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Citrine Gemstone


Citrine is a natural gemstone primarily known for its eye-pleasing yellow colour, transparency, and affordability; however, it comes from Quartz's mineral family. In terms of colour, the dark, deep, and intense colour of Citrine is highly preferable by people, and as it lowers in its colour and richness, it starts minimizing the quality and price. You can get it in different shades and colours ranging from dark yellow to pale orange and brown colours.

Citrine is highly used for making jewellery as it's a hard component without cleavage and has a fine and crystal clear appearance that makes it demand on air in jewellery making. However, many times, it may be confusing for many as it assembles yellow and appears as Topaz that makes people puzzled between Topaz and Quartz. However, Citrine contains ferric iron that gives it a dark and shiny yellow colour.

Furthermore, Citrine is connected with astrology and resembles a powerful astrological gemstone. Therefore, it gained an important place in Vedic and western astrology. It is referred to by Vedic astrologers to improve health, knowledge and social status, and it is considered as an alternative to Yellow Sapphire (Pukhraj) and called Sunela in Hindi. Additionally, Citrine is regarded as a birthstone of November in western astrology.

Types of Citrine

Citrine is rare to find in the market as a natural gem and has a different fan base for its lustrous appearance and unique quartz cuts. Generally, it comes in various orange and brown hues with a range of shades and is highly usable in jewellery making such as pendant, bracelets, rings and much more. However, reddish-yellow and earthy brown Citrine are used for various purposes and seek extra care in the present time. Therefore, different types of Citrine have different demand, value and use in the market.

Golden Citrine

Golden Citrine - It appears in a shade of yellow and golden with a luxurious shine and classy surface. As its name suggests, it is visible yellow in colour and features prominent astrological qualities.

Lemon Quartz

Lemon Quartz features light and dark shades of yellow colour and doesn't have an orange, brown, and reddish tone that offers a transparent appearance without any spots.

Madeira Citrine

Madeira Citrine- Generally, Madeira Citrine comes in shades of brown to orange and visible a dark tone that appears opaque. Furthermore, it also contains some inclusions that fade its shine and quality.

Palmeira Citrine

Palmeira Citrine- It's a type of Citrine that features dark orange colour with astrological beliefs. It has a specific refractive index and physical property that makes a distinctive place of Palmeira in the world of Citrine.

Yellow Citrine

Yellow Citrine- Like its name, it's a yellow shaded colour, and many people resemble it as Lemon Quartz, but it is significantly different from it. However, both are similar in colour but have the basic difference between Yellow Citrine and Lemon Quartz in the cut and clarity.

Who Should Wear Citrine?

Citrine is a semi-precious gemstone and highly preferable for its affordability as it comes in an affordable range and various astrological beliefs. It favours different benefits to different wearers as per their sign of the zodiac. Like Topaz, it is also considered the birthstone of November and an anniversary stone for people to revive their marital lives.

Moreover, as per Vedic astrology, astrologers recommended this gemstone for Dhanu and Meena (Sagittarius and Pisces) Rashi. But in western astrology, it is prescribed as the birthstone for Sagittarius signs. Thus, it supports its wearers dynamically and improves their social status, financial growth and offers wisdom in life.

Citrine achieved a great place and value in the jewellery making industry and favourable for Cancer, Leo, Aries, & Scorpio. Furthermore, it is recommended to wear Citrine following all the norms of astrology to gain significant benefit in life. As you know, its properties are associated with planet Jupiter; thus, it is recommended to wear it on Thursday with the index finger of the working hand.

The Exclusive Benefits of Citrine

Citrine is not a modern gemstone; however, it is renowned for its property for centuries, and people use this gemstone as a form of therapy. It contains several magical features and abilities to heal the problem from an individual's life. It doesn't appear and offers mesmerizing beauty but also strengthens the charm of a person. Therefore, people are highly desirable for Citrine as it provides distinctive benefits in a wearer's life. Some of its prominent benefits are enlisted below:

Enhance Financial Growth- Citrine is recognized as an inexpensive yellow gemstone with several astrological benefits. It eliminated the financial problems from its owner's life and availed him/her with growth in the business without any problems.

Improve Wisdom- Sunela stone is connected with Jupiter, and it is recognized for developing knowledge in a person's life. If you are looking to improve your skills, it's better to wear Citrine as it has the power to fulfil its owner with critical thinking, a new vision and improve learning power.

Makes Your Relationship Happy and Healthy- Citrine contains some positive energy that ensures to give a prosperous life to its owner. It effectively eliminates the problem from your relationship and revives it with love, trust and a strong bond.

Promotes Opportunities Related To Your Profession- By wearing this magical gemstone, you will experience a kind of positivity in your surroundings that develops self-confidence and open new ways of success. Astrologers recommend improving the business and creating new aspects of the business.

How To Choose the Best Quality Citrine?

Whenever it's about shopping for a gemstone, it is critical to examine the quality of the gemstone. Citrine is one of the most demanded gemstones that are not too expensive and has a significant fan base for its affordability and vivid hue with a bright shine. Moreover, as per astrology, authentic Citrine that is not heated and treated is considered the best to favours a good charm in a person's life.

Moreover, a bright yellow coloured Citrine with a crystal clear appearance has a great value in the market as it is recognized as the best quality Citrine. Along with this, some factors that determine the quality and value of the gemstone are as below:

Origin is the primary factor that determines the quality. However, Citrine's many locations are obtained, such as Russia, Bolivia, Myanmar, Brazil, Madagascar, and the USA. Brazilian Citrine is considered the most precious Citrine among the following locations.

Colour determines the originality of a gemstone. In the case of Citrine, you can get various shades and names of it, but it is recommended to choose one that offers bright and shiny colour with smooth texture.

Get a Citrine which offers a crystal clear view as it's a metaphysical stone, and the quality depends upon its clarity. So choose one that has no spots and favours transparent shine.


There are plenty of sources where you can get the quality of Citrine, such as Brazil, Madagascar, Argentina, Zaire, Russia, Spain and Namibia. However, the price of the stone depends upon the quality and features. Brazil is considered the most preferable and quality-oriented provider of Citrine.

Naturally, Citrine comes with various astrological properties and has faith that it improves the life of its owner. However, it's connected with the planet Jupiter and features the bliss of it. Unlike other gemstones, it is recommended to wear them with the consultation of an astrologer.

Yes, Citrine is a natural gemstone with astrological features favouring a person with good health, progeny bliss, remarkable knowledge, and many more. You can wear Citrine in the form of jewellery, and it can be a ring, pendant, bracelet or any kind of jewellery.