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Two of Wands

Two of Wands Tarot card Meaning

Two of Wands

Meaning of Two of Wands Upright: Options, Anticipation, New Avenues, Opportunities, Take risks, Discovery, Explore, Adventures, Progress, Decisions, Travelling. 

Meaning of Two of Wands Reversed: Restless, Restricted, Confused, Scared, Unable to take challenges, Indecisive, Improper planning, Improper decisions, Wrong Choices, Inefficiencies. 

Two of Wands

The Two of Wands is a tarot card that belongs to the deck of Minor Arcana. This card is an indication of where you need to select one thing from two different options. The occurrence of this card in the tarot reading depicts that you're willing to pursue your passion that is really close to your heart. You are someone who would like to explore new things and avenues and check out the opportunities around you. 

However, it can be very risky and adventurous. When you take a look at the pictorial depiction of this Minor Arcana card, you will find a portrayal of two different ones. It also has a man who is wearing a red robe along with a hat. It seems that the person has a globe that depicts the world in his hand. The position of the person in the card is a representation of the great potential that is waiting for him if he has the ability to explore his avenues.

The picture also indicates that the man is standing between the castle walls. It means that there is much significant opportunity and prospects waiting for him outside the world. Since he has not yet been in the outside world or out of his comfort zone to pursue them, he might be falling behind. In the picture, the person is also found in another hand holding an upward wand. Another wand has been fixed on the wall, which depicts that the person is not yet ready to come out of their comfort zone.

In his background, the scenery has a beautiful fertile land which consists of rocks. It is an interpretation that there can be positive results, but it will have several challenges that the person needs to come across. You will only be able to get success when you take on the challenges. It means that if you overcome the challenges, you will be able to create a fertile land; otherwise, it will be the same as usual with no excitement.

The Meaning of Two of Wands Upright

The Two of Wands upright from the Minor Arcana deck are a representation of planning, initiative and desire. It is a great card which requires you to pay attention to planning. This card encourages you to step ahead and take the right action once you have made a plan. This is how this card is chosen as a progression of its previous card, Ace of Wands. By decoding the meaning of this tarot card from Minor Arcana while appearing in the reading, you will be able to understand that the card is encouraging you to transform your plan into reality. Once things are correctly set in motion, you will be able to get fruitful results and achieve everything that you have desired.

As the Two of Wands tarot card from Minor Arcana also depicts discovery, it tells you that you need to come out of your comfort zone in order to explore all the amazing things in the world. The adventures are waiting for you. You will be able to get new experiences even when it might seem challenging in the initial phase. The occurrence of this tarot card is an encouragement that you need to have faith in yourself and go beyond your comfort zone. This tarot card is an encouragement that you need to create long-term goals and work towards succeeding. You already know that it takes a lot of your time and potential to reach wherever you Are today. 

However, you will be able to harness your potential when you set long-term goals and keep working hard. Despite the challenges that you face, you will eventually be able to learn from your success. To be precise, the start card from Minor Arcana is more of a decision-making card. It says that either you are content and fulfilled with the current designation and you would not like to leave it, or you would want to look for new prospects and work towards achieving them no matter how hard or risky it is.

Love and Relationships (Upright)

Two of Wands, when shows up in your tarot reading upright, might not be a good indication in terms of love and relationship reading. The reason is that this card depicts that you are not fulfilled with your significant partner if you are in a relationship. You are constantly willing to make certain changes. The reason is also that you might want the spark back in the relationship, but it does not seem to happen. This card is a definition of dissatisfaction and insecurity, which also indicates that it can be the right choice to make some alterations.

This Minor Arcana card is also an indication that you are not sure about how your partner feels about you. Since the love has faded due to which there is a certain unsatisfying effect. This is also the reason why both of you do not feel attached to each other. This card acts as a warning card regarding unfaithful action. Therefore, it shows that there would be a sign between a lover and a partner.

Two of Wands tarot Card upright, is also an indication of travelling, which means that there are chances that you will move away from your partner for several reasons. This means that there will be distance between both of you, which might have a significant impact on the relationship. However, for people who are single, the occurrence of this Minor Arcana card means that you might be required to make a choice between lovers.

