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Heliodor Gemstone


Heliodor is a natural mineral that comes from the beryl family and offers stunning golden-green and yellow-green Colour. It also comes in a range of various shades, including yellow-orange and deep golden-orange. It's a semi-precious stone highly used in jewelry making and bestows glazing glow with a lustrous shine. Vedic astrology consists of this glamorous stone in a group of mystical stones that benefits its owner dynamically.

It obtained a great space in astrology and is considered the astrological substitute of Yellow Sapphire (Pukhraj). It is highly known for its crystal clear clarity and transparency. Its price is determined based on its size and weight; however, it comes in various sizes and shapes and gains value based on its carat weight.

People highly prefer yellow coloured Heliodor because of its rich appearance and unique shine; iron particles are responsible for its flawless Colour that provides its crystalline appearance. Moreover, various astrological beliefs are associated with this authentic stone. In Vedic astrology, Heliodor boosts willpower, improves financial conditions, and endows the wearer with knowledge and good health.

Types of Heliodor

Heliodor is considered a powerful gem that builds better luck for its owner and is treated as a therapy stone for healing mental problems. You can easily find a wide range of Heliodors in different colours with transparent to opaque appearance.

Heliodor is classified into various categories; some are for its appearance and chemical composition, while some are distinguished into various categories because of their origin and production location. For example, some Heliodors that show etched faces are recognized as Prismatic Heliodor, and it resembles a unique appearance and density due to high pressure during the stone formation. On the other hand, several Heliodors reflect chatoyancy and the effects like Cat's eye stone. This type of Heliodor is known as Cabbed Heliodor.

Naturally, Heliodor doesn't have a constant shape and size, but through various processes and heating procedures, it can be reshaped and visualized in various colours with a lustrous glow. Synthetic Heliodors are also on-demand that are produced with flux and hydrothermal processes. However, various types of Heliodor feature different properties and astrological beliefs. In a nutshell, all types of Heliodor are not associated with astrology; astrologers only suggest wearing natural gemstone to avail themselves of the positive powers.

Furthermore, Heliodors are characterized based on their origin that is as follows:

Brazilian Heliodorus

Madagascar Heliodorus

Namibia Heliodorus

Russia Heliodorus

Ukraine Heliodorus

Who Should Wear Heliodor?

Heliodor is used as an astrological stone, and people wear this semi-precious gem to favours their horoscope with financial prosperity, intelligence, leadership, and health. It resembles a unique shine that appears like the light of the sun. In Greek, it is pronounced as the 'Gift from the sun' because the word Heliodor is derived from Helios and Doron related to the sun's power.

As per Indian Astrology, it is an auspicious stone connected with the planet Jupiter and an alternative to Pukhraj. Vedic astrologers highly prescribed this supernatural stone for Dhanu and Meena (Sagittarius and Pisces) Rashi. On the other hand, western astrology recommends this stone as a birthstone of Leo and Gemini. Moreover, it is also beneficial for people dealing with immunity problems and mental stress. It holds magical powers with healing properties that promote the overall health of an individual.

Every gemstone is associated with some metaphysical beliefs, and it is advisable to wear it with the consultation of an astrologer. However, Heliodor doesn't cause any bad effects on the wearer even though it is recommended to take advice from the astrologer to gain benefits from this auspicious gemstone. Additionally, it offers a unique display and glows with a classy yellow tone appearance that makes it a foremost stone in jewelry making. It is used for making the finest forms of jewelry, including earrings, rings, pendants, and many more.

The Exclusive Benefits of Heliodor Gemstone

Heliodor is a recommended gemstone for those who desire to gain name and fame in society. Its natural stone holds healing properties. People believe that it supports an individual with good luck, brings prosperity in their lives, improves their marital status, and fulfills all the desires of its wearer. It is beneficial for an individual dealing with health issues for a long time; it contains curing features that rebuild the wearer's health. Heliodor having rich Colour and visible transparency provide numerous benefits to the wearer; some are enlisted below:

Enhance Wisdom

Astrologers believe that Heliodor holds warm energy and bestows a wearer with great intelligence and creative thinking. It is recommended for people who are involved in thinking and creativity activities. Individuals belonging to judicial services, trading, academics, writing, and many more are prescribed to wear this auspicious stone to gain mental creativity and out-of-the-box thinking.

Helps in Financial Growth

Jupiter is associated with financial prosperity, and Heliodor is connected with the features of Jupiter; hence, astrologers recommend this stone to wear for improving the financial condition and preventing yourself from losses.

Revive Your Relationship

Heliodor has some healing properties that help individuals improve the relationship and marital issues. Moreover, it is suggested for those who are dealing with problems related to marriage.

Improve Mental Well-Being

By wearing Heliodor, a person can improve their mental and physical well-being as Heliodor features medical healing properties that prevent you from anxiety, evil thoughts, stress and make you calm.

How To Choose the Best Quality Heliodor?

Getting the best quality of Heliodor is best to wear; otherwise, it will not promote you with good luck and astrological benefits. Colour, including consistency, tone, and richness of the stone, matters a lot to evaluate the finest quality of the gem. Inclusions and transparency of the stone also matter a lot in identifying the gems' quality. The Colour and clarity of the stone resemble the beauty and attractiveness of the Heliodor, but it's always its beauty and appearance are not considered to identify its quality.

Unlike other gemstones, Heliodor's quality is also determined based on three factors but here cut of Heliodor is an additional factor that evaluates the price and value of the gemstone.

The origin of the stone determines the stone's quality. Heliodor is easily located in mines of different countries such as Brazil, Madagascar, Russia, Ukraine, and Namibia, and Ukraine's Heliodor is considered best in quality.

Colour is the key factor that establishes a unique value of the stone in the market. Heliodet generally comes in yellow Colour with quite green lights on the surface. Thus, a combining colour of the yellow and green stone is considered best in the quality.

Clarity is also a critical factor in identifying the quality of the stone. Heliodor with a transparent appearance and no inclusions are the best to wear. It gained high value in the jewelry-making industry and astrology.

The cut is an additional factor in determining the quality of the Heliodor. However, Heliodor with a precise cut and shape that resembles a glowing yellow bulb is considered best to wear.


Heliodor is not a rare stone; you can easily find it in a jewelry shop. Astrologers are prescribed to wear pure and authentic Heliodor that offers transparent yellow Colour and comes in a 7-8 Mohs scale density range. This flawless stone comes in an affordable range with exclusive astrological properties that help individuals grow and attain success in no time.

Heliodor contains metaphysical properties that feature good luck to its wearer, but it is not suggested for all. As you know, various gemstones are suggested for different zodiacs as every person has different horoscopes, and they gain different benefits from different stones. Hence, it is recommended to wear gemstones with the advice of an astrologer.

Natural Heliodor is a substitute for Yellow Sapphire, and it is advisable to wear it with silver in the form of a bracelet and pendant. The procedure of wearing Heliodor is similar to Yellow Sapphire. Still, it's crucial to ask an astrologer to get an accurate wearing process of Heliodor.