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Opal Gemstone


Opal is an opaque and translucent gem primarily occurring in white colour that features astonishing appearance and incredible astrological features. This semi-precious gemstone is highlighted for its wonderful colours, and it comes from the mineral silicate family. It's the best substitute of diamond that brings prosperity and good luck in an individual's life. It favours its owner with good health, harmony and respect in the society.

In Rome, it is preferred as the ideal stone that contains exclusive astrological properties. However, it's an excellent colourful stone containing water and silica; that's why it's one of the most delicate stones in the world.

Approximately 20% of water is included in this glazing stone that enhances its look effectively. Opal is found in various countries worldwide, including Brazil, Australia, Honduras, Mexico and the U.S.A. Australia is the top producer of Opal as 95% of the stone comes from this country.

It is the most delicate stone that comes in various colours, including grey, pink, slate, olive-brown, white, and black. It holds metaphysical properties as it is associated with planet Venus featuring a lot of benefits to the wearer. Plus, it has back spots and patches on its surface that lead to low prices in the market. However, inclusions are natural in gemstones, but unlike diamonds, if this stone features a clear transparent view, its price is high.

Types of Opal

Opal is found in various parts of the world, and naturally, it occurs in light, dark/black, boulder, and matrix colours. However, the characteristics of Opal stone is determined by transparency and body type. Its value and price are also determined as per its type and appearance. Here we listed the topmost types of Opal that have high demand in the market.

Black Opal

It's a precious and most valued stone in the Opal category that comes in a range of black shades. It doesn't have a dark black colour as its name; it's a dark based stone with a white transparent appearance.

White Opal

It is also recalled as light Opal as it's a transparent stone that comes in a colourless and medium grey range of shades. White Opal is a common stone that features milky white and magnificent texture.


It's a precious stone that offers a mesmerizing appearance and majorly found in specific locations of Western Queensland. However, it appears dark and light with a splitting face and polished surface.


Generally, Fire Opal comes in a range of yellow, orange and red colours with a warm and transparent body. It is highly found in Mexico and Australia. However, it has a different appearance and colours in different locations that determine its value in the market.


It is also known as Muller Glass which shows a glassy appearance and has a colourless and transparent body. It has tints of blue, green and yellow on its surface that distinguish its price. Oregon and Mexico are the leading producers of Hyalite Opal.

Peruvian Opal

It's a semi-opaque and opaque stone that comes in blue colour in different parts of the world, including Oregon and Nevada. It doesn't have a pleochroism feature as it's an opaque stone.

Who Should Wear Opal?

Opal is also known as Queen of Gems as it features a great appearance with a crystal shine. Usually, it comes in multicolour with a transparent, translucent and opaque appearance. Australia is the top Opal provider, but you can find this authentic stone in various parts of the world. It has a special space in astrology, and people believed that it favours its wearer with good health, improves social status and brings prosperity to their business. It's an ideal stone for people to gain positivity in their life.

In Vedic astrology, it is associated with the planet Venus and named Upal in Hindi and Opala in Sanskrit. It is prescribed to people who have malefic effects of Venus as this stone effectively improves the position of Venus planet and improves the luck of the wearer. Additionally, it is recommended for the zodiac sign of Taurus & Libra as it's an ideal stone to improve the wearer's horoscope. In western astrology, it's considered the beneficial and birthstone for the Libra sign.

Moreover, it's a helpful stone for people suffering from sexual disorders, infertility, impotence and low libido issues. It holds some supernatural powers that bestow a person with astrological benefits. Aquarius, Capricorn, Virgo & Gemini can also wear Opal gemstones in rings, pendants and bracelets. Although to gain positive effects of Opal, consult with an astrologer as there are some Vedic mantras and norms that should be followed.

The Exclusive Benefits of Opal

Opal is famous for incredible aesthetic and astrological beliefs that benefit an individual in several ways. It gained a reputable space in the jewellery making industry and astrology because of its eye-glazing appearance and metaphysical properties. It's a blessing stone for people dealing with the malefic effects of Venus planet; you can enable several benefits by wearing this glamorous stone. Some of its exclusive benefits are listed below:

Ideal stone for couples

Astrologers recommend this stone to couples to improve their love life and prevent them from disputes. Plus, it stimulates love, care and mutual understanding between the couples and bliss their life with happiness.

Improve the social status of the wearer

Opal is connected with Venus planet, and it leads to improving the horoscope of an individual. By wearing Opal, you can gain luxuries and fulfil all your desires that ultimately enhance your social status.

Heals health issues

This stone is helpful in treating health issues such as eye problems and stomach issues. It holds healing properties that improve the mental and physical well-being of a person.

Protect you from negative vibes

Opal is associated with astrology and holds metaphysical properties that shower good fortune on its wearer. It surrounds you with positivity and protects you from evil's eyes.

Make you creative

Opal is a natural gemstone ideal for individuals who lack confidence. It effectively eliminates the fear and strengthens its wearer creatively, and improves the wisdom. It favours positive impacts on an individual's life.

How To Choose the Best Quality of Opal?


Opal is found in different parts of the world, and Australia, Brazil, Ethiopia, Hungary, Mexico, U.S.A., and Sudan are the dominant origin of this precious stone. However, Australia's Opal has a high value in the market as it provides the finest quality of the stone.


Opal exists in variant colours, and it's a crucial factor that evaluates the stone's value. Generally, it comes in a range of colours such as orange, black, green, blue and pink, but pure white Opal with fire tints is the highly valued stone that features excellent astrological properties.


Brightness means the appearance and shine of the fire imprints inside the stone. An Opal with a fine line of fire with consistent fire tints is a precious stone.

Fire pattern

It's also a price and quality determining factor of Opal. If the stone has incredible, bright, and colourful fire lines in different patterns, it is considered the ideal stone.


Usually, Opal comes in an oval shape, and the finest Opal should be smooth-edged and shows clear fire patterns at different angles.

Transparency and clarity

You can easily find transparent, translucent and opaque Opals. But a genuine Opal has a crystal clear appearance with minimum inclusions and white in colour. It's essential to consider this factor before purchasing a precious Opal.


Astrologers recommend wearing Opal with white metal, and Silver is considered the best metal that strengthens the power of the stone and benefits a wearer efficiently.

Opal is connected with astrological beliefs; hence, it's crucial to wear this stone with the Vedic norms. Thus, it is recommended to wear this stone on Friday in the Index finger. Plus, it's also essential to evaluate your horoscope and wear this stone with the astrologer's recommendations.

Opal is a natural gemstone origin in various locations, and Australian Opal is determined as the ideal stone to wear. It features an eye-glazing appearance and great astrological benefits.