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Pitambari Neelambari Gemstone

Pitambari Neelambari

Pitambari Neelambari is one of the precious stones that resemble two colours, yellow and blue that's why it is called Pitambari Neelam (yellow and blue). It belongs to a Corundum mineral family and is highly renowned for its appearance and Vedic beliefs as it's a rare stone that features a combination of two planets. It is associated with Jupiter and Saturn and favours a person's fortune dealing with financial and health issues. This bi-color stone is recommended for people who desire to improve their luck and life.

Pitambari Neelam contains metaphysical powers and represents the power of Jupiter and Saturn that are responsible for the position of planets in a person's horoscope. It has great space in Vedic and Western astrology; plus, it is on-demand in the jewelry industry. It is highly found in countries like Pakistan, India, Burma, Sri Lanka, and various parts of the world. It holds spiritual and healing properties that improve the life of a person.

Pitmabari Neelam majorly comes in two colours and a combination of yellow and blue colour. But sometimes you can find it in three colours that are yellow, blue and white. Naturally, it's rare to find the combination of these three colours, but separately you can get precious textures and hues of white, blue, and yellow in Pitambari. Astrologers favours this stone for individuals as it contains healing properties and resembles features of Jupiter and Saturn. It's an ideal stone for people seeking to improve social status, good health, and financial growth.

Types of Pitambari/Neelambari

Pitambari Neelam is the only stone that features the properties of Neelam and Pukhraj as it appears blue and yellow in colour. It has a special place in astrology and is recommended for people to improve luck and growth as per their horoscope and birth chart because it's the stone that holds the metaphysical property. Significantly, Pitambari Neelam is not classified into various categories, but experts classified this stone based on its origin.

Pitambari Neelam is a precious sapphire that holds mystical properties and is majorly found in various parts of the world. It empowers the horoscopes of an individual as it contains astrological features of Saturn and Jupiter. It's a beneficial stone for people who have a business-related to iron and gold. Additionally, it has a great value in jewelry making because of its admirable appearance and hue.

It occurs in a limited quantity in various parts of the world, and Sri Lankan Pitambri Neelam is the most valued stone with a high international value. Mining locations of east-Asian countries are majorly known for producing quality Pitambari Neelam. Countries like India, the USA, Burma, Brazil, Sri Lanka are the frequent Pitambari Sapphire producers. However, blue and yellow coloured Pitambari sapphire is most famous for its quality and appearance.

Who Should Wear Pitambari/Neelambari?

Pitambari Neelam is the only stone that features properties of two planets; Saturn and Jupiter. Both planets are renowned for different astrological features and beliefs. It empowers the weak horoscope of a person and is beneficial for the person whose Saturn is placed in the sign of the sun. It empowers the weak horoscope of a person as it has the combining power of two planets. It effectively eliminates negative energy from the wearer's life and promotes positive power that enhances prosperity and good fortune.

Furthermore, this stone is not recommended for all as it holds the mystical power of two planets Saturn and Jupiter. As per the Vedic astrology, there are very rare horoscopes that require combining astrological powers of Saturn and Jupiter as majorly people prefer to wear separate stones as per their horoscope. Blue Sapphire (Neelam) is associated with Saturn planet, and Yellow Sapphire (Pukhraj) is connected to Jupiter. Astrologers wouldn't suggest wearing both stones together as it can cause adverse effects. Hence, Pitambari Neelam is the perfect stone that features properties of both stones and favours the fortune of an individual.

As per Vedic astrology, it's a beneficiary stone for those who have weak horoscopes and requires a materialism power to strengthen them. Plus, western astrology considers Pitambari Neelam as a birthstone and believes it holds healing energies. It is also recommended for those who are facing difficulties in their career and profession. It's a beneficial stone that is helpful in improving career and growth opportunities. Astrologers recommend this stone to people belonging to administration, teaching, speaker, army, and allied services fields.

The Exclusive Benefits of Pitambari/ Neelambari

Call it Neelambari or Pitambari Neelam; it's a precious sapphire that reflects two hues with a beautiful shade and texture. It bestows its wearer with several benefits as it's an astrological stone with numerous advantages. However, it's a stone that you can find in several parts of the world, including India, Asia, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and many more. This stone brings good fortune and prosperity to an individual's life, and its various benefits are enlisted below:

Bless Prosperity

It's rare to find the conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter. Pitambari Neelam is the stone that reflects features of both planets and favours an individual's life with joy and happiness.

Improve Reputation

Pitambari Neelam is an auspicious stone that improves the personality of its wearer and bestows them with name, fame, and respect in society. It's an ideal stone to polish the personality of an individual.

Improve Your Wisdom

According to astrology, Neelambari is beneficial to improve the intellectuality and wisdom of a person. It features properties of Jupiter and Saturn that are helpful in pleasing the mind and stay you back from anxiety and mental pressure.

Boost Financial Status

Pitambari Neelam is an ideal stone that helps an individual grow their business. It's a helpful stone in improving your career growth and financial issues. It is recommended for individuals suffering from financial problems.

Enhance Self-Confidence

By wearing Pitambari, an individual can regain their self-confidence. It blesses you with good fortune and the rewards that you deserve in life.

Prevent You From Diseases

If you suffer from health issues, it is recommended to wear Pitambary. It holds mystical and healing properties that prevent you from diabetes, joint pains, and blood pressure.

How To Choose the Best Quality of Pitambari/ Neelambari?

Pitambari Neelam holds special space in astrology as it endows benefits of two planets and contains healing properties. It is also an ideal stone to improve a person's health and cures diseases like diabetes, joint ache, heart disease, and blood pressure problems. Unlike other gemstones, its quality determines its value in the market, and generally, it features a yellow and blue colour that shows a stunning shine. Some stones have blue colour in the major part while some of the stones have a blue colour; along with this, some Pitambari Neelam shows the combination of blue, yellow, and white colour. Moreover, its quality highly depends upon the three factors; origin, colour, and clarity.


Pitambary Neelam is a rare stone that is limited in some parts of the world. Majorly, it is produced in east-Asian countries like India, Sri Lanka, Burma, the USA, Brazil. Ceylonese Pitambari Neelam is the most valued stone, and after that, Burmese yellow, blue sapphires hold a special place in the market because of their fine quality.


It's the common factor that determines the stone's quality. In Pitambari Neelam, yellow colours play a significant role in determining the quality of the stone. However, blue sapphires with yellow tints are also regarded as worthy stones. A deep, bright coloured stone with glazing hues of yellow and blue is determined as the market's quality stones.


Generally, Pitambari Neelam represents feathers, rutile silk, and fingerprints inclusions, and these are the common inclusions occurring in the sapphire gemstones. Pitambari Neelam with minimum inclusions is regarded as the ideal stone.


It is recommended to wear Pitambari Neelam as per the horoscope of an individual, and astrologers recommend wearing this stone on the working hand in the middle or ring finger. Saturday and Thursday are the ideal days to wear Pitambari Neelam. Plus, it is recommended to wear it in the morning in Shukla Paksha.

Pitambari Neelam is an excellent stone with unique features, and silver is the best stone to wear. Plus, you can also wear this stone with gold and panchdhatu.

There are several places in the world where you can get mining locations of Pitambari Neelam. However, it's a rare stone that features special and mystical properties. East-Asian countries are highly renowned for producing the best quality Pitambari. Ceylonese and Burmese Pitambari stones are the high-value stones in the market.