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Diamond Gemstone


Diamond is a precious gemstone that every individual acknowledges. It's the hardest mineral on earth with 10 Mohs scales and is pretty recognized for its vibrant shine, sharp edges and cut, and a sparkly lustrous glow. It's a mineral naturally obtained in the coal mine and has a solid carbon composition with an extreme refractive index of 2.5. The use of diamond is from a long time in jewelry making and the most precious gemstone from ancient times. Furthermore, it has been used in jewelry making, but it is also used for industrial purposes and a mystical gemstone associated with astrological beliefs.

As you know, Diamond is also connected with astrology, and it is considered the birthstone of April. It is also marked as an anniversary stone for the 60th to 75th wedding anniversary. Plus, it is known for its stunning and brilliant appearance that placed it in the list of top expensive gems on the earth. Generally, it is weighed in carats and points and preferred as an auspicious ring for engagement.

Moreover, diamond comes in a cubic crystal form with plenty of shades and hues. Usually, people get diamonds in crystal white colour, but the shiny and transparent appearance is obtained through several treatments. Naturally, diamonds come in a fade and dark colour such as green, orange, yellow, blue, red, pink, brown, black, grey, and purple. With the plenty of treatments and healing process, its colour and shape get changed and transformed into an eye-glazing gem.

Types of Diamond

It is characterized by its appearance and chemical properties when it comes to classifying the type of diamond. Diamond comes in variant forms with different atomic numbers. All the types of diamonds are not considered valuable gemstones as different types of diamonds have different atomic numbers and chemical compositions of carbon. Scientifically, it is classified into five categories but has different classification based on appearance and astrological properties.

Here, we enlisted the most favorable types of diamonds that are on diamond among people:

White Diamonds :

It's the most praised gemstone in the market and has great astrological suspect with numerous benefits. It can be easily found in various parts of the world as it has significant importance in the rituals and is considered the best and admiral gem for weddings and engagements.

Pink Champagne Diamonds :

: It's the precious and attractive diamond-type that features unique shine and comes in secondary pink colour. This type of diamond has authentic shine and glow and has a high price as per the carat.

Yellow Diamonds :

It is also recognized as Canary diamond and comes in variant shades of yellow colour. You can get this authentic diamond in a range of yellow colors from light to dark and available in several parts of the world.

Blue Diamonds :

This type of diamond is rare to find as it features unparalleled properties and appearance. Furthermore, it offers a crystal clear appearance in a range of blue colours, from sky blue to sapphire.

Green Diamonds :

Green is a natural colour that you can easily get in an untreated diamond. It is found in different parts of the world: India, Namibia, Ghana, Canada, Australia, etc.

Purple Diamonds :

It's a natural form of diamond that is not inspired by artificial treatments. Furthermore, GIA (gemological institute of America) listed this diamond in the top list of different coloured diamonds, and that's why it's a costly gemstone.

Synthetic Diamonds :

Purchasing an authentic diamond is not affordable for all; hence, synthetic diamonds are introduced in the market that feature the same appearance and shine like real diamonds. But synthetic diamonds are man-made, not as valuable as real diamonds as it doesn't favour a person's luck. It's an inexpensive form of diamond accessible for all.

Who Should Wear Diamond?

Unlike other gemstones, Diamond features astrological benefits, but it's not for everyone as it has a distinct effect on an individual's life as per his/her horoscope. With the view of science, diamond is just a mineral and a solid composition of carbon. Still, it is also associated with astrological beliefs, and people consider it as a mystical gem with superstitious powers.

It is believed that Diamond has some powers and metaphysical energy that transform an individual's life and benefit him/her explosively. Furthermore, it's significant to know about your zodiac sign to achieve positive benefits from diamond. Diamond is associated with the Venus planet. It represents calmness, beauty, luxury, and entertainment; thus, it blesses its owner with property and a lucky charm that helps them achieve their destiny.

Astrologers prescribed this gemstone for Virgo and Libra as it favours them with good luck and great opportunities. Whereas it is not recommended for Pisces, Aries, or Scorpio, it adversely affects their lives and brings disharmony to their careers. Furthermore, other zodiac signs can wear this gemstone with the consultation of an astrologer as the position of the stars matters a lot in determining the benefits for an individual.

The Exclusive Benefits of Diamond

Diamond is also called Heera in Hindi, and it favours its wearer with copious benefits and makes their personality attractive and charming. It contains the power to change an individual's life and fulfill it with prosperity and good luck. However, people gift this precious gem to weddings and anniversaries as it is associated with love, calmness, and beauty and believe that it will please the newly married couple's life. By wearing a diamond, a person can avail of numerous benefits, and some are mentioned here:

Create New Opportunities- Diamond can be a great investment as it's an expensive gem that's price never falls in the market. Plus, it is connected with supernatural powers that drive a new way of success for an individual.

Enhance Your Beauty- Diamond is connected with the planet Venus that represents fair beauty attractiveness. By wearing a Diamond, you can improve your luck as well as your inner and outer beauty.

Gain Spiritual Benefits- Astrologers claim that Diamond contains mystical powers that promote the wearer with positivity and strengthen them with supernatural power and strength. It's a valuable gem to protect yourself from bad energy and the evil eye.

Prevent You From Disease- An unblemished and natural Diamond helps protect its wearer from several diseases. It can cure skin problems, diabetes, urine infection, and many more health issues.

How To Choose the Best Quality Diamond?

Considering an overwhelming Diamond is not as easy as a Diamond looks; things get advanced and confusing, and it's not necessary that you can get an authentic Diamond in the market. Hence, it's crucial to consider the 4C's before buying a quality diamond that is colour clarity, cut, and carat weight. Generally, the quality of gems is identified based on 3C, but here one factor is included: the carat weight. Furthermore, choose a reliable place to shop for quality diamonds and get certified gem with the trademark.

Clarity- It's better to get a flawless and naked eye diamond that features a crystal clear appearance. The size of the diamond also matters in determining its quality, as large-sized diamonds clearly show the imperfections that help you better choose the real one.

Colour- Diamonds gain a valuable place in the gems industry for astrological features and their appearance and crystal clear shine. Less and transparent colours of diamonds are considered best in quality. However, a slit of colour difference can change the value of the diamond.

Cut- It's critical to measure the cut of the diamond; however, cuts are graded into several categories: culet, girdle, polish, and symmetry of the diamond. Imperfect symmetry and polish can be easily identified on the surface of the diamond.

Carat weight- It's significant to buy a diamond with a specified carat weight as per the size of the diamond. Usually, people prefer to buy a diamond with 1/2 ct. 3/4 ct., 1 ct., cart weight.


Diamond is an expensive form of carbon. But, if you buy any form of diamond, it will be great for you as it features astrological benefits and an excellent investment for the future. So, take a step ahead and buy authentic diamonds from a certified and reliable store.

Yes, size is the key factor that determines the price of the diamond. Small-sized diamonds are high in cost as they offer a crystal clear appearance without any blemish and spots, whereas big-sized diamonds are low in price as compared to small ones.

Diamond is a precious gem with the properties of Venus; thus, it is recommended to wear this gemstone with the consultation of an astrologer. It offers different effects to different individuals as per their sign of the zodiac.