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Vastu for Hospital Clinic

Vastu Tips for Hospitals Clinic

Over the past few years, there has been a substantial increase in accidents, diseases, health problems which led to increased construction of hospitals and clinics. Hospitals are one of those places which are depressing and need positivity and healing energies. People come to hospitals to get their diseases cured and leave all the negativity behind which make this place a depressing one. With increasing awareness and need, Vastu Shastra has been widely used for the construction of hospitals. Hospitals being those negative places where people resist going, need to be constructed in such a manner that keep the negative energies out and let the healing process work fast.

Why Need Vastu Shastra for Hospitals?

Have you ever heard that choosing a wrong location and topography for a hospital can lead to problems and destruction? Can you afford to start a hospital where diseases increase instead of healing? Well, it is often said that choosing the wrong location for a hospital is the major reason behind late recoveries and problems that emerge from that place. This is the biggest reason people prefer using Vastu Shastra for the Construction of Hospitals. This science of architecture when mixed with medical science results in fast recovery and heal the body from its core without any risk of complication.

Here are some Vastu Shastra Tips for Hospitals, go through them and become a medium to heal people from their sufferings:

Location for the Operation Theatre:

>There are many different rooms in the hospital divided according to the disease and the doctor. Operation Theatre is often used for surgeries and fatal treatments and is considered one of the critical place in the hospital. The appropriate place for an operation theatre is on the west side of the hospital. The machines and equipment should be placed on the south-east side, whereas the head of the patient must be on the south side while entering the operation theatre.

Location for the Consultation Room:

Consultation room is the room where doctors meet the patient, discuss the problem and write a prescription with a solution. According to Vastu, the doctor must sit in the south, west or south-west side only and the patient must be in front of him. This position leads to a proper conversation between the doctor and patient and also allows the doctor to work in an intelligent manner. ‘L’ shape is important for the consultation room. Many doctors make sure that there is an ‘L’ shape raised only at the northeast direction as it brings prosperity to the head of the institution or the respective doctor.

Proper Ventilation:

A hospital must be properly maintained and ventilated so that people does not feel discomfort. The patients’ room must be properly ventilated and have an opening in the northeast to allow the sun rays to enter the room and help in healing and recovering as soon as possible.

Placement for the Storeroom:

There is always a storeroom for keeping medical equipment and apparatus which are not in use. Even medical stock is also kept in the storeroom. The right location to build the storeroom is in the south, west or south-west direction only. Also, make sure that the storeroom is always on the higher place than the flooring of the main hospital.

Emergency Rooms:

There are always one or two emergency rooms for the patients who need immediate attention. These rooms can be more than two or it can be an entire ward. The best location for the emergency room is south-west as it helps in faster recovery and healing.

Additional Tips to follow:

The right place for placing drinking water coolers is in the northeast portion. Keep the water cooler clean and free from fungus. Use disposable glasses for the patients and visitors.

The appropriate place for the bathroom is on the eastern or northern side of the floor. Make sure the area is cleaned regularly and kept hygienic as it is the root cause of many diseases.

There are medical books and thesis in almost every room for the doctors and patients. Keeping medical book racks and shelves in the south or west direction.

The Southeast direction is just perfect for X-ray and MRI scan purposes.

The best location for changing room and toilets is south or west.

In case, there are nurse quarters and resting rooms for the nurse and other staff, make sure to use south-east and north-west zones.

The entrance of the hospital should face either east or north sides. You can plant some trees and plants near the entrance as they make the area fresh and breathable.

A garden near the hospital or an attached garden is the best as it allows the patients to go out for some fresh air in the evening.

To conclude, Hospitals are places which are least liked but cannot be avoided. If there is any health issue, you have to come to the hospital. Use Vastu tips for hospitals and allow yourself for easy and fast recovery.