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Emerald Gemstone


Emerald is a precious gemstone that comes in various shades of green and bluish green; it belongs to a beryl mineral family and is listed in the top group of precious gemstones, including diamond, ruby, and sapphire. This gemstone is not only recognized for its stunning appearance, but it also holds mystical powers as per Vedic astrology. It is believed that it favours its owner with success in property and business matters; additionally, it improves and develops a new insight and wisdom in the wearer.

Moreover, you can get Emerald in various shapes, but generally, it is obtained in the round, oval, and pear shapes. The value of Emerald is variant and depends upon its carat weight and size. However, colour is also a critical factor that affects the price of Emerald. A neutral dark-coloured Emerald having bluish-green is highly preferable among the people as it offers a vivid saturation and excellent shine.

It is considered the best gemstone and a birthstone for people born in May. It is also recognized as a spring gem and anniversary gem for 20th and 30th wedding anniversary. No one can deny buying this ultra-glowing and brilliant gem after knowing its astrological and beneficiary features and properties.

Types of Emerald

Emerald is classified based on its origin. However, people are mesmerizing with the stunning shiny gem from ancient times and using it for various purposes. The price and value of the gemstone vary in different places as other Emerald obtained from different places feature variant characteristics and properties. Variant types of Emerald are used in jewelry making, and people admire the beautiful Emerald earrings, rings, necklaces, pendants, and many more.

Colombian Emerald :

It is considered the finest Emerald type, offering pure and fresh green colour. Columbia produces a wide variety of gemstones, and Emerald is one of them that resembles a star in the gemstone industry.

Zambian Emerald :

This porous and fragile gemstone appears slightly blue in colour and visualizes transparent by look. You can easily get Zambian Emerald with few inclusions at a very low price.

Synthetic Emerald :

It's not a nature-made gem; this type of Emerald was introduced in 1930 as the pure Emerald was not affordable for all. Now, it has gained a secure space in the gemstone industry, and people highly prefer to buy it as it is adorable and accessible.

Trapiche Emerald :

South America is the origin of Trapiche Emerald that produces a majestic gem. Plus, this type of gem is rare to find as it features a phenomenal appearance and shine. In addition, it generally ensembles Cat's eye stone and offers exclusive benefits.

Mined Emerald :

There are several countries where you can get mined Emerald with the best quality and appearance. Columbia, Brazil, Zambia, Afghanistan, Australia, The United States, Russia, Pakistan are the major countries where you can get high-quality Emerald.

Brazilian Emerald :

It features a light greenish hue with a bit of mixed yellow colour. Brazil is the top country that produces variant sizes and hues of Emerald.

Untreated Emerald :

It is also recognized as No Oil Emerald, and it is most favorable by the people who believe in astrology. It's the most valuable gem among all Emerald gemstones.

Who Should Wear Emerald?

Emerald is also recognized as Pana in Hindi, and it is associated with great astrological beliefs. It represents planet Mercury, and astrologers recommend a bright coloured gemstone for excellent benefits. As per Vedic astrology, it's an effective gemstone for weak Mercury and has adverse effects. It helps improve the horoscope of a person and prevents the wearer from negative influences.

Mercury is known as a royal planet connected with the business, education, intelligence matters and makes the couple strong and for long life. Emerald also resembles Mercury's properties and is considered the auspicious stone for improving love life and career. Furthermore, Vedic astrologers prescribed this gem for Mithun and Kanya Rashi (Gemini and Virgo). In western astrology, it is recommended as a birthstone for cancer and suggested for Taurus, Libra, Capricorn, and Aquarius to improve their luck.

If you are wandering to wear Emerald, it's better to know your horoscope and get the advice of an astrologer, as wearing gemstones is associated with some norms and processes that should follow to gain positive outcomes.

The Exclusive Benefits of Emerald

Various names are called Emerald in different places, and Panna, Pachu stone, Parnaya, and Budh Ratna, Smaragdos, and many more are its common names in various locations and countries.

However, people majorly wear this beautiful stone for its stunning and eye-glazing look in the whole world. Still, in major parts of the world and eastern countries, it is associated with astrological properties. Moreover, astrologers claim that it features numerous benefits in a wearer's life, and some are enlisted below:

Ideal stone for improving intelligence- Wearing Emerald is good to enhance your wisdom and develop a new insight that benefits you dynamically. It is a preferable gemstone for working classes who are engaged with some creative activities and jobs.

Helps in financial matters- Astrologers prescribed Emerald for those who are dealing with financial problems for a while. It allows an individual to improve his/her financial status and develop new paths of success and business opportunities.

Improves communication skills- By wearing this gem, a person can gain more confidence and improve their speech and communication with others. Panna is highly beneficial for those who belong to the media and entertainment industry.

Good for health- It is believed that Panna contains some metaphysical features that prevent the person from disease and improves his/her health in a limited time.

How To Choose the Best Quality Emerald?

The market offers dynamic Emerald stones, but it's a buyer's responsibility to choose the authentic Emerald that features astrological benefits and a great appearance. Therefore, before buying an Emerald, consider the following factors and make a wise decision.

Origin- Pana is obtained from various places, including Zambia, Colombia, Russia, Brazil, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Australia, and the United States. However, the value of the Emerald is variant in different places, and Columbian Emerald is considered the best quality Emerald as it features unique hue and perfectly saturated colours shades.

Colour- It's the key factor that determines the authenticity of Emerald. Two factors are also included in the colour factor: the intensity and darkness of the stone, and it determines the quality of a real gem. Highly saturated Emeralds are considered the finest gem.

Clarity- The size and visibility of the stone comes under the clarity factor; however, inclusions are natural in Emerald, and Emerald contains three phases of inclusions that are solid liquid and gas. It's rare to find an emerald with no inclusions, but an Emerald features few, and clear appearances are considered the finest gem.


Columbian Emerald is prescribed as an ideal gemstone as it features several benefits associated with astrological beliefs. Furthermore, it offers transparent and clear shiny hues that easily attract the eye of the viewer. So, it is an ideal gemstone for enhancing fashion sense and astrological benefits.

Emerald is associated with astrological beliefs, and it is advisable to wear this mystical stone with the recommendation of an astrologer. Platinum, silver, white gold, and panchdhatu are ideal metals to wear with Emerald. Furthermore, it is prescribed to wear the Emerald stone in the form of a ring on the little finger of your working hand on Wednesday.

Emerald's Carat weight determines Emerald's value and price; experts recommend wearing Emerald having small in size and less in weight. One carat of Emerald is ideal for wearing in the form of jewelry.