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Yellow Topaz Gemstone

Yellow Topaz

Yellow Topaz, also called Precious Topaz, is the glorious November birthstone is a yellow-coloured stone from the Topez family of minerals. The silicate mineral of aluminium and fluorine is the most rigid material with a shallow refractive index. It is a state gemstone in the U.S state of Utah. Considering its importance could be a substitute for the yellow sapphire having tremendous optimistic impacts upon the mind and the wearer's body.

These yellow Topaz are very precious for their extraordinary benefits and the potential to be worn as jewellery. The Imperial Topaz only has yellow colour; this could be pink sometimes in its natural state or pink with the orange mixture. Ordinarily, Yellow Topaz has the brighter yellow to a deep golden brown hue kind of colour. However, it is often seen that the Topaz with the brown colour is adequately treated to make them radiant yellow or pink or golden to give a more glorious look to the stone.

According to Vedic astrology, the Yellow Topaz is the substitute for the Yellow Sapphire stone. It is linked to the stability of relationships, financial condition, and growth in the career.

It generally represents serenity and empathy, which can be worn in the form of jewellery. Thus, this can be considered the soothing stone for the mind and the soul and the enhancement of harmony. Furthermore, this is also found to sustain good health and have better career opportunities for growth.

Types of the Yellow Topaz

Yellow Topaz is generally found in the striking yellow colour that is available easily. There are varieties of colours due to the imperfect crystal nature, basically the amount of the impurities present. But, the rare colours are linked in this. Also, the intensity of the yellow colour varies. Some stones are also found to be deep brown hues as well.

Who Can Wear Yellow Topaz

Yellow Topaz Gemstone represents the planet Jupiter and the planet Jupiter is the giant planet in the solar system that is the lord of the individuals with the zodiac sign of Sagittarius and the pieces. Therefore, astrology explains that the wearing of the gemstones is defined according to the planets Jupiter in the solar system, the zodiac sign of the wearer, and the planets in the birth chart.

Although, it brings fortune if the wearer has a zodiac sign like -Pisces, Sagittarius, Leo, Aries, cancer, Scorpio. But regarding the positioning of the planets, one must consult an expert astrologer before heading towards wearing the Yellow Topaz gemstone.

Exclusive Benefits of Wearing Yellow Topaz

Yellow Topaz gemstone is found capable enough to provide positive energies. This gemstone is linked to delivering knowledge, financial stability, health, prosperity, longevity, etc.

If someone faces significant, consistent losses in business, they can wear a Yellow Topaz; or if an individual is facing trouble getting married, they can also prefer a Yellow Topaz for themselves. It is beneficial for promotions and childbirth as well.

How to Choose the Best Quality of Yellow Topaz Gemstone

It is challenging to locate the authentic gemstone or prove the Yellow Topaz's genuineness, but it is not that difficult to identify the authenticity. The most significant factor is the hardness. Sometimes the seller tries to replace the genuine Yellow Topaz with the quartz but, once it is gone through the hardness test, one can quickly identify the fakeness.

Identifying Hardness

This can be done when the original Topaz scratches the glass, whereas quartz won't mark it. It has a hardness factor of 8 on the Mohs scale. In addition to this, the genuine Yellow Topaz is very excellent at its touch and gets easily electrified due to free electrons.

So, whenever one tries to rub it against any woollen cloth, it will attract small pieces of paper, hair strands, and many more.


While purchasing a gemstone, colour plays an essential role in determining the ultimate price of the gem. The brown-coloured stones are less expensive whereas the ordinary yellow ones are also not expensive, whereas the red ones are rare yet, the most expensive amongst all. In addition to the colours, several other factors also play a significant role in determining the gemstone rates.


This is the Keystone property, which helps identify the passage of the light passed through the gemstone. Cleared the selection of the light, more transparency is detected, and the genuine is found to have clarity in it. Inclusions also directly influence the prices of heh gemstone, and that's why they need to be detected.


The weights of the gemstones are highly influenced by the sizes also. Smaller gemstones are relatively lighter than larger gemstones. These are measured as heavier than 5 carats in the other categories, with stones more severe than 10 carats.


This is another factor that also influences the quality and the pricing of the gemstone. Generally, Yellow Topaz is found to be cut in a pear-shaped or oval shape. Also, found to be given cuts like ordinary round or square or the cushion, emerald, and many more. Along with the cuts, one must also pay attention to the facets of the stone.


Yes! It is excellent if someone wears it regularly. One can wear it in many forms, whichever they like to wear. Some of the suggestions could be in the form of the necklace, pendants, earrings, rings, bangles, bracelets, and many more, depending upon the wearer's preference. This will keep both luck and the enhancement of the beauty of the wearer at the same time.

One should understand things like adequately cleaning and maintaining the jewellery for its king-lasting usage and avoiding the use of make-up or the perfumes sprayed on it, including the proper storage of the Yellow Topaz jewellery when not in use.

Although, no need to worry more, one can wear it regularly for sure!!

Yes! It is easy to maintain the Yellow Topaz gemstone. One can use a gentle soap and freshwater to wash out the dirt deposited on the gemstone surface, which is never a difficult task to perform regularly. Also, there is no need to wash it with some of the other kinds of chemical cleaners as they damage the lustre and the gemstone's surface at a much faster rate. But, considering an ordinary matter of fact that maintenance can only extend its life, not make it forever like new. Even after a long time, it's natural that the gemstone will lose some of its lustre and shine. This is an entirely normal phenomenon, and the wearer need not feel uncomfortable or unnecessarily conscious about it.

Yellow-coloured gemstones are easily accessible and popular but less popular than the Blue Topaz. However, yellow Topaz has so many benefits for wearing it. Also, they have many variable colours to match the taste of the wearer. So, one will never get disappointed with it.