Career (Upright)

The appearance of the Two of Wands tarot card from Minor Arcana is also a sign that you have to consider the right choices related to your career. If, at the current time, you're not sure what you want to do or where you would like to see yourself in the next few years, You must make the right decision. You might have a lot of things going on in your mind regarding your career, and hence, you need to check your goals and ambitions properly. Based on what you want in the future, you have to make a decision.

This tarot card, in terms of career, is an interpretation that you are still planning about the future objectives and you're looking for ways to reach them. For example, if you are a student and you are still not sure about the major subject that you would like to choose, it might become a bad decision. Additionally, if you are a professional who is working in a certain career, you might be confused about which company to work for or if you would like to start your own start-up.

The occurrence of this card shows that you are continuously being indecisive. You are not sure which career option to choose, and so you're still unsure. Whatever it is, you must take time and understand what your passion is and choose the right step forward. You need to understand that an amazing future is waiting for you. There will be challenges, but you have to take them in order to succeed.

Health (Upright)

The occurrence of Two of Wands tarot card upright from Minor Arcana in terms of health reading is an indication that you will again remain confused between choosing from two different options. These are the two options that might be too different kinds of treatment or health regimen. You might have consulted, and you will be provided with two different kinds of treatment which you are not sure the one to choose.

In terms of health reading, it also means that you might not be completely satisfied with the health advice that you have recently received and were looking forward to finding a good second opinion. For example, if you are not satisfied with following a routine about intermittent fasting from a Dietitian, you would like to look for another dietician and get a second opinion. This way, you will be able to reach a decision.

You can look for another opinion regarding your health. Taking suggestions from the best people is always a good choice. However, you have to make sure that you properly research before you choose any health professionals. This upright Minor Arcana card, in terms of health, means that you will be able to make informed and sound health-related decisions.

Finance (Upright)

If the Two of Wands tarot card upright shows up in the finance reading, it is considered a great sign. It is a representation of financial stability. It means that you are currently in a secure and comfortable financial state, and you would not require much about the condition. But this does not mean that you will receive money from every corner.

Alternatively, it actually means that you will not spend on unnecessary things, which will make a huge saving. The card is an indication that you are secure enough in a professional job which will bring you to a stable financial situation. You are also continuously planning to have a secure long-term future in terms of finances. Therefore, it is time to make the right and serious choice so that you don't have to keep worrying about your future.

Additionally, the upright Minor Arcana card is a depiction that if you have saved a significant amount, it is better to invest in something right. This is the right time as if you make the right investment, it will help to double the amount. Do not try wasting your money. It might come across your mind, but if you pay attention to the long-term goals, you will be able to save from such happenings and keep secure finances.

Spirituality (Upright)

If you have received the Minor Arcana card, in terms of spiritual reading, it is a significance of being spiritually inclined in more than one path. There are chances that you will find new interests while reading other religions. The card is a depiction that you might be curious about, and you would constantly like to know more about other religions. Additionally, this Minor Arcana card upright will again bring different parts. Two of Wands tarot card is always about choices where you will have to decide whether you would like to learn something new or not. However, if you want to go on a new journey, you can definitely keep working, as it will help you to gather wisdom.

Two of Wands

The Meaning of Two of Wands Reversed: 

The appearance of Two of Wands card reversed in the tarot reading is an indication that it is time to think about yourself. Remember that if you don't take good care of yourself, there is no one else who will do that. The appearance of reversed Minor Arcana cards in the reading is an indication that you must focus on your own personal growth and the things you want. You have to find out things that really matter to you.

There are chances that you have chosen the path that you were never satisfied with. You are no longer happy continuing on the same path. Since the current situation is not properly aligned with the values and objectives, it is becoming a hindrance. This card is more like a sign that you need to reconnect with your higher self and align actions as per your own desires and goals. Therefore, embrace yourself to start a new path and take the choices and actions correctly.

There are times when the appearance of this card might make you feel that you have chosen the right path. If it is something like this, the strategy you have chosen might not be right. This is the same as making wrong choices. Therefore, with the wrong strategy, it will become a nightmare. So, it is time that you realise the final goal and create strategies accordingly. The appearance of this card reversed is an indication that you need to take a U-turn and start again with energy and enthusiasm.

In case you have doubts while making decisions, you need to ask a lot of questions to yourself regarding the ultimate objective you want to reach. There will be obstacles which you need to understand. Remember that there are times when you have to take challenging routes, as it mostly takes you on a beautiful journey and brings success.

