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Vastu for Direction for Staircase

Vastu Direction for the Staircase

There are many different levels in the building; rooms are constructed on different floors. But, when rooms are on different floors, then how to connect them? How to reach from ground floor to the first floor? Well, when there are different floors in the house, the staircase is used to climb and reach the point. A staircase is a series of steps connecting different levels of the building. The series of steps depend on the number of floors, as the number of floors increases, the staircases increases with it. Staircase can be defined from the inside of the house accessed from the dining room; it can also be constructed in the porch area directing towards the terrace and other rooms, depending on the choice.

Vastu Shastra, being a science of architecture comes up with certain points for the construction of staircase. It is said that if there is any evil or negativity in the house, it stays on the staircase and make the members suffer from problems.

Constructing staircase according to the guidelines stated in Vastu Shastra makes the area look nice and also keeps the negativity away. Therefore, here is a list of points which can be considered for the staircase:

Here are some of the Vastu Tips to be followed while constructing your bathroom:

Best Location for the staircase:

The perfect location to build the staircase is in the South-west, south or west side of the house. Avoid building a staircase on the North-east side as it is left open for the morning sun rays to enter the house. In case, there is no other option for the placement of staircase; then it is considered good to place them in North-east side. Also, keep the stairs moving in a clockwise direction.

Placement for Internal Staircase:

When it comes to constructing an internal staircase, make sure to build it from north to south direction or east to west. In case, there is a lack of space one can playfully take the turn to either of the sides of the staircase.

Number of Stairs:

Staircase is basically a series of stairs to reach to a destination. The number of stairs in the staircase is an important thing to consider. The number of stairs must always be an odd number and never end with a zero. The vertical set of the case must have an odd number of stairs, and in case the staircase is divided into three parts then make sure the remainder must be two.

Avoid Circles:

There are many different shapes of staircases build nowadays. Many prefer vertical staircases as these are simple and easy to climb. But, some people are fond of circular staircases which according to Vastu Shastra must be avoided. Circular staircases lead to bad health and severe calamities in the house. Thus, it must be avoided.

Placement for the Doors:

While constructing the staircase, make sure to construct a door at the beginning and the end of the case. Also, keep a check that the stairs do not touch northern and eastern walls of the house. Even if there is a room which has a staircase in the south-west direction, change the way as it is not considered auspicious. People living in this room can suffer from a variety of health problems like anaemia, high blood pressure, etc.

Visibility of Staircase:

There are two ways to construct the staircase; it can either be inside or outside. No matter which way a person chooses, make sure to avoid direct visibility of staircase from outside. Directly visible stairs are considered inauspicious for the family and attract problems in life, thus try to avoid. Also, if the stairs get broken, get it repaired immediately otherwise it may lead to tensions, stress and accidents.

Rooms to Avoid under Staircase:

While constructing the staircase, there is always some space left beneath the case. Avoid rooms like the bathroom, pooja room, kitchen, etc. to be constructed under the staircase. You can use that space for creating a store room or simply cover it with walls.

Colours for the Staircase:

Staircases must be coloured with light shades of white, grey, green, cream, skin, blue, etc. Avoid using dark colours like red, black, dark grey, dark blue as they attract negativity and let the evil sit on them.

Steps of the Staircase:

As it is said earlier, the steps of the staircase must be in odd numbers and never end with a zero. According to rules of Vastu Shastra, it is important to keep the steps equal. In case, there is a basement and an upper floor in the house, keep a check on the count of the stairs. The number of stairs used for the basement must be equal to the number of stairs used for the upper floor. Equality in staircase brings harmony and creates a balance, on the other hand, an unequal number of stairs lead to imbalance and chaos which is not good for the members of the family.

With all the rules of Vastu Shastra stated above, a person can easily construct a house that is not only nicely built and looks amazing but a house which is protected from evil. Follow the tips and welcome to a home where love and peace prevails.