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White Zircon Gemstone

White Zircon

The beautiful White Zircon is a colourless stone with a high -transparent, semi-precious gemstone formed with the Neosilicates family of minerals. Astrology is used as a substitute for the precious gemstone diamond. It is worn by individuals who are helping to engage their creative abilities, health condition, marital and financial stability. When one has decided to wear White Zircon gemstone, they should prefer the most superior quality to harness the best from the planet Venus.

It is considered the birthstone for individuals who are born in December. Individuals can use these in various jewellery like - bracelets, bangles, earrings, necklaces, rings, and many more. The mineral Zirconia, also known as the Zirconium Silicates, is commonly found in the minor constituent rocks like igneous called granites and some other metamorphic rocks. These are formed in the pegmatite in the fissures due to the weathering of gem-embedded rocks. The most significant kinds of ZirconZircon are found at the beachy deposits and the alluvial soils.

The White Zircon gemstone was initially discovered in Cambodia, Burma and Sri Lanka, Brazil, Australia, and East Africa. It is made up of zirconium silicate (ZrSi04), usually round, oval or pear type. And in terms of the specific gravity is the White Zirconia which is calculated around 4.6 to 4.7, having a refractive index of 1.92 to 2. 01. Moreover, it is also a hard stone having a hardness score of 7.5 on the Mohs scale. White Zircon is a beautiful substitute to the Diamond also for the White Sapphire as well.

These stones are exquisite and represent the planet of beauty and luxury as well. Therefore, worn by the people to gain luck and wealth, this is because it has the Venusian powers due to the ring or the stone in any form gained through the planet venus. It is beloved to have practical benefits in various aspects of life. They have posture, shine, and 95% approximate clarity at this White Zirconia gemstone.

Types of White Zircon

Zircons are of various types and colours depending upon the chemical composition and the physical properties of the minerals. These are found in various colours like golden, sky blue, and many more. Usually, the high-quality White Zirconia gemstones are very transparent and colourless. Many treatments are also there, which are helpful; it slightly changed the appearance of the White Zircon gemstone.

Who Should Wear White Zircon?

This fantastic White Zircon Gemstone is very beneficial for the Taurus and Libra. This offers Amazing benefits to the wearer of the White Sapphire in the form of excellent health, good appetite, free from dark nightmares, relaxation from respiratory problems, relief from negative energies, and keeping away the evil eye.

The Exclusive Benefits of White Zircon

Mindfulness of the Body, Mind, and Soul

White Zircon is to protect the body and the surroundings from the harmful radiations emitted by our solar system. Also, many experts believe that they have a very high resonance in their energies, which possess characteristics to attract the high-frequency positive energies to engage wisdom, financial stability and promote self-confidence and self-esteem. It is associated very strongly with emotional feelings like love and happiness, thereby promoting complete dignity satisfaction.

Helps to Have Clarity of Mind

White Zirconia gemstone is found to be very effective to dissolve the conditions of confusion, promotes to take the right and quicker decisions in life due to mental sharpness and the straightforward -oriented thinking process. A sound mind affects the level of clarity very positively, which helps to gain harmony and happiness, giving a positive impact on the body and the glow of the face. Also, terms of medical science describe that it helps to regulate diabetes very quickly.

Look for the Colours Tinge

Usually, White Zirconia is left completely untreated, allowing them to keep the same as they were extracted naturally. Colors like sky blue, golden brown are often produced from the treatment of the White Zirconia with the heat treatment at low temperature. But, if you are looking for high-quality White Zircon, they are never treated in such a manner. Once the individual has got the genuine gemstone, the investment made at the gemstones never goes in vain. The real gemstones were found to offer many financial and health benefits.

Protects From the Evil Eyes and Negative Vibes

This is one of the very considerable benefits of wearing the White Zirconia gemstone, which is helpful to release the negative energies released from the weaker planets. Also, it is very helpful to get rid of evil's eyes.

Beings Financial Stability And High Performance Academic or Career-Oriented Growth

The White Zirconia gemstone is believed to be helpful to gain financial stability and promote career-oriented high-performance growth to the wearer, which will be beneficial for them to gain name, fame, and prosperity.

Actively Promotes Better Physical Health

It is believed to cure fever quickly and epilepsy, insanity, abdominal issues, and problems with the reproductive system, even for respiratory tract issues, migraines, muscle cramps as well.

How To Choose The Best Quality Of White Zircon?

Identifying a genuine piece of White Zirconia gemstone can be done by making it undergo various tests. Many tricks are readily helpful to determine the authenticity of the White Zirconia gemstone.

Color:- The very initial and essential thing about the White Zirconia is that it is beautiful with transparent colour, just like diamonds.

Check Out the Specific Gravity

Usually, every mineral stone has its specific gravity 7 which can be used to identify the exact authenticity of the White Zirconia. The White Zirconia has a specific gravity of 4.6 to 4.7. This is also the great factor that accurately finds out the specific gravity and has proven to be a beneficial tool for identifying the authenticity of the gemstones, including the White Sapphire gemstone.

Find Out The Exact Refractive Index

The accurate refractive index of the White Zirconia lies between 1.92 to 2.01. And, the other gemstones are having various refractive indexes, which can be easy to detect whether it is the real one or the fake one.

Hardness Score

Minerals are very hard, and they are given various scores depending upon the formation of minerals. The hardness score of the White Zirconia is 7.5 on the Mohs scale. So, this can be easily used to detect whether the gemstone is real or fake.


Yes! It is a mineral. It belongs to a group of minerals called Nesosilicates. It has the tetragonal crystal system organization. The name Zircon signifies the Golden-coloured, but actually, the Zircon is found in various other colours.

The mineral of the White Zircon is a white form of cubic zirconia which is a synthetic stone. Diamond is a naturally occurring gemstone found in the deposited form. Raw diamonds are cut and polished correctly, which are then converted to stunning faceted stones. These are well known to the people and loved too; just like genuine leather and faux leather, the diamonds and the White Zircon can be detected easily. The expert or the individual having good knowledge can tell this even by having a closer look.

The simple answer is No; cubic zirconia is not a mineral. It is the product having the chemical composition of Zirconium Dioxide. The confusion of it with diamonds is because of its appearance, making it the most significant competitor of diamond substitutes. More other competitors are also emerging, like Moissanite, a synthetic version of the natural gemstone recently found to have the potential to lead amongst diamond substitutes.