Love and Relationships (Reversed)

If you have received Two of Wands card from Minor Arcana reversed in terms of love, it might not be a great sign. However, there are different interpretations. The very first one can be you are going through a very monotonous relationship where both you and your partner do not have any interest left in the relationship. This might make you feel irritated and bored with each other. Since there is not a hint of romance or excitement left, the feeling seems to be mutual.

As this card also means to travel, there are chances that you might stay physically at a distance with your partner. There are chances that it will eventually lead to separation. However, the great part is, that even if the partner is interested in getting all the things right in the relationship, things might get better. However, it would require you to put a lot of hard work into making the relationship as it was. However, you need to make sure that you give your hundred per cent as well.

For people who are single, the appearance of this Minor Arcana card is an indication that you are required to choose between accepting your ex or remaining single. There will be several choices, but you need to stay strong if you want to remain happy. Make sure that you choose the right match in case of two potential partners.

Career (Reversed)

When it comes to career, the appearance of Two of Wands reversed is the meaning of two different situations. There can be chances of the first that you were constantly planning a lot regarding the future and the way you wanted and everything that you are going to do. However, when the time finally arrives, and you have had everything in mind regarding what you want and where you would like to see yourself, things start changing.

This is likely to be one of the reasons why you are not able to put in a lot of hard work, which is making you feel frustrated. It is also an indication that you have missed analysing properly while planning, which is the reason why you are facing a lot of obstacles. Another major depiction of the occurrence of this Minor Arcana card is that you have properly researched and created a plan, but there are things that are keeping you back. This is making you feel scared about the result.

So, it is important that you take things lightly and step properly. Remember, you cannot prevent things from happening, but you can take the right action to reduce its effect.

Health (Reversed)

The occurrence of Two of Wands tarot card from Minor Arcana is also a depiction in terms of health reading that you require looking for a second opinion. In order to make the right decision for your health, two potential options are necessary for you. There are chances that you might consider both choices in order to get the best health advice. However, if it comes to choosing one, make sure that you properly research in order to get the best health advice.

There are chances that you might find a piece of new information about your health condition. The reversed Two of Wands tarot card from Minor Arcana is an indication that your day is regarding the advice provided by the medical professionals. It urges you to choose a second opinion in order to find out the underlying health condition.

Finance (Reversed)

The reversed Two of Wands tarot card from Minor Arcana is a depiction that you must be very vigilant regarding your financial condition. There are chances that you might face stability in your financial state if the reversed card shows up. However, this does not necessarily mean that you will face a drastic condition like losing all your money or you're going to win a huge lottery, but there will be certain fluctuations in the monetary state.

It simply means the plans that you had according to your finances might not go the way you have anticipated. So, make sure that you do not make any investment abruptly or a large purchase rather, it is important to understand the current situation and make the right decision. The reverse tarot card is an indication that you will be successful in your effort, but you have to have understanding and the correct set of mind.

Spirituality (Reversed)

The reversed Two of Wands tarot card from Minor Arcana is just the opposite of the upright card. While the upright card will urge you to explore different religions, the reverse card will ask you to stick to your current state. This card depicts that you are reluctant to learn something new as you fear the unknown. Therefore, if you want to get the best, you have to let go of your fears and be courageous.

Two of Wands One Card Reading: Yes / No 

If you have chosen the “One Card Pull” reading, you will be able to get the answers to your questions in a simple Yes or No.

The Upright Two of Wands tarot card from Minor Arcana depicts Yes, but the outcome will not come easily, and you need to give immense effort to get the desired outcome. On the other hand, the Reversed Two of Wands also means Yes, but you need to choose the path according to your desires. Improper decisions can lead to unexpected outcomes.


When it comes to numerology, it generally depicts the number two. Therefore, it means that you should always have a Birds Eye view. It's an indication of great potential that is derived from the moon.


Two of Wands tarot card from Minor Arcana is a great sign. It means that the occurrence of this Minor Arcana card depicts that something good is going to show up in the next two months, especially on the 25th, 15th and 7th.

So, this is everything that you need to know about Two of Wands tarot card from the Minor Arcana deck. However, it would require you to make the right choice of a professional tenet card reader who can depict according to the life happening. Remember that the journey would not be easy, but it would take you to choose the right approach in order to get the best and desired outcome.

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