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Planetary Positions Today

Planet Positions Today 13/6/2024, Thursday for Delhi, India.
This page shows the current positions of the planets at a specified time June 13, 2024 at 04:21.

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Delhi, India
June 2024
North South East
Lagan Chart June 13, 2024 at 04:21

PlanetSign/LongitudeHouseNakshtraNakshtra LordFull DegreeSpeed
LagnaTaurus / 29° 42’ 44” 1Mrigashirsha-2Ma59° 42’ 44” 0’ 0”
SuryaTaurus / 28° 17’ 54” 1Mrigashirsha-2Ma58° 17’ 54” 57’ 20”
ChandraLeo / 14° 59’ 37” 4Poorva Phalguni-1Ve134° 59’ 37” 712’ 15”
MangalAries / 08° 38’ 29” 12Ashwini-3Ke08° 38’ 29” 44’ 21”
Budha (S)Taurus / 26° 12’ 43” 1Mrigashirsha-1Ma56° 12’ 43” 132’ 55”
GuruTaurus / 10° 00’ 58” 1Rohini-1Mo40° 00’ 58” 14’ 44”
Shukra (S)Gemini / 00° 34’ 44” 2Mrigashirsha-3Ma60° 34’ 44” 74’ 43”
ShaniAquarius / 24° 55’ 18” 10Purva Bhadrapada-2Ju324° 55’ 18” 2’ 36”
Rahu (R)Pisces / 17° 59’ 40” 11Revati-1Me347° 59’ 40” -3’ 11”
Ketu (R)Virgo / 17° 59’ 40” 5Hasta-3Mo167° 59’ 40” -3’ 11”

PlanetLongitudeLongitude SpeedLatitudeLatitude SpeedDistanceDistance SpeedRiseSet
Udhay Lagan
Start Time
End Time
05:31 AM
05:31 AM
07:45 AM
07:45 AM
10:06 AM
10:06 AM
12:23 PM
12:23 PM
02:39 PM
02:39 PM
04:59 PM
04:59 PM
07:17 PM
07:17 PM
09:21 PM
09:21 PM
11:04 PM
11:04 PM
12:31 AM
12:31 AM
01:56 AM
01:56 AM
03:31 AM
Bhaav Lagan
Gemini 00° 49’ 26”
Hora Lagan
Gemini 03° 20’ 58”
Ghati Lagan
Gemini 10° 55’ 34”
Vighati Lagan
Cancer 05° 58’ 06”
Sree Lagan
Cancer 14° 32’ 29”
Varanda Lagan
Leo 03° 03’ 42”
Dhuma Lagan
Libra 11° 37’ 54”
Vyatipata Lagan
Virgo 18° 22’ 06”
Parivesha Lagan
Pisces 18° 22’ 06”
Chapa Lagan
Aries 11° 37’ 54”
Upketu Lagan
Aries 28° 17’ 52”
Maandi Lagan
Taurus 28° 16’ 02”
Kaala Lagan
Sagittarius 18° 01’ 37”
Mrityu Lagan
Aquarius 00° 34’ 57”
Ardha Prahar Lagan
Yama Ghantak Lagan
Gulika Lagan
Taurus 10° 03’ 28”
Planet Planetary Positions

Current Planet Positions

According to astrology, the importance of the Sidereal Planetary Positions is very high, which is also known as Nirayana. By analysing the positions of the stars and planetary, the astrologers help us to make our Kundli. Even by examining the position of the planetary positions, various rituals and festivals also happened. It also creates a very significant influence on a people's life. Besides that, with the advantage of the Sidereal Planetary Positions, all of the experienced astrologers can also help us to identify the quality and quantity of a particular day, week, month, or year. Even by noticing the date of birth or birth chart, we can also understand the whole concept of planetary positions.

Besides that, by taking the oppositions of the sun and the Moon, the planetary positions have been decided. There are 12 square houses in the birth chart, and there are 12 Zodiac signs. In India, the position of the Moon also helps us to understand the Rashi of a particular person. Not only that, all of the 12 Zodiac signs also consists of 30 degrees each. And each one of the degrees is influenced by the positions of the planetary. On the other side, there are 27 stars together, and each one of the stars is influenced by 13.333 degrees.

