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Moonstone Gemstone


Moonstone is a flawless stone highly known for its exciting appearance and unique features. It belongs to the Feldspar mineral family with pieces of layers on its surface that lead to mystical effects. It offers a unique refraction of light in a blue hue. Typically, it's an unusual stone because of its phenomenal properties, but people love to adore this gemstone in the form of jewellery.

It's a mesmerizing gemstone with an adolescent feature, and it's a rare feature that can't be found in other gemstones. Moreover, it is titled the best and most effective stone that brings love, calmness and prosperity to an individual's life. It is considered the birthstone of June and highly mined from Sri Lanka, Myanmar, India and Brazil. Artisanal miners are actively working in different parts of the world to find the best quality of Moonstone as it isn't obtained independently. Majorly, it is located in a group of other gemstones.

Blue, green, peach, white, and colourless Moonstones are highly acquired as it is used in jewellery making. Furthermore, its extraordinary features make it the top choice of people. It's a rare gem that is not easily mined and obtained in the top layers of earth; plus, it reflects adolescent phenomena and Cat's eye effect with positive outcomes.

Types of Moonstone

Scientifically, Moonstone is a composition of sodium potassium aluminium silicate that features adularescence and appears brightly. The beautiful, appealing gemstone is called Moonlight as it features beauty like the moon when it reflects on the water. Moonlight resembles the same and creates an eye-glazing look. It is also called hecatolite in many locations and found in various forms. Some of its prominent types are listed below that are high on demand.

Blue Moonstone

It's the most desirable type of gemstone, proposing a transparent and crystal clear appearance. It comes in a deep blue colour and can be easily breakable under high pressure. However, it's tough to find the best quality of this stone; plus, it comes in an expensive range.

Rainbow Moonstone

It is involved with osteoclastic inclusions and textures with milky patches that enhance its look. It has layers of microstructures that feature a rainbow effect and an authentic ray of lights. Scientifically, it is renowned as labradorite that is primarily available in silver colour.

Green Moonstone

You might have observed or not, but when you see the moon from a close capture, you will get a unique glow and reflection of light from inside. Green Moonstone appears the same. It comes in a range of pale green to yellow colour that features a lovely look.

Pink Moonstone

Unlike Cat's eye stone, it bestows the same appearance. However, it comes in a range of homey pink to peach colour with a shade of lovely pink colour.


It's an opaque Moonstone with a range of striking blue colour with green touch as mercury is present in this stone. Moreover, you can get it in various colours such as red, purple, orange, and grey but majorly it's blue in colour.

Who Should Wear Moonstone?

Moonstone is a lovely semi-precious gemstone that is associated with some metaphysical beliefs. It is believed that this stone has some mystical powers and supports its owner dynamically. It balances the life of its wearer by improving his luck and bringing love, calmness, prosperity to the individual's life.

In astrology, it has a significant space as it is considered the healing stone that eliminates malefic effects of the moon from an individual's life. It contains soothing energy that surrounds its wearer with positivity and strength. However, it is recommended as the beneficial stone for cancer zodiac sign and a birthstone of June. Plus, it's a healer stone for women; experts highly recommend this stone to women as it effectively calms down from deep and cures their infertility problem.

Furthermore, it's a beneficial stone for people involved in creativity, such as artists, musicians, writers, etc. I efficiently boost the creative power and endow them with positive energy and aura that refresh their mind and make them thoughtful. It's a beneficial stone to prevent individuals from negativity and stimulates new energy in them.

The Exclusive Benefits of Moonstone

Moonstone highlights incredible features that benefit an individual in several ways. It's a glamorous stone that bestows incredible astrological features and prosperity in an individual's life. Usually, people wear this excellent gemstone to gain exclusive benefits; some benefits of this gemstone are as follows:

Balance hormones

Moonstone is beneficial in balancing an individual's ups and downs emotions as it effectively balances your internal hormones that make your relationship smooth and lovable.

Bring success in life

By wearing Moonstone, an individual can gain benefits from several sides. It calms your mind and boosts the level of creativity that easily makes your life happy. It's a genuine gem that improves various aspects of your life.

Spiritual growth

Moonstone holds some metaphysical benefits that eliminate negativity and promote positivity in individuals' life. Plus, it's an ideal stone to get a pleasant sleep and relax your mind.

Improve business growth

If your business is not running smoothly, wear this phenomenal gemstone with incredible benefits. It is helpful in improving your business and enhancing the profit at a high level.

How To Choose the Best Quality of Moonstone?

Moonlight is a gorgeous gemstone that has a unique appearance. However, its price is not high like other gemstones as it doesn't represent any kind of inclusions. If you have a love for gemstones and desire to get an authentic gemstone, it's crucial to know the factors that determine the quality of the gemstone.

There are several things that an intelligent buyer should concern and know about, so get the things before buying a Moonlight gemstone.

Natural and quality-oriented Moonlight is highly found in transparent and semi-transparent appearance with a dark blue colour.

Moonlight stone bestows an adularescence feature that makes the stone reflect a unique light from the inner part. It reflects an inner glow that glazes the eye of the people.

An authentic Moonlight doesn't feature visible inclusions, leading to low market prices in jewellery and astrology.

It attributes hyaloid lustre and waxy display that determine its quality.

Sri Lankan Moonlight stones are considered as the best in quality as it offers transparent background and incredible internal shadow.

Evaluating the hardness of the stone is also an important factor to find the finest quality gemstone.


Some astrological beliefs are associated with Moonstone; thus, it should be worn with the correct procedure. Astrologers recommend wearing Moonstone on Monday in Shukla Paksha, and it will be beneficial if you wear this stone with the little finger of the working hand.

Moonstone is an ideal stone in jewellery making, and it is preferred to wear this stone with silver, gold and panchdhatu to avail the great benefits. Plus, you can wear this stone in the form of a ring and pendant.

Moonstone is a lovely stone with astrological beliefs and mesmerizing appearance. However, different origins produce different types of stone in colour and quality. Still, Sri Lanka is the best place and mining location in the world that produces the finest quality of Moonstone.