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Vastu for Garden Plants Trees

Vastu Tips For Garden Plant Trees

A dream house is a house where life belongs. People often imagine a place where they can spend their whole life with family peacefully. When a person talks about constructing a house, the first picture that comes to mind is a beautiful house with a small garden where children play, and parents relax and enjoy sunny days. Gone is the time when standing four walls was considered a house, now people like big houses with a beautiful garden to play and relax, a garage for all the vehicles and a breathtaking terrace. Well, planning to have a garden in the house is one thing but designing a garden is a huge task. It takes proper planning, guidance and interaction with dealers to construct a garden and keep it clean and evergreen. Vastu Shastra comes up with certain rules for a garden in the house so that the house is full of serenity, prosperity, happiness and positive energies.

Auspicious Plants for the Garden:

Neem Tree













Let’s have a look at some of the tips according to rules of Vastu Shastra for a beautiful and blissful garden:

Placement of the Plants :

Basil plant or Tulsi is considered very auspicious for the house. Many families even worship the plant as it is considered gods live in this plant. Vastu says to always keep basil plant within the limits of the house and water the plant every day. On the other hand, planting Jasmine on the pathways is considered auspicious.

Direction for the Garden :

Constructing a garden is one of the major task which requires utmost care and thought. According to the principles stated in Vastu Shastra, gardens, lawns and decorative plants should be planted in the east or north direction. If a person plans to install a waterfall, then the right direction of the fall is on the east or north direction, three to four feet above the ground. Avoid north-east and north-west corner.

Decorative plants and Nest :

There are many types of plants and decorative items available for the garden. Make sure the plants are short and not more than three feet tall, and the birds nest must be placed in the north-west direction of the garden.

Focal Point of the Garden :

There is always a focal point of any area which is often comforting and inspiring. For a garden, the focal points can be a small fountain, fish aquarium, rocky landscaping and peaceful statues. Avoid any violent item in the garden as it can take away the serenity of the place.

Cleanliness :

For any place, cleanliness is very important. Of course, no person can lead a life in a dirty, filthy place. Similarly, a garden will look beautiful only if it is cleaned regularly, also, cleaning regularly, cleanse the place and removes negative vibrations. Make it a habit to clean dry creepers, dead leaves, flowers, overgrown shrubs and weeds every day. Hire a gardener and make it a rule to use the mower and get the garden mowed regularly and creates a smooth flow of energies.

The entrance of the Garden :

Planting a jasmine plant near the entrance and constructing pathways is considered auspicious. A pathway from the front gate towards main entrance with jasmine planted on the sides is beneficial. Also, keep a check that there is no plant in the middle of the path as it restricts the walk and also considered bad for the garden.

Directions for the Trees :

No garden is complete without trees. There can be a huge variety of trees available in the market. But, when it comes to planting trees that bear fruit, the east direction is beneficial and for a beautiful yet small rock garden with unique rocks and statues, south-west corner of the garden is the best.

Swimming pool for the Garden :

Many people are fond of having a swimming pool in the garden as it is very refreshing to swim under the sun. Vastu Shastra advises building a swimming pool facing north or north-east direction. Having a swimming pool in the garden is quite a task to be taken care of, avoid centre, south, south-east, south-west and even north-west direction as these directions attract negativity. Swimming pool in these directions can also harm the health of the residents and result in unwanted events, so keep a check on the place and then build a swimming pool.

Fountains and water springs :

Fountains and water springs are the major attractions of the garden. You can sit near them, enjoy the fresh sprinkles of water and bid adieu to the stress. But, if the placements are wrong, these two things can be a major cause of mental stress and health issues. Fountains, ponds and artificial springs are beneficial when placed in the centre or the north-east direction.

Items to be kept in the Garden :

Apart from plants and trees, keep water and food pots for the birds in the garden as it attracts good karma. Keep a pot for the sun as it takes away health issues related to stomach and encourages good fortune for life.

Things to Avoid for a Garden:

Avoid Thorny plants like cactus as they are harmful, weaken relationships and bring tensions

Try to avoid bonsai plant as it is very short plant and encourages stunted growth.

Ber and bamboo plants must be planted away from the house.

Plants and trees that are milk bearing, say goodbye to them.

Worship Neem tree but never plant the tree in the house premises. Keep the tree at least 60 meters’ away from the house.

To summarise, having a garden in the house seem beautiful but it is one hell of a task. For a beautiful life where you can sit with your soul mate under a tree and go down the memory lane, all you need is to follow the tips and take a step.