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Blue Sapphire Gemstone

Blue Sapphire

Blue Sapphire is an extremely valuable and highly precious gemstone and a central astrological gem within the nine grahas or planets. It belongs to the mineral Corundum family and is associated with astrology and several benefits. It's a powerful gemstone that brings fame, wealth, and success to an individual's life.

It comes in various blue colors with different shades and inclusions; the violetish blue gemstone is the most precious and attractive hue of Blue Sapphire, and it gains a unique color because of the presence of titanium and iron. It is commonly found in many geographical areas: Myanmar, Sri Lanka, South Africa, Vietnam, Afghanistan, United States, Thailand, China, and many more. It is believed that the finest quality of Blue Sapphire originates from Kashmir (India) and Sri Lanka.

Furthermore, the cost of the Blue Sapphire is different in different areas as per its quality, and its astrological properties are connected with the Saturn planet. It is also called Neelam in Hindi and is considered the birthstone of September. This precious gemstone is extremely precious and has drastic effects on an individual's life. It also prevents its wearers from misfortune and accidents, so overall it's a powerful astrological gemstone.

Types of Blue Sapphire

Many people wonder to find the best quality Blue Sapphire; however, the price of Blue Sapphire depends upon its type. Blue Sapphire reflects an authentic luster that captivates people. Although it is divided into various forms as per its colour, the primary categorization of Blue Sapphire is based on its origin.

Kashmir Blue Sapphire

It's an imperial gemstone and highly famous for its magnificent hue, a combination of medium-dark blue and violet. Kashmir Blue Sapphire is considered the most valuable gemstone, and now, it's rare to find. The mining of the Kashmir Blue Sapphire got restricted in 1938, and now you can rarely find this precious gem. It's highly expensive because of its unique crystal clear appearance and glazing hue.

Burma Blue Sapphire

It comes after the Kashmir Blue Sapphire in quality and a high base of lovers in the market. It gained high popularity as it is connected with Vedic astrology and people wear rings and pendants of this semi-precious gemstone. However, it's also a reflected colour of blue and violet; it generally appears in electric blue colour and offers a crystal clear surface.

Ceylon Blue Sapphire

Ceylon is a mining location in Sri Lanka, and this location produces the finest form of Blue Sapphire. However, Ceylon Blue Sapphire comes at third number in quality and is famous for its uneven hue. It generally has a light and clear blue colour with gray masking that reflects; it has a lower saturation level. Despite all the reasons and light colours, this Sri Lankan gemstone has a valuable place among the types of Blue Sapphire.

Thailand Blue Sapphire

Thailand Blue Sapphire is one of the most precious gemstones in the jewelry industry, and this type of gemstone is highly obtained from Chanthaburi and Kanchanaburi (places in Sri Lanka). It comes in dark colour and has a clear and transparent appearance that attracts buyers. Thus, it has a vast demand in the jewelry industry. Additionally, Thailand Blue Sapphire also comes in a greenish-blue colour that is rare to find.

Australia Blue Sapphire

It is obtained from the crust of Australia and has a distinctive dark blue colour that is very demanded among people. However, it is used to get light Blue Sapphire gemstones by the heating process. So, it can be said that it has a light and dark blue colour. Furthermore, this semi-precious type of Blue Sapphire also contains some metaphysical properties that increase its demand among the people.

Who Should Wear Blue Sapphire?

Blue Sapphire is not an ordinary stone as it is associated with astrological beliefs and benefits. However, take advice from an astrologer before wearing the authentic Blue Sapphire. It is connected with Karmic Saturn that determines the effect on a person. It is recommended for those who have bad effects of Shani; therefore, it is considered to wear with caution as sometimes it adversely affects the wearer.

Neelam is the Hindi name of Blue Sapphire that gives powerful effects to its wearer. As per the Indian Astrology, it's an ideal gemstone for Makar and Kumbh (Capricorn and Aquarius) Rashi. Plus, it is characterized as a birthstone of Libra as per western astrology. Gemini, Taurus, and Virgo can also wear this gemstone to promote their good luck.

Furthermore, it is suggested to gaze at your horoscope and then wear this unique featured gemstone with the consultation of an astrologer. Additionally, there are many things that a wearer should consider before using this mystical Blue Sapphire as wrong wearing can cause serious bad effects on a person.

The Exclusive Benefits of Blue Sapphire

In astrology, Blue Sapphire is considered as the most powerful gemstone that blesses its wearer with positive things. It is called various names that are Neelam, Neelamani, Neela Pukhraj, Indraneelam, Indraneel, and many more in Hindi. Still, all these games offer the same benefits in a person's life. It's not a modern and artificial gemstone; people have believed in it from ancient times. It has the property to resolve the financial, psychological, and professional problems in an individual's life. Some of its benefits are as follows:

Give a pleasant mind- Blue Sapphire is prescribed as an effective gemstone for mental therapy. It calms the anxiety of a person and makes him/her free with creative thinking.

Benefits in business and property matter- If you are looking for some magic to rebuild your business, wear this authentic gemstone and open new ways of success.

Improve your fortune- It's believed that Blue Sapphire is a lucky charm for individuals who wear it with a name and correct process. It improves your fortune and makes everything as you want.

Widespread your name and fame- Wear Blue Sapphire; you will ultimately notice that it improves your recognition and builds your name and fame among the people.

Make you focused and disciplined- Blue Sapphire is connected with Saturn Planet and contains properties that discipline your life and fulfill all your desires as per the time.

How To Choose the Best Quality Blue Sapphire?

Unlike other gemstones, the quality of Blue Sapphire is determined on the basis of origin, clarity, and colour; an additional factor is also included to identify the genuine Blue Sapphire that is unique. However, a buyer must know about all the factors to get an authentic Blue Sapphire. The following factors are explained below:

Origin- It's a crucial factor that sets the quality and price of the Blue Sapphire in the market. However, several mining locations and origins of the Blue Sapphire, such as Thailand, India, Sri Lanka, and many more. Different origins produce different qualities of Blue Sapphire.

Clarity- Inclusions are natural in gemstones that evaluate their clarity. However, the inclusions in Blue Sapphire appear as thin thread, so consider one that offers transparent clarity in the gemstone.

Colour- The darkest and true blue colour of Blue Sapphire is appraised as the most precious and quality-oriented gemstone. However, Kashmir Blue Sapphire is the most expensive gemstone because it fits with the deep colour range and has a clear and transparent dark blue colour.

Uniqueness- Blue Sapphire is also called Star Sapphire as it reflects a star-shaped lustrous. It has a star print on its top and on the surface.


Yes, you can wear Blue Sapphire with your right hand in the middle finger, and it's a astrologers' recommendation. Furthermore, you can wear Blue Sapphire in the form of a necklace and earring so that it touches your body and benefits you.

Blue Sapphire favors different people in different ways, and its benefits depend on the zodiac sign. Therefore, different forms of Blue Sapphire tend to attract different people. Generally, dark-colored and saturated Blue Sapphire is the ideal gemstone, and Indraneel stone is the most precious one having high demand.

Yes, you can consider natural and untreated Blue Sapphire as the best. However, astrologers suggest that a heavy weighted and natural carat of Blue Sapphire is ideal for wearing, and more than 2 carats of Blue Sapphire is considered as the ideal gemstone.