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Amethyst Gemstone

amethyst gemstone


Amethyst stone is an iconic gem precisely known for its unique colour and fine cuts indistinct in other gemstones. It's a semi-precious gemstone belonging to the mineral Quartz family with a deep connection to Vedic astrology. Unlike diamond, it has glassy lustrous, natural transparency with sharp edges, hardness, the resistance of scratch, and natural ranges of purple colour involving light pinkish-violet to deep purple.

As per western astrology, it's a birthstone of February, whereas, in Indian Vedic astrology, it is a ‘Gem of fire’ as it conquers power that heals all the worries of life. Additionally, it's a substitute for Blue Sapphire. As per astrology, it's effective and helpful in defeating financial stress, toxic habits, and stables your professional career.

Call it Katella or Amethyst; it's similar as Katella is the Hindi version of Amethyst and highly renowned for protecting its owner from bad habits especially drinking alcohol. It carries divine energy that generates ingenuity and spirituality in an individual. However, it has a great history and transformations that divorced it from other gemstones.

Types of Amethyst

Amethyst pops up in variant shapes and sizes that lays down the energy of fire and agony and deep down the restless emotions of a wearer and balances its spiritual and nervousness.

Moreover, it's a masterpiece for designing elegant ornaments that are naturally obtained from the mines of Siberia, Sri Lanka, Brazil, Austria, South Korea, etc., and Amethyst attained from South America and Africa are appraised as the best and finest quality Amethyst. Furthermore, based on its colour, design, and appearance, it is categorized into six forms: Purple, Ametrine, Pink, Mossy, Cape, and Prasiolite.

  • The value of the Amethyst gemstones depends upon the bright and rich colour; hence Purple Amethyst is the most preferable and precious gemstone compared to the other.
  • Ametrine features a detached appearance from the other Amethyst gems, and it doesn't have a glossy shine like others, but apart from all the features, it comes in the category of Amethyst.
  • Pink is the most lighted gemstone that has a low value as it offers a periwinkle lavender hue. Regardless of its price, it's a beautiful small Amethyst gemstone.
  • Mossy is a small and veins oriented gemstone that appears in both light and dark shades of purple.
  • Cape is a vulnerable gemstone that features a combination of milkish yellow and purple colour.
  • With the different colour combination of yellow and green with a bit of touch-up of purple colour, Prasiolite appears pristine.

Who Should Wear Amethyst?

The semi-precious gemstone, known by various names such as Jamuniya, Katella, Ketola, and many more, is linked with horoscopes (Rashi) as per the Vedic astrology bestows specific auspicious effects on the owner. It is connected with the Saturn planet that strengthens the Saturn of an individual and favors positive outcomes in the occupation and profession. Moreover, Amethyst increases spiritual and devotional powers that reflect on the owner's livelihood and effectively removes the negative energy of Saturn from the Amethyst's owner.

In different astrology, Amethyst is linked with different horoscopes. As per the Vedic astrology, it's suggested for Makar (Capricorn) and Kumbh (Aquarius). In western astrology, it is prescribed as a birthstone for Pieces. However, it is good for Aries, Taurus, Cancer, Leo, and Scorpio zodiac signs. The gem is not only attractive by look or appearance, but it also caters to numerous benefits in different horoscopes. By wearing Amethyst, a person can effectively surround themselves with the positive vibes that benefit them from dynamic approaches and stop the invalid flaw of Saturn and other negative energy.

It's recommended to consult with an astrologer before wearing Jamuniya as it favors wealth, honor, fame, and calm in a person. So a person who desires betterment in their life should wear Amethyst to heal and deal with their mental, professional, and occupation-related problems.

The Exclusive Benefits of Amethyst

Amethyst gemstone is popularly known for its emotional and physical benefits that endow a restless spirit, improve focus, calms the negative thoughts, and increases an individual's productivity. It highly changes the charm of a person by benefiting him/her.

Mental Peace- Amethyst stables your mind and prevents you from mood swings by absorbing the negative vibes and improves your mental well-being by associating it with positive energy.

The Welfare of Property- If your growth is locked and stuck in property disputes, wear Amethyst and clear all the barriers.

Revive Relationships- Amethyst not only advantages you in property, but it also brings your lost fortunes and strengthens the real assets, your close relationship with a new love and connection.

Get Rid of Bad Habits- It helps eliminate the bad habits from a person's life, such as drunkenness. It strengthens your inner positive energy and stops you from practicing intoxic habits.

Improves Wealth- Achieve name, fame, and honor in the society by wearing Amethyst. It amplifies your status and individuality efficiently.

Changes Unpleasant Mood- It helps you get rid of fear, anxiety, emptiness and cures your mood with peace and love.

Health Recovery- It regenerates your body cells and creates new and fresh energy by boosting your immunity. Also, it ensures a smooth flow of blood that prevents you from severe diseases.

Derive a Clear Success Path- Amethyst helps you get more opportunities by siding all the obstacles on the path.

Eliminating Insomnia- This gemstone improves your sleep quality and relaxes you to sleep with calm and positive energy with sweet dreams.

Spiritual Benefits- It features divine and spiritual properties that surround an individual with pleasant and positive vibes.

How To Choose the Best Quality Amethyst?

Amethyst has a precious value for centuries and at a time. Its price was touching the sky because of its quantity, but later the high quantity was found that decreased its price in the market after a few decades. However, the price of this gemstone is determined by various factors, and a buyer must acknowledge the quality and price-determining factors.

Colour of The Gemstone

The Colour of the gemstone is notable to stimulate its quality. The dealers highly favor the dark deepest reddish colored Amethyst as the dark color doesn't shine brightly, but it visualizes black in the dark surrounding. You can get several dark shades of purple such as reddish-purple, hues in purple, white, and many more, and the purchasing of the gemstone depends upon the colour zones.


Amethyst is eye-clear in the light surrounding, and it has a scratch resistance property that helps you in finding the real gemstone. If a gemstone passes under the clarity standards, it's better to buy that one. Furthermore, a quality assured gemstone features inclusion property that clears out the worth of the Amethyst.


There are many countries where Amethyst is found in large quantities; some countries are as follows, Russia, Zambia, India, Brazil, Myanmar, Madagascar, Mexico, Sri Lanka, etc., and different places have different quality of gemstones, including variant shapes, colors, and sizes of the Amethyst.


Amethyst stone is great and productive for physical and mental well-being. Plus, unlike other gemstones, it appears excellent by wearing and has astrological beliefs and divine power that calms an individual by surrounding him/her with positive energy.

Amethyst is just a substitute for Blue Sapphire that delivers positive consequences but not as a real gem (Blue Sapphire). Both have their own characteristics and astrological beliefs, so it's clear that the outcomes are also different. Furthermore, Amethyst is recommended to an individual because of finance or money issues.

In Vedic beliefs, some norms are considered to love a gemstone and procedures to take care of it. If the process of wearing and caring turns wrong, it may cause adverse effects rather than helping a person, such as a problem of headache, acne, water retention, and dizziness. Thus, to approach positive energies, you must follow a lawful process to wear and care for Amethyst.