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Tarot Card Reading

Welcome to BirthAstro tarot card reading. We create a mystical world of tarot where you are able to get insight into your life. The tarot card is the realm where intuition is most commonly used to unveil different layers in the journey of your life. We at BirthAstro strongly believe that tarot card reading is not just another form of fortune telling, but it is known to be a profound tool that guides people and helps in their route of self-discovery. Our tarot reading page has been created to be your personal space where you can get perspective and clarity on different aspects of existence. From relationships to careers to wealth and personal growth, our tarot readers can help you throughout the journey.

We know that each tarot card in the deck of cards has a unique message given to you by the universe. The symbols, the secrets and the stories provided by the universe can enlighten your path. Whether you are looking for confirmation, maybe you face a dilemma, or perhaps you're curious about your future, our tarot card reading done by seasoned readers becomes a mirror for the subconscious mind. Here, you will find answers to your questions, and the unknown starts getting known to you.

We take pride in having some of the expert readers who are very aware of their intuitive self. They can connect to the energy of the card and interpret the perfect meaning with empathy and wisdom, according to their life circumstances. Our tarot card readers can be your perfect guide, who can help you to reveal the secrets and work as a narrative. Every spread that has been laid out provides an insight into your feelings and thoughts and unfolds a new chapter in your life.

We at BirthAstro welcome you to our tarot reading space, where you can start your journey of self-enlightenment. The cards will speak to you and help you discover what the future holds. Whether you are a newcomer or a tarot enthusiast, our page serves as a gateway to a better understanding of what the cosmos is holding for you. So, take a seat and ride the journey. We ensure that we help you navigate through the complexities and challenges in life with serenity and confidence.

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What is Tarot Card Reading?

A tarot reading can be referred to as an ancient practice that has been around for years. The practice generally delves into the realm of the subconscious mind. This is where people can get wisdom, insight, and guidance in their lives in terms of the past, present, and future. It is considered a specific form of divination that generally makes use of 78 tarot cards. Each tarot card includes an imagery, story and symbol. These cards are most commonly divided into two major categories, namely, the Major Arcana and the Minor Arcana. The Major Arcana is a representation of spiritual and karmic lessons of life, while the Minor Arcana is a reflection of the tribulations and trials of our daily lives.

We at BirthAstro consider the tarot card to be a reflective tool for humans. These tarot cards generally work as a card that illuminates the potential outcomes along with properly examining the influences surrounding you. It is more like an enlightenment tool that talks about the good and bad. Tarot card is not just about predicting what your future holds, but it is all about exploring the possibilities in future and how you can change the bad into good. In the tarot reading, the person who is seeking answers to their questions requires a seasoned tarot reader. We take pride in having some of the most amazing tarot readers who are known for their great abilities and connecting to the higher self. Generally, it involves shuffling the deck so that the person who is seeking answers can draw a card. Not only the card but also the position of the card has a unique message and a comprehensive narrative.

The unique aspect of tarot reading is the ability to tap into your unconscious mind. It generally works by tapping into your intuitive power. It works as a bridge that mitigates the distance between the higher self or subconscious mind and our conscious mind. It works as a visual language that easily articulates your subconscious feelings and thoughts and helps them to visualise. Whether you are looking forward to finding an answer to a specific question, or you want clarity, or you want understanding about the challenges or goods in your future, the cards can make profound revelations.

Our tarot readers in BirthAstro are known for their mindfulness. Their ability to connect with their higher self and strong intuition creates a positive energy. Each tarot card is known to empower the readers about the choices that they should make to change their future. It is important to always understand that a card is not a tool that will talk about your future, but it talks about your potential life and how you can change into good. So, be a part of this journey and ride through the unknowns with the help of our experienced tarot card readers.

What do different cards in the deck of tarot cards mean?

The world of tarot cards is known to be a mystical world where each card is a representation of something in your life. Each card you draw from the deck of tarot cards can talk about the possibilities in life and portray self-understanding. Generally, the deck of tarot cards has 78 different cards that have been divided into Major Arcana and Minor Arcana. Each card in this Deck of cards has a story and symbol for the readers. Apart from this, the position of this card reversed and upright, also holds a unique message.

The Major Arcana: The Major Arcana deck of cards can be referred to as the journey of the soul. It generally has 22 cards that are a representation of different themes of your life and the lessons in life that you have or will learn. The card typically showcases the journey of the soul from innocence to enlightenment. Hence, it reflects important moments which will shape your existence. Following are the Major Arcana cards and their brief representation or symbol.

How to Make Three Card Tarot Reading?

  • The Fool is the first Major Arcana card that depicts the pure potential and new beginning of an open heart. It generally talks about keeping your heart open to embrace new opportunities.

  • The Magician commonly stands as a power in you to transform your dreams into reality or manifestation.

  • The High Priestess is the card that symbolises wisdom and intuition that is waiting beyond what we can visualise.

  • The Empress and The Emperor card in Major Arcana is a depiction of nurturing structure and forces that will constantly govern our lives throughout.

