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Vastu Color for Home

Vastu Colors for Home

Colours, colours, colours, they are everywhere, on the walls, in a painting, in your hands and almost every place else. Life without colours is like a plate without food, nothing but tasteless. Can you live in a plain, colourless place? Can you enter a room that is grey? Seems haunting, right? Well, life is all about moving ahead every day with a cheerful smile and contentment on the face. It is all about running here and there to reach higher goals and then come back home with a smile and take a sigh of relief. But, coming back to a boring place only brings negativity and dissatisfaction. Can you live a life like this?

For a wonderful and joyous life it is very important to live in a place that is positive, attract positive ideas and send positive vibration. A house is known to be a comfortable place to rest and relax where peace exists. To maintain a peaceful atmosphere, colours play a vital role. Vastu Shastra, a science of architecture, explains the importance of using right colours in the right room for a happy and peaceful stay. Colours are known to represent a person’s taste, his nature and his lifestyle which must be positive and welcoming for others.

Let’s have a look at some of the colours and their meaning according to the Vastu Shastra :

Red: Red is a bold colour and represents many different moods. It represents passion, lust, materialism, bravery, power, drama, emotions, etc. This colour provides warmth and energy and vibrancy to the room. Its nature is active and stimulating.
Blue: A colour of sky and water signifies beauty, tranquillity, contentment, infinity and devotion. Blue is considered a healing and merciful colour that reduces pain in the body.
Green: Growth, fertility, relaxation, abundance, positive energy, rebirth, etc. are the attributes of this colour.
Yellow: Yellow signifies wisdom and patience.
Orange: This colour symbolises power and spirituality. This colour encourages happiness, optimism, healthy relationships and positive energies.
Purple: A colour loved by all inspires trust in relationships and harmony in the family. This colour is soothing to the eyes.
Pink: This is a colour of happiness, joy and purity.
White: White is a colour that is very graceful and adds shine to the room. This colour brightens up all the other colours and makes the room look royal.
Black: This is a negative colour which symbolises lacking things.

Here is a list of tips to be followed regarding choosing colours for the house according to Vastu Shastra, keep a check and say hello to an amazing era of life:

Meditation Rooms and Temple:

A house in incomplete without a temple or a small room for meditation. It is considered auspicious to have a temple where gods are worshipped every day, and for a positive and beautiful temple, blue colour is preferred. Blue, being a colour of devotion, is an excellent shade for temple and meditation room as it encourages peace and relaxation. It helps a person to go deep and also enhances faith in God.

Study Rooms:

Study room is a place where concentration is necessary. Green colour induces hope and harmony in a person and also makes the atmosphere good. People prefer using green colour, especially for study rooms to stay focused and clear minded.

Rooms behind Curtains:

There are many rooms in a house out of which some are lucky enough to get direct sunlight while other remains under a shadow. For the rooms which do not come in contact with direct sunlight must have yellow colour as this colour signifies wisdom and patience. Vastu Shastra also suggests a yellow colour for pooja rooms and auspicious places.

Colours to be avoided:

Red and black are bold colours which encourage many negative attributes like lust, lack, etc. Vastu Shastra advises to avoid black colour in the house and avoid red colour in the rooms of the people who are suffering from depression and anxiety issues. These colours must not be present in the rooms where children study, create and play.

Colours for the Master Bedroom:

Pink, purple, orange and white are soothing, graceful and beautiful colours. The pink colour blended with purple or white is considered good for master bedroom. You can also use purple or orange colour in the form of lighter shading, patchwork or design for a soothing environment. Also, use pink colour to the walls of the rooms which are present in the south-west and south direction.

Placements :


White colour can be placed on the ceilings along with other colours. This colour must be used in the east direction. You can use the colour in kitchen and bathroom for the best results.


Pink and coral red colour must be used in the south direction as it is considered beneficial according to Vastu Shastra. This colour can be used directly or blended with other colours and can be used in almost every place in the house, from the bedroom to kitchen to dining room.


This is a colour that spreads positivity, and according to Vastu Shastra it must be used on the west side of the house. Mix this colour with pastel colours for better results and apply them in the bedroom and dining room to encourage harmony in the relationships.


Using green colour in North and south-west direction is considered auspicious. You can use light green in the bedroom, whereas green colour can also be used in the dining room and living room.


Yellow and cream colour are widely used in North-east direction especially known for the living room and kitchen.

To conclude, life is nothing without colours, so add as many colours as you want and lead a colourful and enthusiastic life. Also, don’t forget to add these beautiful colours in your house with some of the above tips and enjoy life as happy as a fairytale.