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Sang-E-Maryam Gemstone


If you're looking for a crystal stone to help you with your life's journey, Sang-E-Maryam is the perfect choice for you. Believed to have originated when the Himalayan ranges touched the sky, Sang-E-Maryam is also popularly known as the Calligrapher's Stone.

Sang-E-Maryam has the power to transform situations. When you're facing tough times, the ability to overpower the situation is the hardest part. Sang-E-Maryam is an alchemist stone that promotes courage. It transforms a negative situation into a positive one through its healing powers.

The main element in Sang-E-Maryam is fire, fire represents courage. Sang-E-Maryam gives you the courage to face all adversities just like a fire is resistant to all the adversities around it. Sang-E-Maryam has a balance of all the important chakras to provide holistic healing.

Another important aspect of Sang-E-Maryam is granting protection at night. Just like fire illuminates darkness and protects against the dark, Sang-E-Maryam helps the wearer stay safe during the night. It is advantageous if you fear the dark or want positive vibrations surrounding you at night.

Sang-E-Maryam works as a cleaner, clearing all the harmful toxins surrounding your body. It clears the negative aura to make space for positive energy to flow through your mind and soul. It helps in enlightenment with a change in thinking and the ability to handle adverse situations.

Types of Sang-E-Maryam

Sang-E-Maryam has the inherent nature of protection. Suppose you face troubling times and are lacking energy. In that case, Sang-E-Maryam restores the chakra inside you and balances it to provide you with the strength to face challenging situations. Sang-E-Maryam is also popularly known as the "Alexandrite Stone," which originates from the Russian monarch, Alexander II. It is highly durable, which makes it strong in different environmental conditions.

There are various types of Sang-E-Maryam available in the market. When deciding what type is best for you, a comparison needs to be made between the different types and their benefits to make any decision.

Who Should Wear Sang-E-Maryam ?

In the modern world, there is a lot of stress. Whether it be stress due to work, due to relationships, or due to unforeseen circumstances. Sang-E-Maryam works as a protector in helping deal with challenging situations.

Sang-E-Maryam benefits the wearer by giving them the courage to face unpleasant circumstances. It is aided by the element fire, Sang-E-Maryam aids in restoring the balance of chakras inside your body. It is handy to deal with past traumas and relationship troubles.

Suppose you face any kind of physical ailment. In that case, Sang-E-Maryam helps boost immunity and support your body to fight off the viruses making you sick.

Sang-E-Maryam helps you give the courage to voice out your opinions. Many times, adverse situations affect you due to your silence. While you might stay quiet to avoid any confrontation, it takes an emotional toll. Sang-E-Maryam removes any self-doubt, making you more confident in voicing out your opinions and, in return, helping you deal with your problems.

Meditation is another benefit provided by this stone. Sang-E-Maryam helps you introspect your problems and look at them from a fresh perspective. By introspection, you end up finding solutions to most of your problems. If not, you gain satisfaction in knowing you gave your best. This helps in calming the mind, which is what you need to get started with meditation practice.

The durability of Sang-E-Maryam makes it a perfect companion for any weather. Sang-E-Maryam, just like its element fire, is especially useful for night times. If you have trouble with sleeping, Sang-E-Maryam aids in relaxing your mind and helping you get the much-needed sleep. A night of healthy sleep is important for your mind to function. Lack of sleep has been shown to cause problems like Alzheimer's. With the healing properties of Sang-E-Maryam, your trouble falling asleep at night would reduce.

Sang-E-Maryam can be worn by all kinds of people, from children to adults. However, adults suffering from emotional distress or trauma would benefit the most. Suppose you're feeling negative or lack motivation. In that case, it's all the more essential for you to get the healing benefits of Sang-E-Maryam.

The Exclusive Benefits of Sang-E-Maryam

Called the Alchemist Stone, Sang-E-Maryam provides a holistic development. It stimulates the brain by invoking positive energy, which radiates all around your body and the people around you.

Sang-E-Maryam is useful to solve relationship troubles. Introspection is often the key to solving problems. You might stick around to an unhappy relationship or feel helpless to improve a relationship. Sang-E-Maryam grants you the courage to voice out your opinions which helps in improving all your interpersonal relationships.

The healing benefits offered by Sang-E-Maryam are:-

Night Healing

The element of Fire, Sang-E-Maryam is popular for its healing benefits at night. If you're suffering from night traumas or have trouble sleeping, Sang-E-Maryam acts as a protector for you at night. It is also useful if your activity involves working at night. Another important use is for hikers. Suppose you go to unknown environments at night. In that case, Sang-E-Maryam works as a guardian to surround you with positive energy while pushing away any negative energy radiating from the environment.


Sang-E-Maryam helps you come off from a mental block. Sang-E-Maryam boosts attention and creativity to improve your productivity at work, if you feel aimless at work, or if your brain has trouble focusing and paying attention to a task. Sang-E-Maryam helps you achieve greater heights in your profession and removes the mental block that stops you from finishing tasks.


If you're suffering from trauma and can't seem to get out of it, Sang-E-Maryam works as a great reflective tool. It helps you look at your past problems through the eye of a spectator. Accepting the past is the first step towards solving it. Once you introspect, it helps you in dealing with the problem much better. Sang-E-Maryam surrounds you with positive radiation from the universe to help you overcome any past grief to make way for a happy future.

Physical Ailments-

Sang-E-Maryam aids in boosting physical recovery. If you get sick often or have headaches hampering your day-to-day life, adopt Sang-E-Maryam into your life. Sang-E-Maryam, with its healing chakras, aids in your body's recovery and keeps diseases at bay.

How To Choose the Best Quality of Sang-E-Maryam?

When deciding the best quality of Sang-E-Maryam, you need to focus on the cut, clarity, and properties surrounding the healing stone. A good and authentic Sang-E-Maryam has a distinct shape that is strong. Since Sang-E-Maryam is extremely durable, you need to check its durability. You should always buy authentic Sang-E-Maryam from a reputed seller to ensure you get the full healing benefits of the stone.

The ways to determine the best quality of Sang-E-Maryam are:-


Sang-E-Maryam is believed to have originated from the Himalayas when the mighty Himalayan ranges touched the sky. Sang-E-Maryam is also a tribute to goddess Maryam, who is also known as Goddess Kali. Good and authentic Sang-E-Maryam is found in the Indian Sub-Continent.


Sang-E-Maryam is an all-weather stone. Since it originated in the rough terrains of the Himalayas, Sang-E-Maryam is extremely durable with the ability to withstand all sorts of environmental conditions. When deciding to buy Sang-E-Maryam, ensure to check that the stone is durable.


Sang-E-Maryam comes in different types. All the types offer most of the benefits of this healing stone. However, the different types have certain additional benefits based on the type you're purchasing. Thus, when deciding to bring Sang-E-Maryam into your life, research the different types and decide what healing stone would be the best for your life.


Sang-E-Maryam comes in different sizes and shapes. However, it's predominantly oval-shaped with a brownish shade. It has an extremely rare cushion cut. Look out for the shape and durability when deciding to buy Sang-E-Maryam.


Sang-E-Maryam can be paired with a wide variety of stones. The best pairings for Sang-E-Maryam, however, are Haematite, Garnet, Goldstone, Citrine. These pairings help in money problems and ushers in financial goodness in your life.

If you want Sang-E-Maryam to be paired for security or anxiety, Carnelian, Malachite, and Aventurine are the best pairings.

The primary element of Sang-E-Maryam is fire. Fire corresponds to courage. Sang-E-Maryam thus provides the wearer with the courage to face tough situations in life. The fire element also aids as a protector during nighttime.