  • The Heirophant card from Major Arcana is a reflection of spiritual guidance and tradition.

  • The Lovers card commonly talks about the choices and relationships they have in the present time.

  • The Chariot tarot card is a representation of the drive and determination that the person constantly has to succeed in their endeavours.

  • The Strength tarot card mostly talks about the strength and power of the person to resolve any issue or challenges that the future or present holds.

  • The Hermit tarot card is an invitation to introspection and to constantly search for the deepest truth.

  • The Wheel of Fortune tarot card is a constant reminder about the role of fate and life cycles.

  • Justice tarot card from Major Arcana generally focuses on fairness and maintaining a balance and also paying attention to the consequences of the actions we are taking.

  • The Hanged Man generally talks about the sacrifices that you need to make in order to get new opportunities or a new perspective in life.

  • Death tarot card is not the end, but it talks about being in a passage of transformation, which will ultimately lead to a new beginning.

  • Temperance tarot card talks about the need for moderation and maintaining a balance in life.

  • The Devil is known to be a warning card for Major Arcana, which talks about materialistic desire.

  • The Tower tarot card is a depiction of a breakdown and getting rid of the old norms and forms.

  • The Star card is more about opportunity, hope, and the light of inspiration.

  • The Moon tarot card from Major Arcana generally talks about tapping into the subconscious mind and understanding the meaning of dreams.

  • The Sun tarot card talks about success and joy that the future and present hold true for you.

  • Judgement tarot card talks about focusing on a higher purpose and reflecting on yourself, connecting with your higher goods.

  • The World tarot card generally marks the unity and completion of a certain experience in your life.

The Minor Arcana: The Minor Arcana card can be referred to as a dance of daily life. It holds 56 cards that talk about the joys and struggles we generally encounter every day. It has been commonly divided into four suits, each representing a human experience and associated with an element.

  • Suit of Wands or Fire: This suit of tarot cards from the Minor Arcana is a suit of action, ambition, and creativity. It can be referred to as the spark that will constantly drive us to pursue our goals and passions.

  • Suit of Cups or Water: This suit of Minor Arcana card generally showcases relationships, connections and emotions. It is a reflection of the depth of interaction and our feelings with others.

  • Suit of Swords or Air: It is most about your mind. The suit of swords commonly deals with conflicts, decisions and thoughts. They can also depict the challenges and help you find clarity within your intellect.

  • Suit of Pentacles or Earth: It is a representation of the materialistic aspects of life, like physical health, finances, and work. Pentacles generally keep us grounded in the world.

Each number and the card within the suit has its own meaning, and it also comprises the tapestry of this reading of tarot cards. One of the most common examples is the Ace of Wands. This number tarot card talks about a creative venture, whereas Ten of Pentacles is a suggestion of family, legacy and financial stability.

Coming to the court cards, including Page, King, Queen, and Knight, is a representation of personality or developmental stages. The Page of Cups can be an indication of an emotional beginning or a new love story, but King of Swords, on the other hand, is a depiction of a person with the ability to think strategically and have authority.

In a tarot reading, every card in the spread of tarot card depicts a story and provides reflection and insight into the person's life. According to the question asked, the meaning would be provided, creating a dynamic situation for the reader. We at BirthAstro honour the depth and diversity of tarot card reading, and we try to unveil the secret that the universe is trying to show you. With our seasoned tarot card readers, you will be able to start your journey of empowerment and self-discovery, which will help you navigate through the complexities of life with grace and wisdom.

How to prepare yourself for the tarot reading?

When it is about tarot reading, it requires much preparation. As tarot reading is an introspective and personal process, it creates a stage for insightful and meaningful experiences. It generally involves creating the right environment internally and externally to remain connected deeply with the messages and cards. However, preparation is a much more important aspect before taking tarot card reading as it involves being in tune with your higher self.

  • Create a conducive environment: The first thing you need is a space to conduct tarot reading. It must be comfortable, calm, and free of distractions. Therefore, it is better to choose a quiet room with dim light and a serene ambience. Lighting some candles and using soft music in your background might help you concentrate and create a clean mind and space.

  • Set clear intentions: When you try to begin the tarot card reading, it is important to take a moment and pay attention to yourself. You need to understand the reasons why you are taking this reading. So, make sure that you have clear intentions so that you are able to focus your energy and guides on addressing the right card that will help you to get the answers to your concerns. The intentions must be specific like you want to get insight into your life path or want to seek guidance for a particular problem.

  • Formulate the question: The next important step is to formulate the question that you are willing to ask the tarot reader. Make sure that you're choosing open-ended questions, which will help you reflect and explore more effective ways than creating yes or no questions. Rather than asking a question that will only give an answer of Yes or No, the approach must be kept open so that you can get insightful details.

  • Keep yourself centred and grounded: It is important to keep yourself grounded in order to connect with the tarot card’s energy. Be seated comfortably, and make sure to calm yourself by taking deep breaths in order to keep yourself grounded. Try to bring your concentration to the present moment and give up on external worries. When you focus on the tarot reading, you will be able to get a better understanding and guidance.

