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Cat's Eye Gemstone

Cat's Eye

Cat's eye gemstone is also recognized as Chatoyance, an optical phenomenon that features various shades in gray, yellow, black, honey, green, and many more. However, the word Chatoyance is derived from a Greek word called chatoyer that means mysterious shine as a cat's eye. The stone resembles the eye of the Cat; hence, it is renowned as Cat's eye. It comes in variant colours that express nobility and farsight.

However, it has been in use among the people for centuries. People believe that it contains some phenomenal powers that feature honey and milk effects that empower the Doshas and eliminate the bad ones from the person's life. It doesn't feature the same appearance as the other gemstones as it has a unique shine and shade that create a special space in astrology. Generally, it comes in the yellow, yellow-brown, and greenish-yellow shade; it is desirable for many and an extremely expensive gem renowned for mysterial glance and powerful features.

Furthermore, Cat's eye gemstone is a hard stone that comes in 8.5 on the Mohs scale and is highly used for making men's jewelry. It benefits its owner in several ways and connects them with spirituality and positivity. If a person suffers from a malefic phase, it is recommended to wear Cat's eye stone to effectively eliminate all the effects of the bad eye from an individual's life.

Types of Cat's Eye

Cat's eye is a unique stone with magical and prominent powers that are highly effective in protecting a person from negativity and the planet's malefic outbreak. It has high transparency and authentic colour because it isn't treated with any artificial process and chemicals. The most prominent Cat's eye stone types are enlisted below that favours positivity and prosperity in an individual's life.

Chrysoberyl Cat's Eye

The topmost Cat's eye gemstone obtained a precious place among the Cat's eye gemstone. It offers a fascinating effect from translucent to transparent, and it has a specific color-changing feature called alexandrites. There are several locations from which Chrysoberyl Cat's Eye originated, and India, Sri Lanka, Zimbabwe, and China are the special locations where you can get qualitative and durable gemstones.

Cats Eye Tourmaline

Cats' eye Tourmaline is a rarely findable cat's eye gemstone that features the finest properties among all the Cat's eye gemstones and represents the unique property of chatoyancy. It gives a great light's reflection, and this reflection is rare to find in any type of gem; therefore, it gained a precious price in the jewelry-making industry. It's a versatile gemstone that can be easily used in making any kind of jewelry.

Tiger's Eye

It comes from the quartz family, and you can get several gems belonging from the quartz family, but none of them features the excellent light reflection as Tiger's eye gemstone. It comes in a hue of golden brown and golden yellow colour, and this gemstone is naturally obtained from a fibrous blue mineral known as a crocodile. It offers flawless textures and is generally recognized for the finest cut. Plus, it also comes in shades of red and many more colours that can be obtained with the artificial process called heat treatment.

Cats Eye Apatite

It's a semi-precious cat's eye gemstone that comes from the mineral Apatite family and appears in yellow to bluish-green. It is an alternative to Chrysoberyl cat's eye gemstone that promotes positivity and spirituality in an individuals' life. It is highly recommended to enhance social awareness, gain financial profits, improve bone health and surround the wearer with positivity. Because of its authentic, stunning appearance, it is highly demanded in jewelry making, and people desire to adore this gemstone in the form of rings, pendants, and earrings.

Who Should Wear Cat's Eye?

Cat's eye gemstone is also recognized as Lehsunia in Hindi, and it's an opaque gemstone formed with the chemical composition of Beryllium Aluminium oxide that features a stunning appearance as a cat's eye. Generally, it comes in browns and greenish-brown, and it is believed that this gemstone eradicates evil's influence.

Moreover, Ketu determines the goods and worse of karmic outcomes of an individual. It decides the favours and punishments for individuals according to their past and present. In this case, Cat's eye gemstone prevents a person from the evil eye and protects them from the worst effects of Rahu and Ketu.

This gemstone is associated with astrology and features different benefits and effects for different individuals as per their horoscope. Therefore, it is prescribed to consult with an astrologer and wear this effective gemstone by examining your horoscope. It is associated with the planet Ketu and also with the Rahu that is a shadow of Ketu. However, generally, people wear Cat's eye to gain benefits from Ketu, but it is crucial to wear it with the consultation of an astrologer.

The Exclusive Benefits of Cat's Eye

Call it Lehsuni, Vaidurya, and Chrysoberyl Cat's Eye; all these names are the same and resemble intriguing features with suspicious benefits that transform a person's life into a happy one. It is associated with Planet Ketu or the South Node of the Moon and features several properties that favours a person with the positivity of these planets' power. It offers fast and effective benefits in the owner's life and eliminates the bad effects of Rahu and Ketu from a person's life.

Benefit in Your Profession- Whatever profession you belong to, wearing this stone can improve the growth of your profession and create new opportunities for your development. It makes you self-dependent, determines, and favors you in health and wealth.

Improve Health- Cosmic color rays are transmitted from the Cat's eye stone that prevents its owner from cancer and paralysis. Furthermore, it helps you improve the digestive system, removes skin issues, and offers good health.

Prevent You from Evil's Eye- If you frequently suffer from financial, health, and emotional issues, it is recommended to wear Cat's eye as it prevents you from evil influences and overcomes the destructive effects of Mars. Additionally, it frees you from negative thoughts and fear.

Fight Against Diseases- Cat's eye Chrysoberyl is a recommended gemstone for those who frequently fall ill. It contains mystical properties that offer you good health by protecting you against diseases. Furthermore, it detaches you from negative vibes and surrounds you with positivity

Enhance Wisdom- By wearing Cat's eye stone, a person can improve their knowledge as it develops new energy and mindset that eventually enhance the intelligence and personality of its owner.

How To Choose the Best Quality Cat's Eye?

If you buy a Cat's eye gemstone, inquire about its quality and purchase an authentic one from a reliable place. It is believed that an authentic Cat's eye favours a person in improving his/her health and makes their life happy and healthy. Consequently, here we mentioned some points that will help you find the real Cat's eye gemstone.

Colour is the critical and foremost factor that determines the quality of the gemstone. Naturally, it comes in a range of yellow shades with bluish effects of intense dark colour. But if you get various shades of Cat's eye, it is an artificially treated gemstone that doesn't feature astrological benefits.

Cat's eye gemstone is an immensely durable and hard stone that comes in a 7.5 Mohs scale of density. It easily gets scratched; therefore, an original one comes with some scratch on the surface.

Astrologers proclaimed that Cat's eye effect, colour, and clarity determine the quality of the gemstone. Therefore, get the Cat's eye gemstone with a spotless and polished surface with dark yellow colour.


Chrysoberyl Cat's Eye is recognized as the best quality Cat's eye stone, but it is quite expensive and not affordable for all. Hence, Quartz Cat's eye is the best substitute for it as it is affordable and features many properties similar to Chrysoberyl Cat's Eye.

Unlike other gemstones, there are specific rules that a wearer should follow to gain positive effects on Cat's eye. It is prescribed to wear Cat's eye with metal, and silver is the highly preferable metal for auspicious benefits, and panchdhatu comes second. Furthermore, astrologers suggest wearing it in the middle finger of your right hand or working hand (left-handed people can wear it in their left hand).

Cat's eye gemstone is associated with magical features and astrological properties that positively support its owner. However, it functions differently as per a person's horoscope; thus, it is recommended to take an astrologer's advice before wearing any gemstone. Moreover, it is recommended for Pieces and Leo as per the Vedic and Western astrology.