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Vastu for Multistoried Buildings

Vastu Tips for Multi-Storey Building

In this era of modernization, the population is increasing, trees and forests are cut, houses and buildings are getting constructed leaving no personal space for a family to live. In today’s scenario, it is becoming difficult for the people to buy an independent place for the family due to the scarcity of resources. They have to now share the space in the form of flats, apartments and buildings. Many builders prefer constructing multi-storey buildings so that many people can accommodate the place and they can enjoy rental income. It is like making an investment once and enjoys the profits for a lifetime. But, the main problem arises is when the building does not get accommodated when the flats are empty, and the investment done goes in vain.

What is the reason behind the failure of accommodating the place? Do you have any idea how to construct a multi-storey building according to a person’s choice? Well, every builder is aware of constructing residential houses, but a multi-storey building is a hell of a task. The builder must cut down the place in different flats in equal proportion and then divide the flats in different rooms keeping in mind the space for ventilation.

Isn’t it a big and complicated task? Who can help in constructing a multi-storey building in a right manner?

When it comes to the dilemma of construction, Vastu Shastra, the science of architecture take a step ahead as a saviour. Vastu Shastra has the power, right techniques, rules and guidelines which not only helps in the construction of an amazing property but also brings luck, wealth, health and happiness in the family.

So, let’s have a look at Vastu Tips for Multi-storey Building and get rid of the stress of failing in the business:

The shape of the Plot :

When it comes to starting the construction of any property, the first step is to choose a plot. A plot is a space where any construction takes place; it is the ground where a first brick of the property is placed and choosing the right plot plays an important role in the success or failure. Vastu Shastra suggests buying a plot in the east or north direction in rectangular or square shape. Avoid irregular or circular shapes as it causes irregularity in income and also attracts negative energies.

The entrance of the Building :

The entrance of the building represents what inside. It is like making a first impression which leads to further steps. Making an entrance elegant and decorative by planting trees, cutting a side lawn, placing a water fountain and fresh can leave a good impact and attract more clients. Also, Vastu advice to make the entrance in the east or north direction. Keep north-east side of the building for lawn, ground or space for the sunlight to enter the building. But, make sure all the huge trees are planted away from the multi-storey building so that there is no problem while commuting.

The flooring of the Building :

A building is known multi-storey building because of the multiple floors. There are many floors in the building having different flats on every floor. Vastu advises to keep the number of floors in an even number and also the height of the upper floors must be less than the ground floor of the building. Keep a check on the distance between all the floors, Vastu guides to leave some space between all the floors so that the building looks spacious and not cluttered. The right position for space on the floors is in the northeast direction, avoid south or west directions.

Placement of the Water Tanks :

No building is complete without water tanks for daily usage. These tanks are placed in the building for easy water supply where some prefer underwater tanks and others like overhead tanks. To make the supply easy and smooth flowing of water and wealth, Vastu Shastra advice to place the underwater tank or bore well in a north-east direction. In case, there is an overhead tank, then the right direction for the tank is in the south-west corner of the building. Also, make sure to leave at least two feet gap between the floor of the building and tank, and avoid touching the tank with the wall. Keep the area clean so that no negative energies can sit there.

Placement of the Storeroom :

A storeroom is a room where all the waste items are kept. Vastu guides to construct a storeroom in every flat making it easier for the family to keep their items properly. When it comes to a storeroom for the building, the ideal location is the south-west corner.

Placement for the Bathrooms :

Constructing a multi-storey building is not only about constructing a building, but also about syncing the place with all the flats built within. The right direction for the construction of bathroom in a building as well as in the flats is the northeast or north-west direction. Make sure the drainage from the bathroom is made in the north-east corner for happy and satisfied living in the building. This direction is considered auspicious in draining all the negativities, evil eyes, unhappy moments and fights out of the building.

• Some other things to consider :

1. In a multi-storey building, the north-west or west direction is best suited for toilets.

2. Construct a balcony or a patio in east or north portion of the building. Also, a small balcony in every flat works the best for the residents.

3. Avoid north-east corner for the bedrooms; it is considered inauspicious for sleeping.

4. Use south or west sides of the building for constructing the staircase.

To conclude, of course, construction of a multi-storey building is quite a task and involves huge risk. But, why not take a risk, make an investment, follow the tips given in Vastu Shastra and make the building the best in the town? Yes, it can happen all you need is to follow the science of architecture and enjoy unlimited profits for a lifetime.