  • Relax yourself: The next important step is to keep yourself relaxed. Meditation can help maintain an open heart and a clear mind, which will help you gain wisdom. So, spend a few minutes meditating and focus on your breathing. Make sure that you resonate with the Mantra if it helps. Relaxation techniques can be beneficial before taking the tarot card reading session.

  • Choose a card: Once the deck has been shuffled, it is important that you choose a card. Now that you're already relaxed and you're able to connect with your higher self, it is important to delve into your intuitive power and then select a card. Make sure that you use your intuition while selecting the right tarot card, so that you are able to understand the wisdom and knowledge offered by the universe.

  • Reflect the reading: Once you have pulled a card, it is important that you listen to the tarot card depiction made by the tarot reader. At BirthAstro, we have seasoned tarot readers who can make a proper reading of your card and ensure that you're able to relate to your question. Remember that the cards provide knowledge of the potential future, which is always subjected to change according to your actions.

These are some of the most essential steps to take to ensure that you're getting the right tarot reading.

What are the different approaches to tarot reading?

It is important to know that tarot card reading can be done in several ways. Different people choose different approaches for tarot reading. At BirthAstro, we make sure to be the answer for every seeker. So, we provide three different approaches for tarot reading, apart from the traditional or conventional approach.

  • One card pull: One card pull is known to be the quickest and simplest form of tarot reading. It is known to be ideal to get answers to specific questions or daily guidance. With such an approach, you will be able to focus on the question and get the answers. The process generally involves shuffling the deck of cards and drawing one card. It is also known as single card reading. Hence, the single card that you draw can provide the answer to the question that you have chosen. Apart from this, it also gives an outlook on the day or provides detailed insight into a particular challenge. This is the fastest way to gain wisdom rather than going for the complexity of full spread.

  • Yes or No Tarot Reading: A yes or no tarot reading is known to be a straightforward way to get answers to your questions. Here, the seekers can ask questions that only have an answer of yes or no. You can draw a card before you have to ask a question, and the card will help you determine the answer. Each card in the deck of tarot cards has been associated with a yes, no, or maybe to help you get answers to your questions.

  • Three-card reading: Three-card tarot is known to be a little bit more comprehensive than the other two. Here, you need to draw three different cards, the first of which showcases the past, the second is the present, and the third talks about your future. The tarot reader will provide you with full details about your past, present, and future so that you can gain knowledge about the situation.

Why do people prefer tarot reading?

Tarot reading has always fascinated individuals from different generations and cultures. It is known to be a mystical tool that provides insight and guidance about your life. It generally becomes a mirror that helps to get rid of complexities with the use of psyche and intuition.

  • Tarot reading provides clarity and self-reflection. It helps individuals explore their emotions, motivation, and thoughts on a deeper level. The symbol and imagery in the card generally trigger unconscious awareness and help bring the hidden aspect into light.

  • Tarot reading helps people make better decisions. People who are at a crossroads or are going through unsettling moments can get help from a tarot reading. The card does not predict the future, but it can definitely provide possibilities and perspectives that you might not consider in your conscious mind.

  • It helps to cope with uncertainties. Life is unpredictable, and there will be many uncertain and unknown moments. Tarot reading gives control and comfort even in the face of adversity. When you look for advice, we have the best tarot card readers who can help you on your journey.

BirthAstro Is Home To The Finest Tarot Readers:

Tarot reading is known to be one of the oldest forms of reading that talk about the potential future. However, it requires knowledgeable tarot readers to provide guidance and readings. We at BirthAstro clearly comprehend the need for seasoned readers, and we take pride in having some of the best readers to help you and provide guidance.

We understand that people reach tarot readers when they are going through a situation, or they want to take an outlook of the entire day. We at BirthAstro try to provide every possible help to our seekers. We also have different approaches for tarot reading to become a one-stop destination for tarot reading. With us, you will be able to get the right guidance you need during difficult times.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, tarot card reading can help you in different moments. Whether you're going through indecisive moments or you are at a crossroads, tarot card reading can help you get answers to your questions. With the best tarot card readers having knowledge of tarot reading, you will be able to get the guidance required in the most indecisive moments.

Tarot card reading generally makes use of your intuitive power. You must be in your highest self before reading the tarot card. The accuracy generally depends on the question you ask and your mental stability. You need to get rid of all your external questions and just focus on the questions you have in mind. This way you will be guided by the universe and choose the right card to help you find the answers.

It is important to understand that our future is subject to change. Your present actions will determine your future. However, tarot cards can definitely talk about the wrong that you are doing so that you can rectify and improve your future outcome. It generally works as a reflecting mirror that shows you and your good and bad.

BirthAstro provides the best online tarot card reading from experienced tarot readers. We aim to provide different approaches for tarot reading so that you can find help in different ways. Whether this is the first time you're about to take tarot card reading or you want a daily reading, our tarot readers are always here to help you and guide you throughout.