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Vastu for South Facing Plot

Vastu Tips for South Facing Plot

Many people employ different ways to ensure a healthy and successful life, but today Vastu has emerged as a perfect way to bring happiness in your home. Vastu Shastra was also known as “Science of Construction” is a traditional Hindu System of design based on directional alignments. Vastu for homes focuses on the decoration of home with paintings, idols and especially the main door attraction. But, over a period people have become conscious about the direction of the house. It is said that if the direction is right, success follows behind. But, people feel scared choosing the south facing plot as it is considered inauspicious. Well, if a person studies Vastu properly, no direction is considered fully profitable, but it can be turned into a beneficial one. Similarly, there is no need to get scared if you have a south facing plot, there are many rules stated in Vastu Shastra which makes the place a total bliss and safe to lead a happy life.

Why choose South Facing Properties:

According to Vastu Shastra, South facing houses are considered best after east facing houses. South facing properties promote owner’s wealth and make their minds relaxed and strong in financial matters. For a better and prosperous life, south facing properties are considered good.

Here are some of the tips from Vastu Shastra for South Facing Plot, follow them and get rid of insecurities and worries:

Main Door of the House:

In case the plot is situated south facing, then Vastu suggests building the main door in the south direction as it is considered good omen.

Placement for the Kitchen:

Since south-west side is considered bad for the south facing plot, but there is always an alternative for betterment. Constructing kitchen in the north-west or south-east corner is considered auspicious for the family. It brings contentment and happiness in the family.

Placement for Master Bedroom and Overhead Tank:

The appropriate place for the master bedroom is in the south-west corner. If there is an overhead tank in the house, south-west corner is considered the best. For the south facing plots, these directions are considered good, and it is advisable to follow them strictly.

Placement for Offices or Shops:

Designing the office or shop in the south-west corner improves the financial condition, thus considered best for south facing plots. Vastu also says that these shops should not be rented out otherwise bring bad luck for the owner.

Fixation of the Doors:

Doors play an important role in the properties. No matter if the property becomes a house or an office or any apartment when it comes to a south facing property doors play a vital role. According to Vastu Shastra, doors must be fixed at least at the distance of six inches. You can construct a brick wall at a distance and then fix the door.

Placement for Septic Tank:

Septic tanks are linked with financial losses, medical problems and burdens that is why it is important to place them according to the rules of Vastu Shastra. Vastu advises placing the septic tank on the north-west side or north side in a south facing houses. The tank should be located at least 15 feet away from a well and water stump. Following this rule prevents the house from negativity and keeps all the evil eyes away from the area.

Some other tips to follow for South Facing Properties:

Never build car porch, garden or septic tank and water pump in the south-west direction. Southwest direction is considered bad for the south facing houses.

If you are planning for an open area in the house, keeping east and north sides as sun rays enter from these sides. West and south sides are considered bad for the south facing houses.

Keeping flower pots and planting trees in the house is considered auspicious. When it comes to South facing houses, then big trees and heavy plants in the northeast areas is the best.

If waste water, rain water and drainage outlets flows from northeast direction. Northeast direction is considered good for children; they do well in studies and profession.

Designing the staircase in the south, south-east, west or north-west corner is considered the best. For south facing plots, northeast direction for the staircase is strictly avoided as it leads to losses in the business and makes the working inactive.

Making south wall higher than the north wall in the south facing houses brings good results.

Avoid bore-well or ponds in the south direction as it can be a reason behind losses and accidents in the family.

To summarise, if you are having a south facing property, there is no need to feel insecure and doubtful, all you need is to follow the Vastu Shastra tips and get the property transformed into a dream place to reside in.