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Strength Tarot card Meaning


Meaning of Strength Upright: Resilience, Courage, Patience, Strength, Control, Taming emotions, Wisdom, Potential, Composure, Maturity.

Meaning of Strength Reversed: Insecurity, Disbelief, Low self-confidence, Underestimating talent, Unhealthy habits, Lack of self-control,  Anxiety, Vulnerable, Self-doubt. 


Strength tarot card in the Major Arcana is similar to its name, power and strength. It provides the ability to overcome obstacles, and people understand how to use it in the form of bravery. The meaning of Strength tarot card is control, patience, courage, and resilience over the inner beast. When you take a look at the visual representation of this card, you will be able to get highlight of these aspects.

The pictorial representation of Strength tarot card from the Major Arcana is a lady standing and softly stroking the forehead of the lion and its job. This is a representation that the lady is capable of teaming. This beast with loving and gentle spirit even when a lion is known for being ferocious. Lion is a representation of passion and desire. She is found to tame the lion, which represents how she can use the emotions constructively when the tenacity and strength is used properly. She is seen to softly control the beast with her power instead of pressure and force.

The posture and assertive look of the lady on the card is an indication that she is fearless and confident. She knows how to interact with the lion. This tarot card, therefore, represents and conveys us to become courageous and start taming our inner emotions with courage. A brave person who knows how to handle emotions will be able to accomplish great aspects by overcoming adversity. However, it needs to be level-headed, practical and logical. Being emotionally unstable is one of the most negative aspects which stops you from getting what you desire. Strength is also a representation of wisdom and great potential.

The Meaning of Strength Upright

Strength tarot card from the Major Arcana, similar to the Chariot, represents strength, power and fortitude. Strength card specifically represents the internal strength of a person and the capacity of the human soul to overcome all sorts of challenges that come front. Compared to it, the Chariot generally stands for outer will and strength. This tarot card will give you the confidence that you require to overcome the major challenges in your life. With your inner calmness and underlying patience, you will be able to find persistence and strength. When you are determined to complete a certain task, you will know the proper way to handle it with composure and maturity.

The occurrence of Strength tarot card in the tarot reading is the meaning that you will be constantly driven by your inner strength, determination, will and personal power. Rather than using all of these aspects for controlling people, it can be helpful for yourself if you want to achieve something. These influential aspects will be beneficial for you to get what you desire. Since these qualities are invisible, there are many people who will underestimate you. However, you must take it as a benefit. When people are not sure about your next step, you will be able to take better decisions.

The inner strength will give you the force that will help to get rid of uncertainties, difficulties and worries. You require finding the most common thing you fear and face it. This tarot card encourages you to get strength from the inside and face difficult times without getting worried. The appearance of this card highlights that handling situations and being strong will help you to keep a balance in different aspects of your life. Just as a card pictorial image depicts, it encourages you to tame your emotions, gut feelings and tendencies and use them in a positive manner. Some of the most common emotions, like shame, guilt, and hatred, can be used in a different manner for your good.

Even when it is important that you must be brave, it is equally important to keep your composure and calm. You require paying attention to the situations from different angles and perspectives and making choices and decisions accordingly. To be precise, you will be able to analyse things practically and not base your decisions emotionally. Therefore, you need to be optimistic and keep striving for the best. You know what you deserve, and hence you must not settle for less.

Love and Relationships (Upright)

Strength tarot card from the Major Arcana in an upright position means a happy and balanced relationship in terms of love reading. The occurrence of this card in an upright position for love and relationship signifies that your connection with your loved one is based on compassion, mutual respect, love, and trust. Both you and your partner have similar ideas and values, which make a happy relationship. But, you are the one to be more passionate and fearful about the relationship, which can sometimes result in feeling insecure.

Empathy, inner strength and compassion is the meaning of Strength. You will find that these are some of the traits that will be entangled with your partner. This will be something that will keep the bond perfect between you and your spouse. Your empathy will make it easy for your partner to understand their concerns and demands without being said. In case there is a conflict or some adverse situation, make sure that you treat each other with empathy and kindness. When you and your partner get synchronised, your relationship will only become better.

The Leo is a star that is connected to the tarot card when it comes to finding the love of your life. Therefore, there are chances that you will develop a connection with Leo. This trend is your suggestion when you are single that you must start connecting with someone whom you like because they will be able to reciprocate. But it also means that you will meet the wild side of someone. Lastly, this tarot card encourages you to understand the needs of your partner. Keeping harmony and balance in the love life will help to increase the dynamics and create a better bond.

