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Ruby Gemstone


Ruby is one of the precious gemstones also known as Manik in Hindi that belongs to the mineral Corundum family. It comes in a tone of pigeon red colour and is widely famous for its durability, rarity, and luxurious shine. The best quality of Ruby is high in demand, and the per-carat price of Ruby drastically increases because it offers an eye-glazing appearance and inclusions that raise its demand in the market.

It's an astrological stone associated with the properties of the sun planet; it shines brightly and warm like the Sun. Plus, people believe that it holds metaphysical properties that benefit the wearer in several ways. However, the Sun is the King of all planets and resembles power, strength, authority, and the source of energy. Similarly, Ruby bestows its owner with respect, harmony, power, and leadership that enhances the wearer's fortune. It is also renowned as the birthstone of July month that favors the individual with self-confidence and success.

Ruby is prominently known for its deep and dark colour and unique appearance; however, it's a dominant and highly valued stone in the market that is obtained in various parts of the world. Thailand and Bangkok is the superior trading point of this gemstone as there you can get the deepest brown and red coloured stones with fantastic clarity and inclusions. Moreover, Ruby is also sourced from many countries, including Sri Lanka, India, Vietnam, Pakistan, Tanzania, Afghanistan, Australia, U.S., and many more. This stone is widely used in different corners of the world as it has amazing features and astrological properties.

Types of Ruby

Ruby obtained a royal position among the gemstones because of its incredible look and features. It's the hardest stone on the earth with a 9.00 Mohs scale of density; however, it is synthetically treated with various heating processes and created in an aesthetic look. It's a lucrative stone, and naturally, it comes in variant forms. However, it is categorized into various types depending on its origin and mining locations.

Burmese Ruby Stones

It is highlighted Ruby type because of its unparalleled look and colour. It's a synthetic Ruby that features a bright red hue because of the presence of Chromium. Plus, it has dark blemishes on the surface that evaluate its originality.

African Ruby

It's the finest type of Ruby that comes in a range of purple to dark red in varieties of size and quality. However, it is majorly found in Mozambique and Kenya, and the dark colour introduces its finest quality.

Thai Ruby

Bangkok is the dominant producer of Thai Ruby that comes in a shade of dark red. It has a composition of Chromium and iron that promotes a deep red hue.

Tanzanian Ruby

Unlike hessonite, it features the same colour and appearance. Plus, it's an affordable stone that colour changes with its size. A small stone has a deep colour while a large one has a faded colour. It is highly obtained from Songea.

Madagascar Ruby

It's the top-listed gemstone and a new stone in the market. It's majorly mined from the locations of Andilamena and Vatomandry situated in Madagascar. Here, you can find a wide range of Ruby in different colours and qualities. Orange and red is the natural colour of this Ruby gemstone.

Who Should Wear Ruby?

Ruby has extensive use in jewelry making as it offers incredible colour and glance. It is called the King of the Gems as it is associated with the Sun planet. The Sun is the leader of the planets. It's a precious stone with healing properties that bring leadership qualities and enhance the acknowledgment in the individual. It improves the placement of the planet in an individual's horoscope.

Moreover, it's a beneficial stone that favors health, prosperity, social status and improves an individual's career. In Vedic astrology, it is renowned as the Manikya gemstone and highly favored for Leo Rashi. Similarly, it is prescribed as the sun sign of Leo as per western astrology. Pisces, Aries, Sagittarius, and Scorpio can also wear ornaments of Ruby and gain good fortune. Plus, it is also a birthstone of July month. However, it is recommended to wear 1/5th carat weight of the Ruby of your body weight following the wearing norms and procedures of astrology.

If a person faces financial problems, health issues, and shrinking of career, they can wear Ruby as it contains supernatural powers that bless an individual with good fortune. It boosts the name and fame of the wearer in society. Plus, it's an effective stone that improves the relationship status and revives the love and mutual understanding between the couples. Furthermore, it is advisable to consult with an astrologer before adoring this precious gemstone.

The Exclusive Benefits of Ruby

Ruby is a highly valued stone with great demand in the market for jewelry making and astrological benefits. This stone is associated with love, power, strength, warmth, and authoritativeness. Its key elements are fire and blood that makes it the top valued stone in the market. You can't find any stone in the market that features incredible benefits like Ruby. People believed that it's an ideal stone that makes an individual's life full of prosperity and prevents them from misfortunes. It offers distinctive benefits in an individual's life that are as follows:

Develop leadership quality

Ruby is an ideal stone that boosts the wisdom of an individual. It favors its wearer with new growth opportunities and generates successive career paths by improving their personality. It's a stone connected with the features of the Sun, and it empowers an individual with leadership qualities.

Enhance financial and social status

Astrologers prescribe this stone for improving the financial and social status. It effectively enhances the business aspects and endows a person with name and fame in society.

Makes your relationship stronger

If you lost the love and understanding in your relationship, it is recommended to wear this ideal stone. It's a beneficial stone that revives your relationship with freshness and improves the marital status.

Improve an individual's health

By wearing an authentic Ruby, you can get rid of eyes, bones, and blood circulation problems. Plus, it strengthens your emotions and empowers you physically and mentally.

How To Choose the Best Quality Ruby?

It's challenging to find the genuine Ruby as it comes in various qualities and different locations of Ruby features different appearance and properties. However, it's a durable and hard stone with a 1.76 1.78 refractive index that has a unique value in the market. It offers UV right under the dark red Fluorescence. If you are wondering whether to buy Ruby jewelry to transform your fortune, it's crucial to know the quality determining factors that fix its price and value in the market. Unlike other gems, it has three significant-quality evaluating factors: origin, color, and clarity.


Ruby is a high-priced stone globally, and its origin is the critical factor that determines its value and price in the market. Burmese Ruby is an ideal stone among all the types as it features a dark red hue and high saturation and consistency. Africa and Asia are the dominant continents where you can find top-quality Ruby gemstones.


The authentic Ruby widely comes in a dark red hue. Pigeon red coloured Ruby is identified as the best quality stone and has a high value in jewelry making. It appeals to an authentic shine and glaze that grabs the eye of the viewer.


It's one of the crucial factors that evaluate the quality of Ruby. Clarity includes size, shape, and inclusions in the stone. A crystal clear stone with dark and clear inclusions and hexagonal shaped Ruby is considered as the best quality stone.


It's better to wear Ruby with gold to gain astrological benefits. Plus, you can also wear this stone with panchdhatu, silver, and white gold.

Ruby is an ideal gemstone connected with the Sun planet, and it's crucial to wear this stone with a Vedic procedure. It's recommended to wear Ruby in the working hand and ring finger on Sunday morning.

Yes, Ruby is an ideal stone that favors an individual with good fortune and better health. However, it is recommended to wear this stone with a consultation of an astrologer to gain its benefits.