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Star Sapphire Gemstone

Star Sapphire

Star Sapphire is very precious, beautiful, and elegant genuine formed due to the aluminum oxide (Al2O3) and traces of other elements like iron, titanium, chromium, vanadium, and or magnesium. It has a variety of mineral conundrums. This is the birthstone for people with zodiac signs as virgins and is considered the birthstone for individuals born in September.

It has a very fantastic crystal system, a hexagonal crystal system available in so many colours like white, yellow, pink, green, black, brown, grey, orange, and many more. The most popular Star Sapphire gemstone is Blue. Even whenever one thinks about this naturally comes into mind. In addition to this, it is found to have a very high hardness score on a Mohs scale of 9. Mostly the sapphire deposits are commonly found in Sri Lanka and Burma. But, it is also found in Australia, Madagascar, China, Vietnam, and Kashmir. During earlier times, India also had the regions from where Sapphire was extracted, usually in the 1880s.

Moreover, many oldest sapphires are found in Ceylon at Srilanka. Ceylon sapphire is very much valued due to its amazing brightness and blue colour. The origin of the Star Sapphire is having both types of the environment; naturally occurring in and kab made synthetic gems too. These are mined in the nations kike Srilanka, Burma, USA, Kenya, etc.

Considering the important fact about the prices, it is more obvious that the naturally occurring gemstones are more expensive than synthetic ones created in labs under the artificial environment. Hence, these are quite affordable. But, this doesn't mean that they are not durable, just that the price variations are due to the absence of the naturally occurring.

These are wearable in various jewellery pieces such as necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings, bangles, and many more.

Types of the Star Sapphire

Star Sapphire is one of the most elegant gemstones globally, which is immensely loved and admired for its rich aura. Even after its discovery, it is still trendy living and having appreciable durability due to its high hardness.

There are different kinds of sapphires and colourful varieties available. This variation of colours is due to the presence of other elements in the mineral corundum.

Blue Sapphire

This type of. Star Sapphire is the most popular one and is often found in various shades of blue, from lighter to darker. Amongst all cornflower kinds, variation is most loved.

Yellow Sapphire

This beautiful yellow Sapphire is extremely adorable due to the presence of iron in it. This is also available in a range of colours, from greenish-yellow to orangish-yellow.

Orange Sapphire

It looks stunning as the fiery sun colour. It is like family sapphire. It is because of the presence of chromium and iron. Also, this is having no other substitute and also is very rare.

Green Sapphire

This green start colour is due to the presence of chromium in it. This is a lovely stone that symbolized tryst and locality often chosen during engagement in the rings.

Purple Sapphire

These beautiful colours, due to the element vanadium's presence, symbolise peace, calmness, and spiritual awakening. This time is also found in the range of the colours of this shade.

White Sapphire

These do not have any other element in traces except the conundrum mineral. Also, these are gaining popularity due to their resemblance to diamonds.

Star Sapphire

These are unique due to the characteristic feature of the "asterism", giving them mystical beauty. This indicates the six ray stars seen in the floating surface of cabochon sapphire. These are also available in all colours, but yellow, green, orange-coloured star sapphires are uncommon. The phenomenon of asterisk occurs due to the reflections of the light from the twin - lamellae or the sharp needle-like acicular inclusions within the structure of the crystal stone. This is basically due to the presence of the sub-microscopic crystals. The star effects are caused due to the difference in the refractive index of the host material and the inclusion. In Star Sapphire, The refractive index of the hist material conundrum is 1.76 to 1.77.

Some also form 12 rays found due to the combined presence of the hematite and rubellite presence.

Who Should Wear Star Sapphire?

Star Sapphire is considered the most valuable genuine for the individual born in September. In addition to the birthstone, it can also be very truthful when gifted on the 45th anniversary. Also, it had healing properties, which were very significant for the wearer of the Star Sapphire gemstone.

The Exclusive Benefits of Star Sapphire

The Star Sophie is a beautiful gemstone allowing multiple benefits and opportunities for the individuals who are wearing this. In this way, they can break out their barriers and explore the opportunities knocking at their doors. This Is a fantastic gifting option for loved ones.

Betterment of the Health

Star Sapphire is a very precious gemstone similar to the ruby in its chemical composition. It is found to be very helpful for the internet if the functioning of the body and ultimately the healthy living of the individuals.

Brings Financial Stability

It is believed that the Star Sapphire being another fortune and thus helps to achieve financial stability in their lives. Although its particular zodiac sign does not directly like it, astrologers found it a very beneficial birthstone for September-born individuals.

It Helps Boost Creativity

The StarSapphire has a blue light in it, which symbolizes the depths of the oceans to accomplish the dreams. It has positive radiating energies which enhance creative minds and uncover talents. This is due to the stimulation of the throat chakra, which is explicitly linked with the expression of what one believes or wants to communicate with the whole world.

How To Choose The Best Quality of Star Sapphire?

It is essential to know the character's features and tips, and tricks, which will make the identification of the authentic Star Sapphire much easier.

Colour Detection

one should adequately check the intensity of the colour of the Star Sapphire gemstone before purchasing to avoid being fooled. Look for colour saturation choose from medium to dark tone gemstone.

Clarity Detection

It signifies the absence of incisions in the appearance of the gemstone. Sometimes if you may not be able to locate inclusion, you will find a gem devoid of imperfection, and this is the sign that the gemstone could be fake or artificial. Inclusions that give star effect definability affect the value of the gemstone. To be assured about the authenticity, look for the inclusion which is not visible with the naked eyes.

Weight of the Gemstone

The gemstone's weight plays a significant role in finding that the gemstone is not synthetic. Usually, synthetic gemstones vary in weight than real ones. One can easily find this by weighing the gemstone; any variation should be discussed and substituted with another piece. Usually, star sapphires are heavier, so they have higher carat weights and, of course, prices too.

Look For the Type of Treatment

Usually, gemstones are being treated in some other ways to give varieties of the effect. Also, synthetic gemstones, treated with extreme cold cooling temperatures to make them appear real. Some others undergo the beryllium treatment to enhance the colours. Heat-treated gemstones hold more value than stones that have undergone beryllium treatment. One should acknowledge the statement before finalizing the decision.


Blue is the signature colour amongst Sapphires, but it doesn't mean that there is no other colour available. Yellow, orange, purple, green are the various colours of the star, Sapphire. In present times Sapphire undergoes various treatments to maintain the kind of colour and effect in the genome depending on the demands of the wearers.

The most expensive and highest quality sapphires are extracted from several locations on the earth; they also include Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Madagascar, Thailand, Tanzania, Cambodia, Australia, and Montana (US). Presently, Madagascar is the leading producer of very fine-quality Sapphire and expensive sapphires, which have a rich blue colour and remarkable appearance.

Yes! It is true that very often, we have heard that the Star Sapphires and the rubies are counted as a kart of the same basket. This is due to the presence of the mineral conundrum. Ruby has a chromium element except for corundum, and that makes it different in appearance, but the hist mineral is corundum. The colour variations are often helpful to segregate ruby from Star Sapphire as they can never be red.