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Vastu for South-East Facing Plot

Vastu Tips for South East Facing Plots and Properties

Vastu Shastra is considered Science for Architecture which offers solutions to any property related problems. Many people suffer from fights, bad luck, financial and health related issues and what is the reason behind? When you are doing everything right, still no success? Why do success and health not follow when everything seems right? Well, sometimes staying in a wrong place can lead to certain problems and disharmony in the family. There are different directions where properties are cut and sold according to the choice and budget. Out of all the directions, north and east are preferred the most, but that does not make all the other directions useless and bad. Every direction comes up with its positives and negatives. Similarly, when it comes to South-east direction, there are different rules stated in Vastu Shastra which makes this direction a good one for plots and properties.

South-East Direction is known to be ruled by Fire element which increases zest among humans for good health, earning, power and relationships. This direction is known to be best suited for kitchens and restaurants as it is ruled by fire. But sometimes people face south-east defects in their houses which make it difficult to succeed. Often people say that they face many problems in their life, which are:

Financial Problems: Losses in business and loss in the personal saving can be seen if the direction faces defects.

Health related Problems: Many people face health issues like heart pain, heart diseases, mental depression, suicidal thoughts and anxiety issues in case there is a defect in the property.

Social Issues: Misunderstanding between husband and wife leading to divorce, constant fights and quarrels in the family, difficulty in finding the suitable match and marriage related issues can be seen if the direction faces defects.

What is the Solution? How to safeguard the family from any of the above problems and lead a happy life in a south-east direction house?

Well, there is an easy solution to all the defects which guarantees instant results and free the property from any defect. Vastu Shastra brings some rules and tips for the South East facing plots and properties, all you need is to follow the tips and build your dream house accordingly to say goodbye to the problems.

Here are some of the Tips given in Vastu Shastra for South-east facing plots and properties:

Guidelines for the Plots:

Vastu Shastra suggests that if there is a south-east facing plot, then it should not be left open in the front. It is considered inauspicious to leave the front open in this direction as it gives all the negative energies a chance to enter swiftly.

Placement for the Toilet:

In the houses that are built in the south-east direction, it is advisable to avoid constructing toilets in this direction. Toilets in south-east direction lead to an imbalance in the rules and create a defect according to Vastu. If there is a toilet in a south-east direction, then placing Vastu Pyramids in the south and east direction is considered good. Also, make sure the door of the toilet is always closed otherwise open door allows the negativity to enter the place.

Placement for the Bedroom:

In the houses that are constructed in South-east direction, the best-suited placement for the bedroom is in the south-west corner. In case, the room is located in the south-east corner; then it is advised to move the bed in the south-west corner leaving some gap between the wall and bed. Also, make sure to sleep with head in the south direction and feet on the north side.

Sloping of the House:

If there is sloping in the house and it is in the south direction, it is considered bad for the family. Slope towards the south direction leads to accidents and illness in the family. Vastu Suggests increasing the height of the floor in such a manner that the sloping of the house shifts to the north, this will nullify the defect of the south-east sloping and save the family from any harmful consequence.

Entrance or Main Door of the House:

Every plot, property or house has its main door. It is the door from where a person enters the area. For the south-east facing properties and houses, main door or the entrance must be avoided in the south-east direction. But, if in case, the entrance is in this direction then; Vastu says to place three Vastu Pyramids, two on the sides of the entrance and one in the centre. You can keep the pyramid on the top of the main door also. It is also advised to keep Trishul, Om and Swastik on the entrance as it prevents all the evil eyes from entering the place. Doing these practices will keep the house safe and prevent it from all the negativities.

To conclude, there is no such direction which is bad for the family. No doubt there are some defects in every direction, but with the help of Vastu Shastra, all the defects can be resolved. Follow the above tips for the south-east facing plots and properties and lead a blissful life without any defects and worries.