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The Tower

The Tower Tarot card Meaning

The Tower

Meaning of The Tower Upright: Disaster, Chaos, Destruction, Abrupt changes, Frightening, Tragic incidents, Turmoil, Significant changes, Disoriented.

Meaning of The Tower Reversed: Resisting change, Transformation, Hiding, Denial, Not facing the truth, Careless, Delay, Scary, Stressful, Challenging, Disappointment.

The Tower

The Tower tarot card from the Major Arcana generally has a pictorial representation of a long Tower standing on a huge mountain. It shows two individuals who are jumping from their windows while their arms reach out. The building is on fire due to the lightning, which is why both people are jumping out. It seems chaotic and devastating from the pictorial depiction. Even when the Tower is sturdy, it is getting demolished, the weak underneath is one of the basic reasons why the building got easily fired with lightning strikes.

Therefore, the Tower tarot card from Major Arcana is a representation of objectives or aspirations that are being established at a shaky foundation. The strike of lightning in the pictorial depiction is a representation of an unexpected burst of insight and inspiration, which can result in certain devastation. It is found in the picture that the lightning enters from the top of the building and takes the crown, which signifies that energy mostly enters from the crown Chakra through the universe. Setting false assumption can be a bad choice, which is the main representation of the tarot card, the Tower.

Even when both the man and woman are ignorant of the things that they will face in front while falling, they desperately try to get away from the burning building. The card includes 10 points of the tree and 12 zodiac signs along with 22 flames surrounding them, which is an indication of divine revelation of calamity and voice situations. The Tower tarot card is a representation of devastation and chaos. It represents that there can be turmoil and abrupt changes in life. The shift will be inescapable, transformative and frightening. It might hit like a bomb in your life, but you will have the knowledge and understanding about the way to go through it.

You will later understand that even when it was tough initially and you would not have ever desired something like it, it will help to create and get a better shape in the future. One of the major advantages of the Tower tarot card is that the reason for causing harm initially at this point is due to making faulty assumptions and taking the wrong steps. Looking at the positive aspect, this card will help you to get creative and re-generate your senses after devastation. It is a significance of life, altering occurrences, trauma, and tragic incidents in your life.

The Meaning of The Tower Upright

The Tower tarot card from the Major Arcana, when occurs in the tarot reading, it is more like a caution to you that you need to remain prepared regarding the unforeseen coming events that will cause significant change, fever, devastation and turmoil in your life. It can be anything from someone losing their life from your family, relationship, break up, health issues, natural disasters, devastating events, losing your job and anything else. Any event in your life that will leave you emotionally, mentally and spiritually brain can happen in your life. However, it is also true that you cannot avoid the situation.

The Tower tarot card from the Major Arcana shows that everything around you will constantly change, which will result in making you feel devastated or unable to manage the chaos around you. However, you have to keep the faith that it is for the best. It will end at the right time. The occurrence of the Tower tarot card from the Major Arcana is more about making you feel secure and comfortable, if you have been constantly trying to convince yourself and living in an illusion of deception, it is time to see an end to it.

You might find or experience that the universe or everything around you is falling apart and you have been in a situation that you have not anticipated before. The Tower tarot card from Major Arcana in the upright form also means that you will see a devastated end because of the shaky foundation. Even if you do not anticipate, it will come to an end. In terms of shaky foundation, it means plain lies, mistruths, illusions, false statements and a lot more. The Tower tarot card from Major Arcana, upright, discloses that you will be able to understand what is fake and what is real. When the core belief inside you has been questioned, it can result in making you disoriented and confused.

As time passes, you will understand that everything that you believe in is nothing but a false interpretation, and the present is the reality. The tarot card also suggests that you must let go of things or let the structure fall in order to rebuild your priorities and grow to heights. No matter how difficult it seems to let go of your engraved patterns, you have to give them up. The destruction of these will open a new space and help your soul get a new goal to grow. The Tower tarot card upright also reveals that you will become smart, resilient and stronger as you gets a fresh outlook to your life that you are not aware of before. However, you have to lead with truth and honesty and endure pain until the enlightenment happens.

Always keep in mind that the sun shines beautifully and makes the world look green only after thunderstorms and rain. There can be massive turmoil in your life, which you have to deal with in order to experience a significant new change in your life.

Love and Relationships (Upright)

The Tower tarot card upright from the Major Arcana in terms of love and relationship reading might signify divorce, separation or break up. It is especially for people who are in a relationship. It can also represent that either your partner or you, or maybe both, are going through some horrible experience that is resulting in making the relationship wars. It has reached a point where there is no space for turning around. Therefore, it is necessary for you to make the right effort with your partner and keep an open relationship to endure the incident. The occurrence of the Tower is a warning that if the partnership is able to endure the turmoil, there will be substantial alteration. It also signifies that you will eventually give up on the wrong ideas, which is definitely a great thing. Even when it might not seem feasible at the moment, it will eventually make you better. As a result, there will be radical changes, and your relationship will grow better with the base of truth and honesty.