Meaning Of A Planetary Position In Kundli

The Nirayana or Sidereal Planetary Positions are the combination of certain Planets, Zodiac symbols, and houses. According to the birth chart, the influence of the planetary position has been decided, and people can also get to know the positive or negative impacts on their lives. Each one of the significant planets has its own individual meaning. There are two types of planets, which are inner and Outer planets. The inner planet moves very fast. In comparison with the inner planet, the outer planet takes a lot of time to move. To complete one single Zodiac symbol cycle it takes almost or more than seven years.

Sun Position

According to Vedic astrology, when a new baby or person is born, the Sun takes place. Besides that, the symbol of the Sun is also identified as the Zodiac symbol. With the advantage of astrology, we can understand the position of the Sun, and it is also considered a star. Besides depositions of the Sun, all of the native people of India also considered the position of the Moon. Throughout the whole year, the Sun moves through the zodiac sky to complete its cycle. According to Vedic astrology, there are 12 houses in both charts, and the Sun remains for 30 days for each one of the houses. Not only that, we also know the thing that there are 12 sun symbols.

Each one of the sun symbols is blessed with a lot of characteristics. Besides that, the Sun is also considered a leader or ruler. The position of the Sun can also decide the characteristics like ego, Status, personality, and genuineness of a person. Besides that, the maximum number of native people likes to take all of the advantages and disadvantages, but they also know or show their interest in knowing other's characteristics. Besides that, the position of the Sun can also help us to understand the situations of destiny, style, and purpose of life. Initially, it also plays a very important role in each one of the individual native people's careers. Significantly, all of the other planets also move around the Sun.

Moon Position

To change the position of the moon or to go from one place to another place of the symbols, the moon normally takes two or three days to complete the cycle. All of the native people who are born under the influence of the Cancer zodiac sign, their main planetary is the moon. With the influence of this planetary moon, the characteristics of each one of the native people of Cancer Zodiac Sign have been decided. Even the feelings like emotions, unconsciousness, Instincts, habits, creativity, and moods are also influenced by it. Just because all of the native people of Cancer needed much more security, they are often influenced by the moon.

Mars Position

To change the direction of the Mars position or to go from one symbol to another symbol, the Mars planet generally takes 6 to 7 weeks to complete the whole cycle. All of the native people who are born under the influence of the Aries zodiac sign are influenced by the position of Mars or the Planet of Mars. Mars is the main ruler of their characters. The influence of the Mars planet can also bring out several characteristics in a person. The characteristics that are influenced by the position of Mars are sex, desire, competition, action, courage, passion, and many other things. Not only that, the planet Mars is also identified as a war planet. In the whole solar system, the mountain of Mars is the highest.

Mercury Position

To change the direction of the Mercury position or to go from one symbol to another symbol, Mercury generally takes 3 to 4 weeks to complete the whole cycle. All of the native people who belong to the zodiac signs of Virgo and Gemini are influenced by the Mercury planet. The planet Mercury is the ruler of their life. With the advantage of Mercury planet, these native people of Gemini and Virgo get a lot of characteristics. The position of the Mercury can also influence several other characteristics like intellect, Language, communication, intelligence, reason, Mind, and several other things. Besides that, planet Mercury is also identified as the Messenger of God, and it can also create an effect on a person's daily communications.

Jupiter Position

To change the direction of the Jupiter position or to go from one symbol to another symbol, the Jupiter planet takes 12 to 13 months to complete the whole cycle. All of the native people who are born under the influence of the Sagittarius zodiac sign are influenced by the position of Jupiter. Jupiter is the main ruler of their characters. The opposition of Jupiter can also bring out a lot of characteristics in a person's life. It can bring out several characteristics, and the characteristics are optimism, Abundance, luck, understanding, growth, expansion, and many other things. In the whole solar system, Jupiter is the largest planet in comparison with the other planets. Besides that, the position of Jupiter can also help to develop wealth and hope in people's lives.

