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Vastu for Financial Success

Vastu For Financial Success

“Money, money everywhere but not even a single penny to spend.” Often people complain and say this line when they lack monetary resources, and the materialistic life is difficult. To enjoy life, lead a luxury lifestyle or even to survive in this world, a person needs money.

Ever imagine living in a world that is not materialistic? Well, that is the perfect and blissful living condition without suffering, agitation and regrets but sadly, it is practically impossible to lead a life without money. Vastu Shastra comes up with a wide range of tips on finance which not only help a person to earn money but also allow a person to grab various opportunities and climb the highest level of success.

Why use Vastu Shastra in houses for better Finance?

It is said, if the house is not constructed in a proper manner, in a wrong direction, it blocks finance and does not let a person grow. It becomes a hindrance in a person’s goals and instead attracts negativity which takes money away.

Here are some of the Vastu Shastra tips on finance which attracts money and brings riches in the family:

Placement of Cash Locker:

Cash locker or cash almirah is separately made in every house to preserve money. It is considered auspicious to bring all the money home and place it in the cash locker or almirah as a safety measure. Vastu Shastra advises placing the almirah in the South or South-west side so that it opens in the north direction, the direction of Lord Kuber which allows the Lord to fill it again and again. Avoid placing cash locker in any other direction as it can take away the money.

Mirror to Reflect:

This is one of the famous trick used by people to attract money. Placing a mirror in front of the cash locker is considered good in Vast Shastra. A mirror is known to reflect and multiplies and when a mirror reflects money it tends to multiply the money. But, also make sure to avoid any high beam near the locker or almirah as it can create pressure and negativity which tend to create financial stress and loss of money in the family.

Open Areas:

In a house there are certain areas which are kept open. Choosing right direction open and clutter-free allows money and opportunities to enter and multiply the prospects. According to Vastu Shastra, keeping the north-east portion clutter-free and open at all times attracts wealth. It is advisable to avoid constructing staircase in this area and keeping any heavy machinery as it can block the entrance and decrease the inflow of money in the house.

Buildings to avoid:

While choosing the plot for the construction of property or house, make sure to avoid any high buildings or temples in the North-east direction. In case, there are high rise buildings and temples in this direction then make sure their shadow doesn’t fall on your home or plot. Also, avoid any curved wall in the North-east corner of the boundary wall. Try making right angled walls.

Entrance door:

The main entrance of the house must be kept clean and clutter-free. Vastu suggests decorating the entrance door of your home distinctively to enable prosperity and wealth find you easily. Also, do not forget to decorate the name and number plate of your home. It makes the home look good, keeps the area bright and beautifully coloured.

Colour of the room:

Colours represent nature and acts as an agent in attracting money. The purple colour is known to attract money that is why Vastu advises painting the room purple where cash locker is placed. Also, it is advised to keep a purple coloured plant in your home. In case, it becomes difficult to find a purple coloured plant then the best viable option is to grow a money plant in a purple coloured pot. This brings money into the home and makes businesses flourish.

Things to Avoid:

Avoid making any swimming pool, water body, water fountain or anything related to water lower than the normal ground level in the South-west corner.

Always keep south and west walls of the house and boundary higher and thicker than the walls in North and east side.

Make sure the plot you buy has more or at least equal elevation that the surrounding roads. Vastu advises avoiding buying a plot that is lower than the road.

To attract money, Vastu advises planting big and huge trees in the South-west portion of the plot. Planting trees also help in avoiding misfortunes and mishaps in family and business.

Avoid planting big and high trees on the north-east side of a plot as it can become a reason behind obstructing financial flow.

Vastu advises placing a water fountain in the north-east portion of the house. Make sure that water in the fountain is always moving, movement of water denotes energy flow, positive energy and wealth.

Keeping a fish aquarium in the houses especially in the north-east portion of the main hall or living room is considered auspicious. But, make sure to keep the aquarium clean, clear and aerated.

To conclude, life cannot move ahead without money; it is essential to earning good amount of money to live a happy, healthy and luxury life. To attract finances, follow these Vastu tips and enjoy a lavish lifestyle.