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Vastu for North-West Facing Plot

Vastu Tips for North West facing Plots and Properties

Directions play an important role in life. May it be a direction for the career or road or plot, it is important to choose the right direction for a healthy, successful and happy life. When it comes to choosing a direction for the career, people give a lot of thought on the interests, future, prospects and what not. When it comes to a road trip, choosing the right direction leads you to the destination otherwise all you get is lost. But, when it comes to living or starting a new life, why is it important to choose the property in the right direction?

Well, it is said, if the direction of the plot or property is favourable, and then there are increased chances to get success, fulfillment and happiness in life. Apart from four major directions that are north, south, east and west, there are other directions that are important. North West direction is considered a direction of creativity, luck, prosperity and social circle. This direction is ruled by moon, which make an impact on the house that requires attention. Vastu Shastra says that the ruler of the direction leads to tensions and disharmony in the house, if the house is not constructed and placed according to the rules of Vastu Shastra.

What are the problems caused by North West Vastu Defects?

• Legal Matters: Legal matters involve police cases, court cases and other legal problems which can arise when the property or plot is located in this direction.

• Financial Problems: When there are defects in North West direction, it makes a person over confident which eventually leads to losses in business, financial issues and clashes with business associates.

• Health Problems: Many lung related problems have been seen in the people who are living in North West houses. When there is a defect in the location, often people face problems like lung cancer, bronchitis, breathing issues etc.

Well, no need to get scared, when there is a problem always come a solution at the end. So, let’s have a look at some of the tips given in Vastu Shastra for North West facing Plots and Properties and make the direction an auspicious one:

Pyramids near the Door:

Vastu Shastra advises to place two Vastu pyramids each on left and right side of the main door and place third pyramid on top in the center.

Auspicious Items:

It is said in Hindu Mythology that nothing can beat the vibrations and positivity of Om, Swastik and Trishul. Many people who are firm believers keep these items in their houses or at least one is always present. When a person resides in North West facing house that is suffering from any defect, Vastu says to place Om, Swastik and Trishul on the entrance to keep the negativity from entering the place.


Saints and sages believed in fasting for some days in a week as it is considered good for health and bring fortune. Well, Vastu says that for the people who reside in North West houses, fasting on Mondays surely help and attract better prospects. Fasting helps in keeping the stomach light, mind fresh and home happy place. So, for a happy living, why not fast for a day in a week?

Placement for the Bedroom:

North West direction is somewhat tricky but if the things are placed according to Vastu Shastra and constructed properly, it can bring prosperity, good fortune, longer life, health, dignity, offspring and solution to any kind of problem. The right direction to construct the bedroom is in the North-west direction especially for newly married couple provided there are other elder people in the family. If the married couple is the only elders in the house, then southwest direction is best-suited.

Direction of the Road:

While purchasing the house in Northwest direction, keep a check on which side the road runs. Vastu advises that it is good if the road runs towards west direction and stop in the west. This leads to financial stability.

Open Areas:

If there are more open spaces in South and west sides then it is not considered good to purchase the house. But, in case, the house has open spaces in the North and east direction, well in that case do not think twice and buy the property. Having open spaces in these directions is considered good and attracts name and fame for the business, owners and family. It also increases knowledge quotient and intelligence in children, allow them to focus on studies and move towards their career and take a step towards success.

To conclude, as it is always said, no direction is wrong or inauspicious; it is just that all the directions come with certain positive and negative points. Follow the above given tips from Vastu Shastra and purchase the property in North-west direction without any worry.