Career (Upright)

When you're able to control some of the major emotions like drive, desire, and anger, nothing can stop you from reaching your goals. However, it is not an indication of letting them win, and you suffer instead. It means that you should rather work by using these as a strength. According to Strength tarot card from the Major Arcana, All you need is to act confidently. You have great skill and talent, but you are left to discover it. Once you find your inner strength, you will reach your objectives.

In terms of career, the occurrence of this tarot card signifies prosperity and success. It means that these forces will always be able to help you and guide you in your choices. Therefore, you need to take wise decisions and take calculated risks. However, you will also be the one to make it difficult as you have feelings and emotions. Similar to the woman taming a lion, you have to team emotions and unstable feelings and work hard towards building your composure and calm. Your hatred, unnecessary desires, and rage will make it difficult to reach success.

If you want to get a promotion, you have to constantly work hard to differentiate yourself from others. Therefore, taking the proper initiative for your career can be a great choice. Strength tarot card is advice for you to take appropriate steps if you are willing to start your business. It is a suggestion that you must take charge of your career and feelings. You have to be courageous and confident and understand that you have capabilities. Make sure that you understand your potential and pursue your dreams without fear. Working on your maturity, decisions, and emotions would become beneficial in your professional life.

Health (Upright)

Strength tarot card from Major Arcana means inner strength, positivity, vitality, and good health. It shows that you are working positively towards ensuring a fit and healthy yourself, which will allow you to feel stronger and physically fit. You have a balanced lifestyle, and you know to keep control of your body and mind to maintain your life. The upright tarot card in terms of health reading, showcases that you have a clear idea about yourself and you take good care of your health.

Strength card also means a person's well-being. As it shows that you have recovered from illness and have an improved lifestyle, it also shows complete harmony and balance between your body and mind. It is an indication of superior living. This tarot card represents improving or better health. It means that you are going to perform well in times of health difficulties. This tarot card is a sign that you're going to win. If there are some health-related issues. You will finally be at peace, and no illness will come your way. You will constantly feel energetic and enthusiastic.

Strength tarot card upright also means that it can be a great time if you have promised to give up on the bad habits. As you are known for having great willpower and control over emotions, it is the right time to give up on addictive behaviours if you have any. Make sure to take the proper actions to improve your health, like choosing a proper diet plan or regularly exercising. You will find it becoming easy to accomplish your health-related goals. Then you have always imagined.

Finance (Upright)

In terms of finance reading, this card is an indication that you require taming your habit of spending. And the best part is that you will do well. When you have the ability to keep composure, you will be able to perform adequately. Moreover, it can be a risky choice if you have prepared yourself to spend on things that you have always wanted. In terms of finance, Strength tarot card shows that you are in a comfortable position. You have given your heart and soul to reach this place where now you feel comfortable and financially stable. 

Moreover, it also encourages you that you must be stable and make wise decisions when it comes to monetary choices. When you have control over the discipline and decisions, you will be able to get positive results and prosper. The upright tarot card appearance in the tarot reading in terms of finance means that you are required to stay focused throughout the journey. You have to pay close attention to your spending and investment and make sure that you are not wasting your money. Even when sometimes it is okay to spoil yourself, make sure to understand where you should stop yourself.

When you get more power, you will get responsibilities, and hence you need to make wise decisions and commitments. Therefore, start knowing the way to spend less and save more and make the right decisions when it comes to financial investments. You need to be very careful with your income. You will never face any shortage of money when you make the right decisions. Additionally, it also says that you might have overspent on things that are not financially prosperous.

Spirituality (Upright)

Strength tarot card up right from the Major Arcana, in terms of spiritual reading, represents that you are going to develop a great relationship with your inner self. This is the time when you are going to experience great strength and inner balance because of the higher consciousness. You will experience harmony and balance in your mind, soul and body. So, when you put a little bit more effort into developing this relationship, you will be able to get strength and courage even in difficult times.


The Meaning of Strength Reversed: 

Strength tarot card reversed from the Major Arcana is just opposite to the upright cards. In its reversed form, Strength depicts that you no longer feel strength in the situation and have lost the inner spark. Additionally, you're not able to identify or understand the things that are going wrong. Even if you might have the ability to understand unfavourable things, you will fail to work properly and take the right action to improve. This can be due to a lack of belief and self-confidence. As self-doubt has become a major part of your life, it is becoming an obstruction to your self-confidence.

This Strength tarot card reversed is gentle advice that you need to be a little bit kind to yourself. As you might have more endurance and inner power compared to what you can understand, you might get back the self-esteem and confidence from the experiences. It is a demonstration of the ability that you can get over the obstacles. If you keep an eye on the present energy level, you will find that you are mostly lethargic. Especially if you have worked hard to achieve goals, it might be the situation. The reversed Strength tarot card is a reflection that you need to replenish your energy level by resting. However, before taking care of everyone else, you must pay attention to yourself.

