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Vastu for Windows Doors

Vastu Tips for Windows and Doors

Owning your house of dreams is a desire everybody wishes to fulfil. People work hard day and night, save every single penny to fulfil the dreams and lead a peaceful life in the house they desire. But, sometimes when one dream gets fulfilled, there are problems that take a seat. Many people believe that in order to lead a happy, satisfied and peaceful life it is important to walk according to the rules of nature and follow spirituality. Many realtors and building agents offer people well constructed, well furnished and maintained houses at a budget they ask for, but still why do people prefer to construct the house on their own? What is the need to construct the house according to the instructions?

Well, there is a list of reasons to construct the house according to the instructions; the main reason is to get what you wish for. Constructing the house by self also means that you can follow Vastu Shastra and keep all the negativity and problems at a distance. Many people believe that structure of a house according to Vastu Shastra is very important as it prevents the house from evil eyes and problems that might arise. With increasing benefits and appreciation of Vastu Shastra, people are taking a big step towards it.

Well, for a house, its windows and doors are the pillars without which a house cannot stand tall. To welcome positivity and liveliness in the house, here are some of the Vastu Tips for Windows and Doors; all you need is to follow religiously:

Even Numbers :

Have you ever heard of even and odd numbers? Of course, in math everybody has learnt about even and odd numbers, even many people believe that leaving a house at odd numbers, selecting a date of a function on an odd number is not good. Similarly, in Vastu Shastra, it is said that no matter how many windows and doors a house have, make sure they are in even number. Avoid one, three, five, seven, nine, and thirteen and so on; try using an even number of windows and doors for better flow of energy.

Cross Ventilation :

Windows and doors are specially meant for cross ventilation and movement purposes. In case, the house is getting newly constructed, try to fix windows by keeping cross-ventilation in mind. Also, make sure to fix all the windows and doors in an opposite direction as it will attract more light, allow more air to enter and keep the area lightened up.

Center of the Wall :

According to Vastu Shastra, there must not be any pole, door or anything else in the center of the room. Also, make sure that the doors are never placed in the center of the wall; they look good at the corners.

Directions for the entrances :

It is very important to keep right entrances according to the directions of the house to be in tune with Vastu Shastra. As per the rules of Vastu Shastra, the south facing houses must have north facing entrances, north facing houses with north entrances so that they fall in the eastern half. Similarly, west facing houses have entrance towards west so that the main door falls in the Northern side. Houses with east side faces must have entrances fixed at the east side so that the door falls towards northern side.

Adjacent Doors :

For an auspicious environment in the house, always make sure that the main gates of two houses must never open towards each other.

Selecting the right wood :

There are many types of trees present in the whole world which mean there are different varieties of wood available. People often feel that using best quality wood that is cheaper in price must be considered, but according to the rules of Vastu Shastra, Teak wood is the one to be preferred. Teak is known to be one of the solid woods available, which is used for long lasting doors and windows; also it attracts positive energies into the house.

Furnishing Articles :

A house is incomplete without its furniture, paintings, statues and furnishing articles. Vastu Shastra says that it is very good to keep the house furnished, but for better results and more prosperity avoid square shaped articles and uneven cut articles. Try to put furnishing articles that are circular, rectangular and any other unique shape with fewer cuts and look elegant.

Symmetry :

To make a house look good and appealing, always keep in mind the right proportion and height for the windows. Vastu Shastra explains that all the windows must have symmetry and fixed to the right and in equal proportion regarding height.

No Obstruction in the front of Main Entrance :

Entrance is that one place which leaves the first impression. It is very important to keep the entrance clean and well maintained without any obstructions like plants or hangings. Also, avoid temple in the entrance, keep the entrance wide, clean and positive.

Right direction for the doors :

People find it confusing where to construct the doors according to the staircase. According to Vastu Shastra, the door of the rooms must be at the beginning or the end of the staircase as this will avoid the hindrances, save the space and make the house look spacious and big.

Doorways :

Vastu Shastra says that constructing doorways in the eastern direction is very auspicious, in case it is difficult to construct a doorway in the east; the next preference is in the western and northern direction. For doorways, the southern direction is a big “no” as it is not considered suitable.

To conclude, you construct a house once in a lifetime; it is a place where you find love and peace. So, follow the above tips, instruct the architect about the doors and windows for a beautiful house to cherish every day and also allow the happiness spread like a wind.