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Turquoise Gemstone


Turquoise gemstone is a mineral stone that is opaque in appearance and has popular colours in the range of blue to green. The typical high-quality Turquoise is found in greenish-blue colour, which is the most popular turquoise gemstone. Other than gold and silver, Turquoise is the only gemstone with its name popularly like this. It is a hydrated form of mineral of aluminium and phosphate. Due to its very elegant, classy, and unique hue, it has been categorized amongst the valuable gemstones and the rare stone in the finest grades. It is considered the birthstone of the individual who is born in December.

Although, its popularity has been fluctuating. Still, the native American artist's craftsmen or jewellery makers had loved it a lot in the late 80s when they used to have silver to transform into elegant jewellery pieces. Even today that Native American style of silver jewellery having turquoise stonework is very much loved by the people worldwide, which uses beaches of its uniqueness in each gemstone, making it very valuable.

It is found in the form of the crystals that will best be explained when it is said to be an aggregate of the several microcrystals that are packed together very closely. Due to this, the porosity of the crystal is very low, making it high at lustre and longer durability as well. The luster of the Turquoise Gemstone falls in the category of the "waxy" appearance or the "subvitreous."

The best climatic conditions for the formation of Turquoise Gemstone is the art-type climate, where it tends to have a greater possibility to find Turquoise mineral stones. And, generally, the major portions of the Turquoise are presently produced from countries like- US, China, Chile, Egypt, Iran, and Mexico. These nations have times where the rainfall is good, and the rainwater is filtered to thrift the soil and the rocks. And, when the water in this is evaporated, later on, copper combines with aluminium, and phosphorus gets deposited to form tiny amounts of the Turquoise mineral on walls of the crevices of the rock surface.

With the combination of such processes for a prolonged time, sometimes it has been witnessed that the whole Turquoise Mineral rock has replaced the earlier existing stones/rocks. But, the rock has not completely vanished. It is present in the traces format, which can be seen in various designer patterns and other markings in the Turquoise mineral, giving it a unique effect on the gemstone when crafted properly. And, these uniquely designed gemstones have very high market value due to it's uniquely designed and rare existence.

Types of Turquoise

There are many colours found in the Turquoise gemstone. This beautiful mineral stone of hydrated aluminium and phosphate is located in beautiful shades of greenish blue, bluish yellow, yellowish-green, yellowish blue, bluish, greenish, yellowish, and many more. Also, it was a treasured gemstone for thousands of years, and its popularity can be seen till now. During earlier times, people from Asia, Africa, North America, and South America mined turquoise stone in a larger amount to produce gemstones and other small or medium speed sculptures.

Who Can Wear Turquoise ?

Anyone who is facing a struggle to curb negativities from their lives can wear Turquoise. Or the people who want to stabilize their minds, souls, and physical bodies can also proceed to wear a Turquoise Gemstone. Also, December-born individuals can go to wear this gemstone for the betterment of their lives.

How to Identify The Real Turquoise Gemstone?

Some companies try to produce the Turquoise Mineral Gemstone for the jewellery material popularly in the most demanded colours. For example, a company named Gilson in the 1980s used synthetic Turquoise mineral gemstones for their jewellery pieces. They use it to produce these gemstones in sky blue colour. Or sometimes with grey spider webbing. This was a dramatic product that had been used to create synthetic Turquoise gemstones.

These types of Imitation stones or Synthetic stones are being processed and produced by many companies till now. They use glass, plastic, or ceramic material to deliver them, which gives a very similar appearance to the real Turquoise Gemstone. And many times, people tend to receive fake gemstones instead of genuine ones.

But, it is not impossible to detect the reality of the imitation stones. This can be done through testing if the hardness, refractive indexes, gravity, and many other properties can be measured to identify the reality of the imitation stones.

For example- Howlite and Magnesite can be easily detected and separated from the authentic Turquoise mineral.

Penetrative Test

When Howlite and Magnesite are dyed in the deep blue colour, the colour cannot penetrate deep within. So, when it is scratched, one can see the white colour, which ensures that the gemstone is dyed.

Colour Identification Method

You might find a gemstone labelled with Turquoise's name, but if one considers yellow, white, or brown tinge, one must think twice because that could be a fake one.

Refractive Index

Turquoise has a refractive index of 1.60 to 1.65, which can detect authenticity. If the gemstone is not purely Turquoise, its refractive index will vary differently from the natural Turquoise mineral.

Consider The Uniformity

Dyed turquoise stones have dominated the marketplace a lot. People now try to avoid using jewellery items made of it because of fear of being fooled. But, if you find a stone with uniform bright sky blue colour or any other, this is very sure that it's had been dyed and a genuine Turquoise stone. Although one can buy dyed gemstones, they also look very beautiful when worn in the form of beads stringed together. They look good but must not make a dyed set with the genuine one.

What Are The Exclusive Benefits of Wearing Turquoise Gemstone?

Heals the Causes That May Result in Heart Attacks

Healing Turquoise is considered a purification gemstone used to purify the body and soul. Also, it found it helpful to release the ailments from the body, which can result in panic, attacks, heart attacks, etc.

Better Gut

It facilitated the better absorption of the nutrients from the food into the gut. This tends to improve blood flow, production, and circulation. This leads to the generation of new cells and, regarding the tissues ultimately, makes the whole body very healthy and fit.

Anti-Inflammatory And Detoxifying Effects

These are very effective against inflammation. Also, they possess detoxifying properties, banking them a very valuable gemstone for people.

Purification of The Metabolism

This gemstone has the best properties to purify the lungs' throat issues. Found to heal the eyes as well and the cataracts eyes. Very effective to neutralize the over-acidity, rheumatoid, gout, or the other viral infections too.

Stabilizes Mind, Body, and Soul

It defends the wear against the negative energies. Also, it very effectively curbs pollution. It balances and aligns all the body's chakras for stacking the anxiety, fear, anger, frustration, intimidations, thereby producing inner calmness. The gemstone is very effective in helping to have self-realization, knowing the significance of the self-worth heading for having a problem-solving approach, and strengthening the romantic relationships.


Yes! They can be worn, but one should consult an expert Vedic astrologer for more specific guidelines or wear this gemstone for quicker outputs.

No! It does not require any special or cumbersome methods to keep it maintained. One can easily keep it clean with clean water and a mild cleansing agent. Also, it's always better to consult specifically for a particular colour of Turquoise gemstone for specific maintenance guidelines.

No! These tests are designed specifically to analyze the gemstone for its authentication carefully. But, yes, it can damage the rock if it is fake.