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Vastu for West Facing Plot

Vastu Tips for West Facing Plot

People often prefer choosing north and east side facing properties as these two directions are considered lucky and appropriate. But, every side comes with its pros and cons, there is no such side which is considered bad for living. East, west, south and north, all the sides come with its own pros and cons. East and north side brings success and wealth, on the other hand, the west side is considered good for future prospects and attracts many opportunities for growth and well-being. Still many people fear taking West facing plots, why? What is the problem with West facing plots? Well, there is no such issue in a west facing plots, and when the plots are selected and built according to the rules of Vastu, it transforms into good luck.

Here are some of the Vastu Guidelines given for the Children’s Study room, take a look and then build the room:

Let’s have a look at some of the Tips given in Vastu Shastra for West Facing Plots:


Every property comes with an entrance. When it comes to a west facing plot, Vastu advises dividing the length of the house in two parts that is North West and south west. Between these parts, divide the area into nine equal parts. According to Vastu Shastra, third, fourth and fifth pada is best suited for the entrance. Having entrance in these parts bring prosperity to the owner. Also, make sure to place the entrance on the west side to bid adieu to any negativity and evil eyes from the area.

Open Area:

In South facing houses, first and the second pada is used for open space before the entrance. Vastu says that you can place the entrance in first and second pada, but it does not leave any impact.

Walls of the plot:

No matter what type of plot is, there are always around the area to protect it from outside damage. Walls are also used to segregate the area and divide it into parts. For the west facing plots, Vastu advises keeping a check on the walls. It is advisable to keep the south and west side walls thick and strong than east and north walls. East and north region is often advised to leave open as the sun rays enter, on the other hand, west and south areas seem to be prone to negativity thus having thick walls is considered auspicious.

Placement for Kitchen:

Building kitchen in the right position is very important. The kitchen is the place which brings contentment, satisfaction and prosperity in the house, and when it comes to west facing houses, kitchen plays a vital role. According to the rules stated in Vastu Shastra, Kitchen must be placed in North West or south east direction. The first preference must be given to south east direction, in case, this direction is not available then north-west seem best. Strictly avoid any other position for the Kitchen.

Placement for Bedroom:

There are many rooms in the house, from the living room to pooja room to master bedroom. Out of all the rooms, Master Bedroom is the most important; it is the room where the owners live. For the west facing plots, it is considered auspicious to locate the master bedroom in south west corner. If there are many floors in the house, then constructing the master bedroom on the top floor is best suited as it brings success, harmony and blessings from ancestors.

Placement for Kid’s Room:

Since master bedroom is for the parents and owners of the property, there is always a kid’s room for the children. There can be one room for the kids or separate room for children depending on the need. For the betterment of children, Vastu advises constructing the kid’s room in south, west or north-west direction. These directions enhance concentration and focus in the minds and bring peace in life.

Placement of the Guest Bedroom:

If you are willing to have a guest bedroom in the house. For West facing plots, North-west direction is considered auspicious. This direction leads to a happy and short stay and also encourages harmonious relations with family.

Sloping of the Plot:

For West facing plots, slopes from south to north is considered auspicious.

West facing plots are somewhat challenging, but there is no such thing that does not come with a solution. Vastu Shastra, the science of architecture, comes up with every solution, all you need is to follow the solution and opt for a west facing plot with a smile.