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Blue Zircon Gemstone

Blue Zircon

Blue Zircon is one of the most famous semi-precious gemstones, highly known for its beautiful appearance and astrological features. It is a semi-precious gemstone that comes from a mineral group called Nesosilicates. For many people, it's a confusing gemstone as they relate it with Cubic Zirconia which is an artificial stone and features the same as Blue Zircon. But Blue Zircon is a natural gemstone having extensive valuable features and a unique appearance.

It is recognized as the most valuable gemstone for its authentic radiance; however, it contains Uranium and Thorium that produce radioactive traces and enhance the lustrous of the gemstone. Because of this radioactive feature, Blue Zircon changes its colour and shines over a certain time.

Currently, Sri Lanka is known for provisioning the finest quality of Blue Zircon. However, colourless Zircon is a substitute for diamond, and it features plenty of benefits to its wearer. Blue Zircon is a part of Zircon gemstone but has a high demand because of its high density. It has a 7.5 Mohs scale density. Furthermore, Blue Zircon comes in variant shades and cuts, and it has an extensive demand in the jewelry-making industry.

Types of Blue Zircon

Blue Zircon is one of the types of Zircon gemstone, and it comes in variant colours and shades. Different colours of Zircon have different use and demand in the market; some people prefer this unique gemstone to amplify their beauty, while some wear it to improve their luck. Thus, it contains both aesthetically and astrological properties. Here we mentioned the foremost types of Zircon that are high in demand among people.

White Zircon

Unlike diamond, this white Zircon has a unique shine and radiance. It is a colourless Zircon gemstone with astrological benefits. It has a transparency that effectively attracts the eye of the people.

Blue Zircon

It's the preferable gemstone in the jewelry-making industry as it has a unique dark colour. Furthermore, it appears as Aquamarine and is prescribed as the birthstone of December month.

Red Zircon

It is one of the natural gemstones that have a radiant hue and shine. People love this gemstone for its internal glow, and it's a durable and attractive gemstone used for making jewelry.

Yellow Zircon

This type of gemstone is not easily accessible as it is rarely found in the market. Thus, it's an expensive gemstone highly used in the jewelry industry. It's admirable for its stunning appearance.

Fancy Zircon

Fancy Zircon means several types of Zircon with different colors and shades such as green, pink, orange, brown, and many more. It is on-demand in the market for a magnificent hue.

Who Should Wear Blue Zircon?

Blue Zircon is also recognized as Neela Ratna in Hindi, and it is connected with the Venus Planet. It has vivid colour and an authentic shine; thus, many astrologers believe that it is also related to Saturn. It is favorable for a person who is suffering from financial and other problems. It is famous for its glamorous hue and astrological properties that benefit its owner simultaneously.

It features many benefits to its owner, and as per the Vedic astrology, it's a birthstone of December and blesses Tula (libra) and Vrishabha (Taurus) Rashi. Whereas in western astrology, it is highly prescribed for Cancer. Furthermore, Capricorn, Gemini, Virgo, and Aquarius can also wear this precious gemstone. It is associated with some astrological beliefs; therefore, always consult with an astrologer to wear this gemstone as mantras. The proper ritual is necessary to avail of the benefits of Blue Zircon.

Moreover, if a person is dealing with any kind of mental and physical problem, it's recommended to wear this authentic gemstone. It contains some magical powers that remove all the negative energy from your surroundings and fulfill your life with positivity and joy.

The Exclusive Benefits of Blue Zircon

Natural Zircon is admirable for its eye-glazing appearance as it glows remarkably and appears like a luxurious gemstone. In reality, it's not an extremely expensive gemstone; it's a semi-precious gemstone that offers brilliant shine, looks, and better fortune to an individual. It gives many benefits to its owner; some are mentioned below:

Enhance Financial and Social Status- - If you struggle with financial problems for a while, wear this impressive and fortune giver gemstone. It builds your financial status and generates new opportunities in your profession. Eventually, it also improves your social status.

Boost Creative Skills-Blue Zircon has been used by people since ancient times and brings new skills to a wearer. It improves the creative abilities and communication power of an individual. Furthermore, it offers prosperity to its wearer.

Marital Blessings- As per the Vedic Astrology, Blue Zircon helps balance the Venus bliss and improve the marriage life of an individual. It revives your marital life with love, care, and understanding and builds a strong bond between you and your partner.

Improve Hormonal Disorder- If your stamina and energy are blocked, wear this supernatural gemstone and experience the changes in your life. However, Blue Zircon blesses its owner with good health and prevents him/her from diseases.

Soul Purifier- It is said that it holds mystical powers that bring a new vision and energy into a person's life. Positive energy is associated with the authentic Blue Zircon that eliminates all the negative powers and deeply calm with pleasant and relaxing vibes.

How To Choose the Best Quality Blue Zircon?

This beautiful gemstone comes in variant quality standards that determine the price and value of Blue Zircon in the market. It is sparky, refractive, and has a unique luster that separates it from other gemstones. It's a durable and semi-precious gemstone that is categorized into various shades. However, many gemstones appear as Blue Zircon, and it confuses the buyer. Therefore, it is essential to get a basic understanding of the qualitative Blue Zircon so that you can get an authentic one

Here, we mentioned the following factors that set the quality of a Blue Zircon, so keep these factors in your mind before buying a Blue Zircon.

Evaluate its Colour-High-valuable Zircons come in blue, pink, yellow, and white that easily compel the buyer's attention. However, it comes from various locations, and different locations produce different colors of Zircon. However, Sri Lankan Zircon and Columbian Zircon are the most valuable gemstones in the market. Consider highly deep and rich coloured gemstones to get the best quality.

Look at its Cut- If it's easy to find the specimens in a gemstone, buy that one as it shows the authenticity of the Zircon. Choose a Zircon with a fine cut and brilliant shape; an irregular cut is not considered a quality gemstone. Usually, ovals, rounds, trilliants, and marquises are renowned as the finest cuts.

Crystal Clarity-The top-notch Zircon has a crystal clear appearance and looks transparent without any spots. However, impurities and inclusions are common in natural gemstones, but the real one offers eye clear view and perfect glance despites from all the inclusions.


Zircon is a natural originated mineral belonging to the Nesosilicate mineral family. Generally, it is in tetragonal shape and comes in an invariant colour. It is an alternative to diamond and associated with astrological properties. Zircon means golden coloured in Persia, and it is highly used in jewelry making.

Blue Zircon simply means to clear the mind, and it is one of the natural gemstones that contain astrological properties. It benefits its owner, and apart from all the benefits, it prevents you from negative energy and fulfills your surroundings with positivity.

Blue Zircon is an ideal astrological gemstone, and you can wear it in the form of a ring, pendant, and any kind of jewelry. However, it is advisable to wear it in your working hand with the ring finger to gain its positive outcome. But if you already have any other ring on the finger, consult with an astrologer to get better alternatives.