in the wearer's horoscope. It is also associated with the Mars planet because of its dark and bright red colour. Astrologers suggest this stone to those who have malefic effects of Saturn and Mars.

Furthermore, it is also appraised as an engagement and birthstone in western astrology. Vedic astrologers recommend this gemstone to the Virgo Zodiac Sign as they relate this stone with Saturn planet because of its bright and gleaming violet colour. This stone is also beneficial for those looking for new opportunities and career aspects. It blesses its owner with prosperity, success and spirituality.

Purple Sapphire is a blessing for couples as it bestows them with a good life and improves their relationship. However, this is the only stone that anyone can wear as per the advice of the astrologer. It favours people with their horoscope and benefits them in several ways. It enhances vision, self-confidence and spirituality in an individual's life. You can wear this stone with the advice of an astrologer as it can cause adverse effects. Thus, it is recommended to consult with an astrologer before wearing this stone.

The Exclusive Benefits of Purple Sapphire

Purple Sapphire is also known as Khooni Neelam or Baingani Pukhraj in Hindi because of its bright and attractive colour. It features several benefits in an individual's life and promotes good luck. If the procedure is right and the wearer follows all the wearing norms, this stone favours you with several benefits that are as follows:

Brings Success

Saturn planet is known for improving the individual's career growth and the stone related to this planet; Purple Sapphire is also beneficial to bring success in career and profession.

Enhance Spirituality

Purple Sapphire is regarded with astrological beliefs, and it is known for containing calming effects. It allows the wearer to focus on the work and increase the spiritual powers in an individual.

Boost Self-Confidence

Purple Sapphire is also used in Chakra therapy, and it's an ideal stone that boosts self-confidence in an individual. It helps in enhancing the reputation and personality of an individual and bestow them with good social status.

Calms Body and Mind

If your life is full of unnecessary worries, wear this spiritual stone as it holds healing powers that prevent you from physical and mental diseases. It effectively eliminates negativity from your life and promotes positivity

How To Choose the Best Quality of Purple Sapphire?

Purple Sapphire is highly known for its features and appearance; however, many people are not aware of its significant benefits; thus, it had not been appreciated for a while. But now, it's an ideal stone in jewellery making and astrology. Moreover, it is also regarded as pink and blue sapphire, but it significantly holds unique features and properties. Before buying an ideal stone, it's imperative to know about its quality, and several factors are responsible for determining the quality of the stone. Unlike other gemstones, its quality is also determined by four factors. Origin, Colour, Clarity and Cut are the major factors that determine the value and quality of the gem.


There are several places in the world where you can get mining locations of Purple Sapphire. India, Sri Lanka, Madagascar, Myanmar and Thailand are the prominent countries known for producing top quality Purple Sapphire.


Purple Sapphire comes in a range of colours, starting from dark purple to light pink. In the Indian market, a light coloured Purple Sapphire with red tints are valuable and associated with several stories. However, Purple Sapphire in perfect colour saturation and even coloured stone are also precious in the stone market.


Inclusions are natural in Purple Sapphire and accepted in the market. Usually, Purple Sapphire has fine silk, fingerprints, feathers, and colour tint inclusions that determine its value. However, without inclusion Purple Sapphire is hard to find as it's the most precious stone in the market.


It's also one of the significant factors that determine the value of the stone. Generally, Purple Sapphire comes in round and oval shapes, and you can also find a variety of Purple Sapphire in princess cut, emerald cut, and square cut.


Purple Sapphire can be of invariant carat weight, but a top-quality stone comes between 1-2 carat weight. You can wear this stone in the form of a ring and pendant.

Purple Sapphire is an ideal stone that anyone can wear, but it's significant to consult with an astrologer to gain the best astrological beliefs.

With Purple Sapphire, you can consider metals like platinum, palladium and white gold. This stone is also used as engagement and marriage rings. So you can wear this stone with these metals in the form of a ring.