One of the most challenging things that you have to go through in a relationship is being in it. If you are single or unmarried, there can be incidents where you have to face uncomfortable reality regarding the position. The Tower tarot card upright signifies that it will be chaotic and the worst eating occurrence will shatter your ego or arrogance, which has made it difficult for you to actually establish a great relationship. Even when you aren't comfortable, initially, you will get humble and improve your nature. It will be better in terms of a long-lasting relationship. It is important that you consider safety and interact with strangers, as this card indicates hostility. So, make sure that you are cautious and apply appropriate safety measures.

Career (Upright)

The Tower card upright in terms of career reading is a representation of job stability. If you are in a workplace, it is a source of job security. Therefore, you can remain assured that you will not lose your job or get fired. However, this card upright can also indicate that there will be a significant change in your current designation position or work handle. This can be difficult, challenging and uncomfortable initially, but it would lead to making better decisions in terms of job security. For example, you might initially be concerned if your company has been acquired by another employer, but it will ultimately help you to get even more stable conditions. On the other hand, there can be some changes in the work or work environment.

The Tower tarot card from Major Arcana can represent job loss or achieving a new designation with a heavy workload. There can be several circumstances, like decreased colleagues or new managers, that will result in workplace chaos. Even when the present condition might seem distressing, and you feel like leaving your job, it is crucial to keep in mind that this present situation is a momentary condition. It will ultimately lead you to make better decisions in the future, like a peaceful workplace with a brilliant work culture. However, you have to remain assured of having a clear voice about yourself and choose your words correctly. The tarot card also represents that work can get boring and exhausting which can possibly challenge you to remain focused on your job. So you have to let go of the situation And continue giving your best.

Health (Upright)

In terms of health, the Tower tarot card up right from Major Arcana means that you need to be focused on your security and well-being. There can be unexpected occurrences of an accident or illness associated with your health. If You Are expecting, it can suggest that you might have a challenging time with pregnancy or miscarriage, loss or an abortion. Additionally, it also means that there can be several mental health issues that you might be dealing with. It also means that there can be excruciating suffering in terms of emotions with the occurrence of the tarot card from Major Arcana.

However, irrespective of the kind of health issues you're facing, you must know that there will be a period of refreshment. If the health trouble has led you to make changes in your life, you have to ensure that you maintain a flow in order to make better changes. Make sure that you accept things with a positive outlook. If you have health issues, you have to follow the wind and make adjustment routines according to your health needs. Rather than going against it, it is better to accept the changes and choose a better life. Even when you have to deal with rage, loss, grief, pain, and uncertainty, with different events, you will understand a better way to create a strong house with a great foundation. 

Finance (Upright)

The Tower tarot card upright in terms of finance reading is a warning that you must be cautious when it comes to managing wealth. It can also mean bankruptcy. So, it is important that you avoid making any kind of risky investments that you are not aware of. If you have not started making savings for the unpredictable days, you need to start immediately, as there can be unforeseen crises in terms of your finances. Therefore, Try to gather your money to manage the catastrophe. Similar to any other instances in your life where the tarot card means of forcing device station, it is the same with Finance. There can be unpleasant surprises that will result in depleting the resources and making you face a devastating scenario.

The circumstances generally work as a reminder that you need to create a solid support system, understand your requirements, and create a priority list. The tarot card upright is an indication that you are prone to making more losses than profits from the belongings for several reasons. It can be pension plans or medical funds. The Tower tarot card upright also depicts the waste of resources. So, rather than making use of prudence, you will be prone to make impulsive decisions that you will later realise were not necessary. So, it is important that you make the right decision and be careful in every step. If it is about making large investments, do a lot of research.

Spirituality (Upright)

If you are living in a house that you thought was built with robust substances and manner that provides shelter, the occurrence of the Tower card signifies that there can be destruction in the house, which will expose the roots and help you understand that it was not sturdy as you always thought. You require struggling and facing the challenges with feelings of grief, loss or sorrow due to the horrible events. However, it will eventually make a better version and a stronger version with great values in you. You will be able to make abrupt transformations that might not seem feasible initially but eventually will help you to make a better version of yourself.

The Tower

The Meaning of The Tower Reversed: 

You might be going through a huge personal turmoil and transition according to the reversed Tower card from the Major Arcana. As it is different from the upright version, where transformation will result from external factors and might seem like those are being imposed on you, in terms of the Tower, reversed card, you will be the one to drive change, which will challenge your own ethics, principles and models. When you start finding a new spiritual route, you can experience a great awakening. You will understand that he will not be able to sustain with your earlier principles, which will compel you to change your attitude and thoughts and make significant alterations.