Venus Position

To change the direction of the Venus position or to go from one symbol to another symbol, the Venus planet generally takes 4 to 5 weeks to complete the whole cycle. All of the native people who are born under the influence of Libra and Taurus are influenced by the Venus planet. It is also called the ruler of the two zodiac signs of Taurus and Libra. The influence of the Venus planet brings a lot of characteristics to the native people. By the influence of the planet, it can bring changes to the relationship, harmony, beauty, art, Attraction, and many other things. On the other hand, the Venus planet is also called the planet for Pleasure, beauty, and sex.

Saturn Position

To change the direction of Saturn's position or to go from one symbol to another symbol, the planet Saturn takes two or three years to complete the whole cycle. All of the native people who are born under the influence of the Capricorn zodiac sign are influenced by the position of Saturn. Besides that, the position of the planet Saturn can also affect their characteristics. The characteristics that may influence by the position of Saturn are discipline, restrictions, obligation, ambition, responsibility, Structure, and many other characteristics. The bad influence of the planet Saturn can also bring out a lot of time and struggle to someone's life to complete their wishes or ambitions.

Planetary Positions in Kundli

  • Surya (Sun) Position - One Month
  • Chandra (Moon) Position - 2.25 Days
  • Mangal (Mars) Position - 45 Days
  • Budha (Mercury) Position - 30 Days
  • Guru (Jupiter) Position - 12 Months
  • Sukra (Venus) Position - 30 Days
  • Sani (Saturn) Position - 30 Months
  • Rahu (Dragons Head) Position - 18 Months
  • Ketu (Dragons Tail) Position - 18 Months

Planet Sidereal Position

According to astrology, the present planetary position is also identified as the current position of the planets of sidereal. Besides that, through the advantage of astrology, all of the individual native people can also understand the purpose of the planet. Even the native people can easily understand the effectiveness of the planets on their character. Besides that, the Sidereal Planetary Positions are calculated by multiple methods but mainly with two methods. The two methods that can help us to identify the position of the planet are Nirayana longitude and Saana longitude. However, if you want to understand the difference between these two longitudes, then that is Ayanamsa or precision.

  • All of the native people who are born under the certain influence of the planets, if they want to find out the positions, then they need to have the accurate chart details. If the native people do not give accurate information, then it will not be possible for anyone to figure out the exact position of the planets. Eventually, it can also lead you to know the wrong direction of your main planet.
  • On the other hand, all of the native people who want to know the exact position and location of their influenced planet will also have to mention the city name or location where they were born. The location is also very important, and it can also help you to decide the exact and current position of the planet and its influence on your character.
  • According to the Zodiac signs and houses, people will also be able to find out the degree and minute positions of the planet on their birth chart.
  • Besides that, the precision should also be presented in the planetary position and with the degree and minutes as well. Even the time that has been given by the native people should be correct, and only after can the time be adjusted; otherwise, it is not possible.
  • In someone's life, the position of Rahu and Ketu is the main position, which can bring out a lot of effects on an individual's character. It can also bring out both positive and negative consequences and characteristics.

Moreover, if you do not want to make any mistake in finding out the positions of the planets in your birth chart, then you must have to visit an experienced astrologer. After studying the whole information of your birth chart, like your date of birth, time, place, and name, they can easily help you to find out all of the information details. Try to find an experienced astrologer so that you can know everything that you want to know about yourself and the positions of the Sidereal Planetary Positions.


Here, all the audience who are curious to find out all of the significant details regarding the Sidereal Planetary Positions can collect the information here. We have included and illustrated each one of the single details regarding the planetary position to understand the whole concept quickly.

Frequently Asked Questions

The best position of the planets in Kundli is when it goes to the number 5 and 9 house in the birth chart.

The side real Vedic Zodiac stands for the Fixed positions of the stars in the sky.

If you are looking for the current planetary positions, then read the above article to collect the information.

The planetary position is formed when one individual native people is born and under the influence of the positions of multiple planets and other constellations.

The luckiest planets are Venus and Jupiter.