This tarot card reversed indicates that you might be getting angry, lashing out and having explosive conduct. You might be doing it without thinking much and regretting your actions later. So, the only secret is understanding the way to manage emotions so that it does not become a reason to hamper or damage others. It is more like a warning from the universe that you have to try to become a better version and get back on your track.

Love and Relationships (Reversed)

Strength tarot card reversed in terms of love reading is an indication that the relationship is not in its best form. It might get distracted as you're not performing things to keep it in its ultimate form. The occurrence of the reversed Strength tarot card from Major Arcana showcases your stability and insecurity in the relationship. This is the reason why there are more conflicts in the relationship. Certain aspects of the relationship are causing major issues.

Due to the insecurities between your partner and you, it is becoming challenging to engage in your personal interest. In terms of love reading, Strength reversed tarot card from Major Arcana means that there will be signs of strength and force. In case you are single, it might depict that you will choose a partner who is not suitable for you because you don't have proper control over yourself and are unable to resolve issues. There will be sufferings to your self-esteem in case of a bad relationship. So, you have to pay attention to resolving these issues by understanding your inner strength. The reversed Strength tarot card is a suggestion that you will have to properly discuss and talk to your partner to improve the relationship.

Career (Reversed)

In terms of career reading, Strength reversed tarot card from Major Arcana says that you require certain things to achieve success. Unfortunately, you have all of those in yourself. Your anxiety and self doubt is influencing the choices and which is becoming a major obstacle in your professional development. The reason is because you are constantly allowing your emotions to stop you from taking the right actions.

Additionally, due to lack of creativity, inclination, determination, and motivation, you're not able to achieve the dreams. Undeniably, you have to make proper effort to reach the success, it also requires the correct mindset. All you need is to trust in yourself and listen to them. You have to keep a balance between your emotional and mental states in order to achieve the goals.

Health (Reversed)

Strength tarot card reversed from Major Arcana shows excellent health condition. However, there are chances of developing bad habits due to a lack of self-control. So you need to pay more attention to giving up on these bad habits and regain your composure. Do not make bad choices, and making little adjustments will create a significant difference in the future. However, if you are currently going through a tough time, Strength tarot card reversed also acts as a suggestion that you need to listen to your gut instinct.

You might have the tendency to compare yourself with others, but it would make no sense. Strength reversed tarot card in health reading would say you to pay attention to yourself and your mental and physical well-being. You need to choose your requirements accordingly. Additionally, it advises that you need to pay close attention to recharge and rest properly to eradicate health issues. Make sure to immediately seek medical assistance for complete recovery.

Finance (Reversed)

Strength card in reverse form for Finance reading is that you need to pay close attention while making any sort of financial choices. If you don't pay attention and make small decisions, there can be poverty and depth. Excessive spending, not listening to advice and investing money in the wrong positions are bad habits that will eventually lead you to a crisis. Lack of management and self-control will bring you to such aspects. Therefore, you have to properly assess and evaluate financial plans and habits.

Strength reversed tarot card from Major Arcana, in terms of finance reading, also depicts that you need to understand what is going on and stop being rigid. You must listen to people's guidance and advice. You have to understand that there a knowledgeable people who have much more experience in such matters. So, you have to accept the criticism and guidance in order to become better.

Spirituality (Reversed)

Strength reversed card from Major Arcana, in terms of spiritual reading, depicts a great connection with divinity. However, due to your emotional aspects it is preventing you from understanding the connection. So, you have to give up on self-doubts and worries in order to create an apparent connection. Doing so will help you to experience the many advantages.

Strength One Card Reading: Yes / No 

For people who have chosen the one-card pull method in order to get a simple answer to their questions, this target card depicts two different answers in different formats.

The Upright Strength tarot card from Major Arcana depicts Yes, while the Reversed tarot card means No.


Strength from the Major Arcana deck depicts the number eight. It has the shape of infinity, which is a constant reminder that every thing works in cycle. Eight means stability, secure, abundance and expansion. This number also shows the harvest time.


Strength tarot card from Major Arcana depicts that it is high time that you must keep a control on your emotions if you want to progress. If you want to achieve your objectives, you have to be confident and brave in your actions. Fear shouldn't keep you away from taking the right step.

Strength target card from the Major Arcana is all about strength and teeming emotions. To get a better reading, make sure you choose an expert who has knowledge of tarot reading specialist support will be beneficial for you.

Major Arcana Tarot Card Meanings