Once you realise that you will not be able to work according to the obsolete models, it will result in coming up with fresh ideas. In serious situations, there can be an identity crisis or even start questioning the purpose of your life. Even when you can view it negatively, the Tower tarot card reverse is advice that you need to have faith in the things that are happening. You have to understand that there is a reason behind everything. You will bring transformation, and it will have changes in order to evolve and get a better version.

The occurrence of this tarot card in the reading can sometimes mean that you will resist changes, which will cause even more delay and devastation. If you cling to outdated beliefs, it will no longer be beneficial for your future. You have to go through difficult times, irrespective of your preferences, in order to move ahead. Along with it, you have to keep in mind that in order to fight this transition, you will have to make the right choice. The Tower tarot card can bring certain expansion and changes in your life. You cannot hide or deny it just to reduce it. However, if you perceive the changes, it will make you stronger and better.

Love and Relationships (Reversed)

The Tower card reversed in terms of love and relationship means that even when you know that relationship is getting devastated, you are not paying attention to it, which will cause more suffering. You can believe that it is possible to cover the gaps or loopholes, but it is more like applying bandages on the wounds that have been created due to bullets. Therefore, you need to face the truth and realise that holding on to damaging things will not heal or prevent it. In order to get something better, you have to face it. The reversed Tower card from Major Arcana is advice that you have to survive the event in order to evolve. There is no going back as the chemistry in the relationship has been altered. 

It is you who need to decide if you are looking for a new version of the relationship. If you are single, the Tower tarot card reversed means that you could easily avoid terrible conditions, which can be dangerous, abusive and violent. There can be unpleasant or catastrophic breakups in your relationship. While you might believe that the strategy can be simpler, instead of having a relationship and facing major setbacks, for a romantic relationship, when you move forward, it will improve it. So, it is important that you face the truth and make better relationships.

Career (Reversed)

When it comes to professional reading, the Tower tarot card reversed can be an indication that you require maintaining the position, irrespective of the difficulties you face. It can be a symbol that you are trying it hard to maintain the position irrespective of the challenges thrown to you. Remember that if you decide to prevent something, it will not be the right decision for your career. You will end up feeling disappointed later. You have to leave your comfort zone in order to improve yourself in terms of your career. Similarly, the Tower tarot card reversed is an indication that You need to wait and face the truth if you want to improve.

The Tower tarot card reversed also reveals that irrespective of the difficult situation, you need to keep going. For example, in case there are layoffs in the workplace, you will be the one who will remain in the job. Even when you might feel relief, it will constantly give you new challenges. The Tower tarot card reversed also means that every one of us requires taking the right step. It will help to secure the job for the future.

Health (Reversed)

The appearance of the Tower, tarot card reversed from the Major Arcana is a serious indication that you might be overlooking the health problems. Even when you get the signs of sickness, you constantly expect them to disappear. However, it is important that you face it and choose the right approach to recover from the health issue.

The tarot card also means that there can be minor health conditions that will develop to serious ones. In order to prevent such devastating circumstances, you have to keep an eye on the signs and symbols. Instead of doing physical activities, you are carelessly sleeping and not paying attention to your health requirements.

Finance (Reversed)

When it comes to money, the reverse Tower card from the Major Arcana has the same meaning. It signifies that there can be a financial crisis, and you're not aware of it. It is important for you to let the event occur in order to understand the right way to deal with it. it will help you to understand the way to cope and move ahead. For example, if you have lost your job, you might currently feel depressed, and you will not get the inspiration. However, it is also the time when you will get the motivation to launch your business, even when it is challenging, stressful and scary. The setbacks are actually important to get on the right track.

So, make sure that you take some time out in order to understand the right step. The Tower tarot card reversed is more like accepting the disasters. Always make sure to make the right financial decision and do not take steps that you cannot afford. It will eventually lead to becoming a big disaster.

Spirituality (Reversed)

In terms of spiritual reading, the Tower tarot card reversed is a representation of realisation. The belief that you deeply hold inside. You need to understand that those will no longer work. You have to struggle in order to give up on them. You will constantly make yourself feel disappointed if you hold on to the beliefs. It is advice that in order to find the spiritual path, you have to let go of the past things and embrace the new ones.

The Tower One Card Reading: Yes / No 

If you have decided to choose the “One-card Pull” reading, the Tower tarot card from Major Arcana will help you to get better answers to the questions. 

The Upright Tower tarot card from Major Arcana depicts No, where as the Reversed tarot card means Yes.


In terms of numerology, the Tower tarot card from the Major Arcana is a depiction of the number 16. This also means number 7 (1 + 6), which is the same as the Chariot card. It is a representation of divine direction, time and faith. It also denotes destruction, which means you will be able to rise when you go through hard times.


The Tower tarot card from Major Arcana is a representation that you will be able to conquer when you go through challenges. In terms of timing, it says that in the next few weeks or days, you can expect progress in these situations.

So, it is everything about the Tower tarot card from Major Arcana. However, in order to understand the real depiction, it is important that you choose a great tarot card reader with the knowledge.

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